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Hey peeps, so with one project successfully completed (a rarity for me) I’m wanted to build an that and try and complete this next project too which is of course the amazing new season 2 Blood Bowl box.

When it was announced I thought it’s was going to break the bank with all the big guys, star players and refs so I was blown away when it was released for £85, £60+ from discounted stores which was conveniently around what I had just sold my Necron half of Indomitus for

Usually my projects start with days and days of headaches and overthinking about what colours to do what so I solved that this time by asking my boy (loves the BB game on ps4) what I should and he went box art colours so away I went.

Happy to finish this guy in one night, always takes a bit longer the first time I’m trying something out so the rest should go quicker too

These gobbos look huge which is great for picking out the details

Anyone else pick this up? What do you guys think of the new box?


Lovely! The new teams/models are so good, really looking forward to trying out a Black Orc team. Just put Varag together yesterday, what an absolute beast!

I went all in… Login • Instagram :smiley:

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He looks great! Especially the eyes.

Bb2020 a bit too dear for the wife to buy me at xmas. Hopefully ill get it early 2021. Its not looking like ill get games in for quite a while due to all these restrictions :confused:

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Cheers guys,

@tjub that’s a great haul I saw you had there :grin: love that new Necro team but I’m going to try and paint the teams I have first before muting more… I should really shouldn’t I…yes I am going to that first.
Have you opened the new Treeman model yet? Planning on getting a couple to go with the Halflings when I repaint them

@Zoddtheimmortal thank you kindly, I am happy with the eyes too, the great thing about these gobbos is that the features and the size in general seems to be a lot bigger so easier to get those details in
:crossed_fingers:t2: This all turns around soon enough mate

Blorc up next


Jupp, had to build one straight away just to see how it looked. Fits great with the 'fling team, and a much better model irl than on most of the photos.

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Well now I’m even more excited to pick one up

Calling it a day there for now


No updates for a while, been doing a few things though…


Anybody got any good recommendations for grass on the human and Halflings bases?
I’ve got some great things but none of them are working at the minute :thinking:


I wonder what’s the shortest length artificial grass you can get? :thinking:. Buy the smallest length roll you can, cut it up and use the leftover to make a custom pitch.


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I base all of my Blood Bowl stuff with blended turf, maybe not your style bu I like the old school vibe it gets… :slight_smile:

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:grin: good shout @Lord_of_Uzkulak

@tjub I do really like those bases, I think something like that is what the Halflings need and why everything I’ve done so far just hasn’t worked

Was only going to do a test on the arm today…

…it escalated quickly :man_facepalming:t2::grin:
Love this mini!


Looks great! I haven’t decided where/how/if to put team colors on them. :thinking:

Yeah I’ve been thinking the same

I think I’m going for neutral so it could be used in other teams, my eldest likes the elves (Nightmares at the moment) so maybe if he had a wood elf team one day…

How about a flag flying from the branches if you need team colours


That’s a good shout, especially a replaceable one so I could just stick on whatever team flag he’s playing for

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This month I’m paint one of my favourite minis…ever :grin:


Looks good so far! I haven’t got around to my refs yet sadly… Too many projects. :stuck_out_tongue:


I know the feeling :hot_face:

Actually thought this one may go into that comp you shared as my hobbo project took a hit :wink: for our comp, also thought it was a nice opposite to the ‘army painting’ from last month project

Beard is done


Latest progress has the leather on the back book all done, getting there now folks

Not sure if I should try for NMM or just stick with true metals for this