Escape from Goblin Town

So before I crack on into July’s plans after painting all those machines last month I’m mixing it up with a bit of something organic instead

When going through my Battle Against the Grey list again recently I was reminded of my box stored away in the attic. Plus a friend of mine if in a bit of a Middle Earth kick right now.

Thought I’d be done in a day but this is a mornings work and I’m quite happy with it. Think I’ll just base him up and leave him as is

Went a bit old school here, with the exception of nuln oil on the metal there are no washes, just old basecoat highlighted up for the skin and hair and wet blending on the clothes


Looks excellent.


Thank you kindly @Freakshow668

Calling him done…


Tested out some of the terrain too


I like that wood structure. What is that from? Sometimes i wish we had non descript wood and iron plastic pieces to make random war machine stuff with.


That looks really cool and credit to you on the old school painting, well done! :hatoff:

Funny how Middle Earth always calls back to us, I guess it is where it started for alot of us

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Cheers guys

@Zoddtheimmortal it’s part of the terrain in the box, it’s really nice and I would absolutely love more of it or like you said some nice generic stuff, it’s lovely to paint

@Deebo cheers mate, it’s was nice to get back and remember a time before washes and base colours and layers. It’s was just there’s your paint do what you want with it :grin:

Yeah Middle Earth man, can’t beat it for me, I had the soundtrack on the background to Peter Jackson’s films, had to be done :+1:t2: