Any good Epic titan 3D files available?

Lately I’ve gotten a renewed interest in the Epic range, especially the Titans and at the same time my brother bought a 3D printer… Do the more digitally inclined members here by any chance know of some good files for titan proxy’s?

My favourite is the imperator titan, so think big walking cities :slight_smile:

Cults3d has some

Hmm, I’m sure I came across some a few weeks back but I’m not at my computer at the moment. I’ll check tomorrow for you, i’m sure I can rustle up something (although it’s possible I’m thinking of the cults files that Michael has already linked).

Was it the imperial titans you were looking for? I’m a squat player so I’m afraid I mostly just scanned past them but they’ll be in the bowels of my search history somewhere.

Also, I don’t know whether you’re playing or just collecting, but the NetEpic Gold ruleset is a really satisfying rebalance and rolls pretty much all the different unit types from every edition into one concise package. Worth a look if you’re planning some games.

I can’t help with plastics like the Imperator. But I might be able to help with metal epic stuff if your interest goes that far.

I also recommend Vanguard who do some great Heavily Inspired By ranges.

OK, I couldn’t sleep so here some random things I’ve come across recently. Worth noting that I haven’t printed any of these, and know next to nothing about 3d printing, so if you can you might want to get someone who understands this kind of stuff to look them over.

It seems that these ones are people’s original work, inspired by lore about variants of the original models. Some are closer to the classic look than others.

Thanks guys, some really nice stuff there. Also vanguard really makes some affordable stuff for epic!

Sorry to have cost you your night rest Habitual_Lurker :wink:

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Don’t be silly, it’s my stupid constantly fizzing brain that cost me my sleep. I just thought if I wasn’t sleeping anyway I might as well do something productive with my time (and my eyes were too tired for painting lol).

Oh and also if you’re looking for non-titan scale epic stuff, Onslaught Miniatures have a LOT of stuff. I know Vanguard sell a bit as a 3rd party retailer, but they only have a tiny proportion of what’s available.