[AoS] Zharr Vyxia made real

At long last, I finally find myself posting about my Chaos Dwarf progress!

It’s been two or three months since I completed these first models of my new army. But they were bought around 9 years ago! I hadn’t fully painted any minis in at least two years (one was an anniversary present - Galadriel - and the other to make use of colours whilst waiting for paints to dry - Saruman) and perhaps 5-7 years prior to those two!

Irrespective, here will document my collection of Dawi Zharr, hailing from Zharr Vyxia in the Realm of Shyish. I have very loose, ill-defined fluff for them at present, but the gist is that Rykarth the Unbreakable (from the Nemesis Crown campaign) has brokered an agreement with Nagash - soulbinding and daemonbinding aren’t wildly different and what mortal is better at daemonbinding than Chaos Dwarfs? So they are left untouched by Nagash as long as they supply souls and bind the daemons that have none (and who serve the Chaos Gods that like to steal mortal souls and bind them to daemonhood through ascension) - ergo, they are given free reign for daemonbinding in exchange for bound souls, and then trade with the forces of Chaos as our kind are wont to do.

I planned at first for Rykarth to have been gifted Bull Centaurhood and be represented by a Taur’ruk on the battlefield, but the new General’s Handbook means I may remake him in the fashion of old. It is yet to be seen :wink:

Without further ado, the pale-fleshed Chaos Dwarfs of Zharr Vyxia!

First, my unit if 10 Fireglaives with full command (painted with Screaming Bell, Reikland Fleshshade, Hashut Copper for gold, Leadbelcher and Nuln Oil for silver, Abaddon Black, Skavenblight Dinge and Eshin Grey for the blackshard armour, beards are Rhinox Hide and Mournfang Brown, skin is Rhinox Hide, Rakarth Flesh and Agrax Earthshade {I think}, Naggaroth Night and Screamer Pink for cloth, bases are Astrogranite Debris with Druchii Purple shade. I thought Screaming Bell was a true-red metal, until it touched the mini - I have plans to replicate the idea on my Ironsworn though.)

Very pleased with the bruising and cataract!


Nice unit! I really like the fluff too. You can do so much with that idea.


Thanks Uther.the.unhinged :slight_smile: I’m pretty happy with the look.

I’ve also just been reading the Ossiarch Bonereapers fluff in the March White Dwarf (yep, only just got hold of it!) And I’m adding in that they supply the bones of their expended slaves as well - gives them a method of disposal, keeps the Bonereapers off their backs. A quick sidethought as I type is the flesh could be fed to the slaves as well - self-sufficient system.

I’ll take a photo later, but I have been experimenting with red metal. For context, when I bought two pots of Screaming Bell 9 years ago, they looked like a red metallic paint. Applying it to models gives the result in the pictures above (roughly - I’ve given them a wash, but it’s definitely an orange-gold colour). Using contrast paints and metallics, I was hoping to get something akin to my initial expectations - I think I’ve got as close as I can without making it too complicated and will probably use this technique on Ironsworn or something. But as I say, test model and colours will be coning Soon ™.

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Painting is as ever gorgeous and the red/gold/copper effect great.

Love the deal with the ossiarchs and reusing the flesh, brilliant! Of course as many slaves/unintentional soul donors, will be greenskins, it puts a new spin on the old ‘Solent Green’ idea.

Very kind of you. I often struggle to enjoy painting or get much done because I have to go back and tidy things so much, so pretty pleased with the results. May still add 'Ardcoat to the scalemail parts as a new pot turned up.

Downtrodden souls for Nagash, bones for Ossiarchs, flesh for slaves, slaves for industry, industry for coin. It’s efficient :wink:
And nice pun there - just have to avoid the Savage Orruks as all that warpaint makes it more like Soylent Turquoise :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve yet to get a picture of my test paint ideas as I need it to be daylight really and my girlfriend’s working nights.
But we went to a garden centre a couple of weeks ago and whilst there, I got some basing materials in the form of coloured stones and grit (both ballast materials for flowers and vases). The stones will likely get painted, the grit stuff maybe washed with Nuln Oil or Black Templar (I’ll need to do test bases). If I prefer the new stuff, it means rebasing these ones and also finding a use for my Astrogranite Debris elsewhere! Will get pics of the stuff with the aforementioned test model.

I like the lore too! Seems fitting. Unit looks great too!