A friend's distinction between different prostitute classes in an RPG

Reposted from old CDO. 31/5 2018 AD:

Today I bicycled over to a friend to help him out with writing out a lot of little flavour texts for a reverse-engineered RPG system he’s cooking for his mates. It’s a Swedish fantasy game apparently known as Eon, which is getting converted into science fiction duty.

A lot of professions had to be replaced or updated (how relevant is a nomad cowherd in an urbanized sci-fi industrial setting?), and then got some lines of explanation.

However, one group of professions were just copied straight over without change, because it was the oldest profession, after all.

I was at a loss at how to distinguish between some of the subcategories, but then my friend solved it in one fell swoop. Three words per line. It’s got to be seen to be believed…

Zephyr Wrote:


  1. Brothel worker - Whore in house

  2. Harlot - Whore in street

  3. Escort - Whore with nobles

  4. Courtesan - Whore who talks


That is excellent, I actually used to work in a brothel (security, not whoring) and yeah, he’s nailed it.


If he’s nailed any one of those he might want to get checked at a clinic .

Also haha

Thanks for clarifying haha :joy:


My sides! @Eisenhans , please see above. :smiley:

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So you were the Reiksguard to a bunch of Slaanesh?


Well… that totally depends on the type of brothel…

Normal brothel, then no… bdsm brothel, perhaps!

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Haha, something like that, although I was probably more like some kind of bodyguard ogre.

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“Brothers before Brothels”

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You can take your brother to a brothel. It might be his birthday or something!

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Last year I learnt that a friend of mine actually did that once in Spain. They were apparently looking for a stripclub, but ended up getting more than they bargained for. He was full of regret as he exclaimed: Ooh, never more!" Such are the wages of Slaanesh for those of feeble flesh and will.

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