Appetite for assembly instructions yet?

I know in the past there have been concerns regarding hosting assembly instructions for GW/FW models, including the archived thread: Excitement ensues! Assembly instructions needed

Lots of other assembly instructions have made their way online in the last few years (finally). Do we have any appetite for contributing to any of these? Such as the FW Legion of Azgorh ones? I have all except the Bale Taurus stand alone model here, but would rather post them than respond to individual requests.



I have sent links to Admiral for what FW instructionsI have, and to a few olde Fan Based Army Books. For prosperity


Is there a collection of them somewhere?
I know of a few uploaded to a Lustria-Online thread,

and then there are less searchable sources (well, at least one I know if it is still up). Where else are people looking and collecting them?

I don’t have an account over on lustria so don’t know how large the images are (clicking them asks me to login), but those images could be a bit better. That’s certainly something we could improve here (i.e. scanning the originals, touching them up on Photoshop, and merging them into a pdf file). It would also be a good resource for us here to have as many of these compiled in one place. It’s not just assembly, they’re useful to identify if parts are missing as well as provide some guidance on what a missing part looked like in scale to other parts if something needs to be made (I had to do this because of casting problems with my Magma Cannon - which I should hasten to add was purchased by me directly from Forgeworld in 2011, it wasn’t a recast).

Here’s what I can scan:
Chaos Hellcannon
Dreadquake Mortar
Drazhoath on Cinderbreath - interestingly this says it’s Imperial Armour and not Warhammer Forge :wink:
Skull Cracker
Death Shrieker
Iron Daemon
Magma Cannon
K’Daai Fireborn (only a parts list, no instructions provided)
Shar’tor the Executioner (only a parts list, no instructions provided)

I don’t believe there were parts lists or instructions provided for the Infernal Guard, Bull Centaurs, or the Bull Centaur Taur’ruk. At least I never got any.


Hi mate, that sounds like a great plan. I dont think this will be a problem, they’re just the instructions.

Anyone from @staff who thinks this might become a copyright issue?

I for one would love to see these :slight_smile:


I have no knowledge about copyright boundaries here, but I for one would love to see all assembly instructions put up in one place here.

I’m Karak Norn Clansman over on Lustria Online by the way (Admiral is too generic a name to be available on all forums), so I know there sure is demand for them over the long run.