[AoS] Battletome Dawi Zharr - by Thommy H

Download Chaos Supplement - Dawi Zharr for AoS2

This isn’t a full battletome - the photographic resources to do that just don’t exist - but all of the rules sections match what you’d find in a modern one. It’s missing the Path to Glory rules (because who even uses those?) and any battleplans, but you do get:

  • Battle Traits
  • Command Traits
  • Artefacts of Power (three lists of them!)
  • Lores of Magic (two!)
  • A faction scenery warscroll (“Grimstone Earthworks”)
  • Four sets of Temple-City sub-faction rules
  • 11 warscroll battalions
  • Warscrolls for 31 different units
  • 3 Endless Spell warscrolls
  • Matched play points

So, if you’re playing Age of Sigmar, take a look!


Awesome :wink:

Had a quick read through yesterday and it does look good. A lot more choice in units which will obviously give a bit more variety, how long has this been around? Anyone had a chance play with these yet?

Havent tried the army book yet, though I played with Thommy Hs book for WFB 8th ed years, so I can only assume the best of his work… :blush::+1:t2:
Would have been perfect if I had kept my huge 28mm Chaos Dwarf army though. If/when I redo Chaos Dwarfs in 28mm again Ill most probably try it out!

Edit: Haha, @GhraskDragh I wrote this on my phone battling autocorrect who wanted to suggest Swedish words for everything… Ill try to make it make sense. :stuck_out_tongue:


Bit late I know but thanks for all your work Thommy, impressive stuff. Going to need
fan produced stuff like this more than ever with the deletion of the Legion of Azogorth.

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Wow - never knew this existed!

ThommyH is still about!? Awesome, I remember him from the old days!
Love the book, some awesome artwork there, any idea who the artist is or if Thommy did that himself?
I am still looking for some coloured artwork to go with the black and whites already donated for my HeroQuest project

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