A Corroded Company

Really looked royal material! That shedu head is so good in many different ways!
I know it’s something odd, but what really got my eye it was the base and the base ring, looks like marble, some refinished stone, like someone really worked on sculpting it like Donatello used to for example

Great entry! Another one for the Lamassu love!


(Damn, it’s hard to get everyone in focus!)

The corroded company is slowly expanding to a 2000 pts Iron Rust Army:

Sorcerer-Prophet + Lammasu - 460

BSB, Fireglaive, Shrieking Blade, Dragonhelm - 165

16 Infernal Fireglaives, Kommando, Wailing Banner - 354
15 Infernal Fireglaives, Champ, Musician - 277

Deathshrieker - 100
Iron Demon - 285
Magma Cannon - 145

Dreadquake + Ogre - 215

SUM 2001


I love especially those blackscorpion pirate ones!
Well done!!

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On to the next 1.000 points - here are some bullcentaurs!

The models are from Lost Kingdoms (slightly modified as command group) - not quite as finely detailed as the renders from Forgeworld, but therefore all the easier to paint!


@KhamdrimSkyMaster check out this great use of the LKM ogre and handlers!

I really like the pale skintone with this scheme. Really nice use of whites on the lamassu and bulls as well to provide contrast.

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Yeah! I was already looking at the ones I printed for to decide if I wanted to use them for the hellcannon. They work really well


Finally, some auxiliaries:


Very cool hobgoblins. Which miniatures are they?

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So, the upper bodies are from Battleforge, the Wolves mostly Fenrisian (GW) and the rest bits and pieces.


More Auxiliaries! Certainly not my most inventive conversion, but quite effective: Hobgrots + Snarlfangs + Bits


Well done! They look great and seen to fit in quite nicely with your previously completed wolf riders.

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Excellent conversions!


Really nice. I love the semi armoured hobgrots look on the wolves.

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Following up on a recent discussion: Captain Jetbeard’s Filibustiers


Great pirates! Black scorpion minis I’m guessing. I love their stuff, great to see them flying the chorf flag!

Also rewinding a bit, cool bash with the battleforge hobs! I can appreciate that a lot more now that I have some of them on my workbench.

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Cool models! :beer: And great paintjob! :hatoff:

I use them for “A fantastic SAGA”, a fanmade project - from a member of a german tabletop forum.

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Aye, aye. You do spot the one Scibor addition though?

The what now? EDIT oh, ok, I get it now. Sorry, sometimes I’m a bit slow. Somehow I’d not come across this portmanteau til now.

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Another batch of foot soldiers (mostly Norba):

Not exactly bad miniatures, but the poses are a bit stiff, don’t you think?