Any traders out there?

I’m testing the water for trade interest out there. I have these 29 chaos dwarf warriors painted to a high standard and uniformed I’m thinking about trading for various hobgoblin models. If I find a suitable trading partner I would consider trading more stuff too. I have an earth shaker cannon and may be convinced to part with blunderbusses and bull centaurs too. Still on the fence there though. Let me know if your interested! More into trade at the time because I can’t afford to buy!


Hey man.

I’m afraid not a whole lot of us will take that deal. Hobgoblins are more valuable then chaos dwarfs, and also more rare. That is og hobgoblins.

Maybe someone will trade them for 3d printed 3rd party hobgobs, but I don’t expect you’d get actual GW hobgoblins.

Hope you do though! Good luck.


Came here to say much the same mate. Crazily our little slaves are more valuable than our noble warriors!!!

If you’re into purchasing hobgoblins as opposed to trading you may get some joy. @chitzkoi if often a good bloke to speak to when shopping for oop minis :slight_smile:


I can definitely help you get Hobgoblins much cheaper than the open market makes them appear, but they simply cannot be had for free.

Jac is right, nobody is going to do better than me, but, I can only get the price so low before it’s impossible.

I can also help you get some genuinely cheap (£1/mini) hobgrot sprues from the recent Dominion box.

I really like the paint job you’ve done on those guys by by way. Good on you!


Thanks for your feedback. I realize it’s a long shot. I was hoping the time put into painting would help offset the value difference from hobgoblins. Yeah, any tips or assistance for finding some would be appreciated. I’m only looking for about 20 more for my army.


Thing is, even though they are very nicely painted, many will want to paint their own to make it match their army.

That said, I hope you’ll get some sweet hobgob action!

They are beautifully painted :slight_smile:

These are up for trade too.

I’d definitely be willing to trade you multiples for the boss on wolf and his wolf.

Okay! They’ve never been painted. I’m USA based too. What do you have?

Still considering trade or does shipping bust it?