Thommy’s AoS list - any advice?

Hey all - I’ve been invited to a narrative AoS event this summer and I want to use my fire and brimstone big hats. These dudes here:

The event organiser is allowing me to use @thommyh ’s army book here:

The event is mega narrative and fun. They’ve said you are playing with your opponent to the a story and Not against them to grind their face into the dirt. Also that a game master will preside and will throw narrative twists into the mix.

Armies should be 2k points.

Any advice on how the hell to make an AoS army? I don’t know where to start haha :joy:

Obviously not competitive. But also not unuseable!


Depends on what you have available, my stuff is 90’s so I have good sprinkling of slaves etc. I would say go with the minis you like the look of, I would certainly take some big hat infantry blocks as a basis, I use them in blocks of 20. Blunderbusses I use them in units of 10.

Support would be cheap Hobgoblin units, I particularly like the wolf riders and of course some artillery. I don’t tend to overdo the latter for the sake of balance.

Characters depending on points I like my general on a Great Taurus for mobility, and I like the model. A couple of mages on foot and that about it.

All a bit vague I know but if this event emphasises a narrative approach then go for a balanced selection and try and mitigate your lack of mobility with cheap slaves. Mind you it is bloody ages since I have played AOS with my Dwarfs or anything else for that matter.

Love your minis and the bases look cool

Have fun

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