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Hello All.

Returning to Chaos Dwarfs after the best part of a decade, I am starting my army from the very beginning. I am mainly using the Forge World models, and to bulk the force out I will be adding Ogre allies. The intention is not make an army to a specific list, just to make something I like the look of on my table.

I started with a unit of Infernal Guard with fireglaives.

I wasn’t happy with the red and gold scheme, but it was simple and really quick to paint, so I stuck with it for my second unit, some Ogre Bulls.

I think the scheme works much better on the Ogres, that are not so armour heavy and better balanced.

My next unit was to be an Iron Daemon, but I’m still waiting for Forge World to send me two missing wheels, so in the meantime I got myself a Hellsmith off of Ebay. He arrived this morning and I painted him in about an hour.

I’m hoping to get a Chaos Dwarf unit and an Ogre unit done a month and will update accordingly. If you go to my blog at http://thedragonsagas.blogspot.com/ I have a bit more in depth commentary on each unit, and also, as I will have undoubtedly messed up the links to the pictures on here, you can see the photos on there.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to reading any comments you have.


looking good! I’ll help you out with the pictures (hope you don’t mind!), if you click on them you will see bigger pictures
Next time, try adding (I used imgt as code, (which creates thumbnails) since they are quite big ;P)

And welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


Welcome. Your Chaos Dwarfs are looking really good. This log will be interesting to follow. :hat off


Welcome to CDO.

Love to see the new miniatures all painted up. keep the good stuff coming (:


looking good! I'll help you out with the pictures (hope you don't mind!), if you click on them you will see bigger pictures
Next time, try adding (I used imgt as code, (which creates thumbnails) since they are quite big ;P)

And welcome to the forum :)

Thank you for your help. I used the code, but couldn't make it work. I'll use


You might want to gIve this a read:

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The ogres and hellsmith are very good.

The infernal guard… i agree with your opinion but still great to see them painted up.

I think they’d look great with slightly different paint schemes on the helmets


@ChungEssence Unfortunately I’ve gloss varnished them now (I’m lazy and this is the best way to ‘highlight’ black), so can’t redo the helmets I reckon. Not sure what I could do without adding another colour to the scheme. Maybe silver…

I think I’ll wait until I figure out how to convert them to ordinary Chaos Dwarf warriors before getting more, and stick to war machines and Ogres. I’m experimenting with a couple of head sculpts but my skills are abject at best…

Good news though. UPS tried to deliver my missing wheels on Friday and are due to try again this morning. When I get them I can finish the last little bits on my Iron Daemon and stick pics of that up.


Great work on the CD stuff really like the ogres , looking forward to seeing your daemon engine when your wheels turn up :slight_smile:


The wheels arrived on Monday, so I can finally bring you pics of my Iron Daemon. The pics were taken before I gloss varnished it as it’s hard to photograph otherwise. I use the varnish the highlight the black, but also makes the red gore much richer, so the photographs don’t really do it justice.

Note the third crewman on a base. I couldn’t get him to fit in properly, so he has to walk.


This log looks really interesting. I really like what you have done so far. Tell me how was it to paint the iron deamon? really awsome or pain in the rear?


These are all looking great!


Really good stuff.

As Dino says I’d be keen to know how you found the Iron Deamon too. I thought it was very easy & fun to paint but a real pain to assemble!


Thank you for the comments guys. It was a real pain to put together and even now some bits don’t quite fit and the chassis is slightly twisted so not all the wheels touch the floor.

Painting it was a little bit of a pain to be honest. I got a bit bored painting red, and then gold, but once those colours were done and I was picking out the detail it was fun. It’s such a beautifully intricate model it’s really rewarding to see it come to life.


I Love your bold use of red on the engine. I always thought that a dark metallic color was the way to go, but after seeing your photos, I think I may be wrong.


No Chaos Dwarf army would be complete without some ‘trustworthy’ Hobgoblins knocking around. I could wait forever for Forge World to make some, but they’ll be prohibitively expensive for such a cheap (pointswise) unit and we might be waiting for a year or two.

This forum is such an inspiration for Chaos Dwarf conversions, and I stand upon the shoulders of giants when it comes to any conversions here, and especially so with my Hobgoblins -

Combining Skaven and Goblin sprues is nothing new on here. I picked my favourite combo of Stormvermin and normal Goblins and knocked out ten archers and ten with spears (hoping that’s an option in Tamurkhan…).

The unit with spears needs painting, so that will come later.

I liked the knives in the Stormvermin kit and built the unit leader in the archers to have them. I’m thinking they are perfect for Sneaky Gitz, or Hobgoblins with throwing knives as they might be called soon.


Good looking Hobgobbos, I as well hope there will be more than one option for them in the “new” book.


Good job on the Iron Daemon and Hobgobbos.


After looking at the extra set of wheels Forge World sent me as part of the Iron Daemon saga, I decided to raid my bits box and see what sort of Death Rocket proxy I could put together.

My apologies for the poor photographs, they don’t really show it off well. It proved a nice break from painting Hobgoblins - by this time next week I hope to have my unit of ten Hobgoblins with spears, and the Death Rocket painted.


The Death Rocket looks great!