[AoS] Concept idea for Chaos Dwarfs in AoS

I saw this in a Facebook Necromunda group as some kind of “Fire Guild”, conversion by Michiel Kruijff. But IMO it screams both Fire and Dwarf ergo Dawi Zharr! :stuck_out_tongue:
Looks to be Kharadron Overlord body, 40K Tech Priest inf and various “fiery” parts. Anyway, a concept worth saving…


Fantastic conversion! It would be perfect for a steampunk take on Chaos Dwarfs. Great idea for AoS. :slight_smile:


anyone know where to buy those kind of flexible tubes?

@Reaver: Guitar wires.

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that explains how they get so small… thanks! I’ve seen flex conduit used for terrain and whatnot but brain didn’t think outside of the hardware store box :exploding_head:

I thought the same when I saw these over on B&C. Might be time to try Chaos Squats :yum:

I really like the miniature with the conversions, where I would prefer a stylish helmet to a hood! :metal:


I like it, it lacks a beard but what it has makes up for it :+1:t2:

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Beard could always be added, eh? :slight_smile:

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Maybe a beard of wires, much like the newest vanilla dwarf…




Hi everyone,

I’m the creator of the above conversion. Freakshow668 on the Bolter&Chainsword pointed me towards the use of the images here. I’m delighted to see the positive reception here. @tjub, I’d appreciate a source reference, we’re all friends in the hobby :slight_smile:

I’m happy to answer any questions as to the build. Here’s a bits list.
-Kharadron Overlords Aetheric Navigator body
-Skitarii Rangers head
-Necromunda Goliath shoulder pad
-Necromunda Goliath Grenade Launcher arm (the Grenade Launcher was cut off) and replaced by a
-Necromunda Escher Ganger Chem Thrower (with the arm cut off)
-The Flamer’s muzzle-flame is from Pious Vorne from Warhammer Quest Blackstone fortress
-The standard Brazier+skulls+flames is from the Corpse Cart kit

(@Reaver) The tubing is NOT guiter wire (that stuff is WAY too rigid for our needs) but a fantastic product by Zinge Industries called Wrapped Wire - I used the 1mm and 1.5mm on the Pyromagi himself and he’s standing on the 3mm version, which ends on both ends in Cable Terminals from the same company.
The plasticard is from GreenStuffWorld - 2mm and 3mm tubing and rods.

Happy converting!


Thanks for the redirect! Will definitely take a look although I have so much recycled trash it’s hard to justify buying sometimes. Don’t have guitar wire, but tracked down some strings from other instruments to diy. Might just require some drilled holes to keep bends in place, definitely won’t be easy to achieve those tight bend radii you get though. Your end result is awesome.

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Ah, sorry didn’t think a personal link to FB was necessary. Took some Googeling, but now its there. :slight_smile:

Thank for the list!

Edit: Oh, popped up alot more of your stuff. Lovely work!

Welcome aboard @Augustus-b.Raass great work on the conversion

Are there plans for more or was this a one off?

Oh, that is one grand conversion. A warband of those guys would just rock. Awesome work.