Chaos Dwarf Ass Cannon

No chaos dwarf site is complete without the ass cannon. This one is from old school miniatures. These were taken a while ago and thought I would share it with you all. It was a blast to paint and cant wait to paint another one.


Thats a statement I fully agree with, more Ass Cannons! :smiley:
…anda great models as well.

I like the model a lot - I own it myself!

Great colour scheme aund awesome base!

You cannot have to many ass cannons. Lovely model and great paint scheme.

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Awesome paintjob! I‘ll definitely have to get that model too.

Hahaha! That’s just great. Good work on the crew as well. :smiley:

Ass cannon, when your really, really don’t like your enemies!

I should do a diorama with an ass cannon (need one) and those third edition Bretonian archers giving the two finger salute, that would be quite amusing.