An Ass Cannon on eBay

Hi everyone -

I just recently learned about the famous Ass Cannon, of which the modern £35 version has graced the site before.

A fresh, unpainted, unassembled original cannon - of the type unreleased and available briefly from some mail order catalogues - can be found on ebay for, um… £424

If anyone decides to “invest”, or has their own unpainted and unassembled one, let me know and I can make a connection that will increase the number of original Ass Cannons in the world before they are gone forever.


That is the one I just purchased, I can not wait until it arrives :smiley:

Been looking through the forum but can not find anything yet… does anyone have one of these originals painted? I would love to have a look for inspiration on paint job for mine. Thank you :beer:

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I don’t have an original model, but I have a variant from Sjoerdo. It looks very similar.

This is how I painted it:



That looks pretty damn cool and so very close to the original!
Cheers for sharing that with me :beer:

That’s a nice looking crew commander over by the cannon balls btw lol :wink:


Ass cannons rock! (Arse cannons for brits) i never get tired at looking at the different variants. All of them are great. I think i bought atom taylors on ebay for £27 + pp. He did one at normal auction and i think it went for at least £63. Citadel ones go for nearly £200! I think old school miniatures one is about £35-40. Best alternative for the hellcannon i reckon

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