[Archive] [01-23-2012] Beezharr's Obnoxious Host - Infernal Guard with Blunderbuss


Been busy finishing off painting the small unit of Hobgoblins with Spears. It’s only ten strong, but in time I hope to add another ten to this unit and another unit of ten archers.

I was stuck with what to do with the banner. I was thinking of copying the old Hobgoblin banners, but I want all the army standards to be a simple symbol on a plain black background. The aesthetic I want for my army is to make it look like an updated version of the old Big Hat armies, so the flags will contain elements of that style.

I used a Goblin box and a Stormvermin box which allows me to make 20 Hobgoblins, but there were loads of Goblin bits left over. I figured with a bit of creative use of my bits box and the purchase of a Chaos Hounds box, I could make use of them. Here’s the WIP of some Hobgoblin Wolf Riders.

They needed a fair amount of green stuff to make them fit right, but I’m quite pleased with them. They contain bits from the Chaos Hounds, Goblin, Stormvermin, Brettonian Knights, Dark Elf Cold One Knights and Chaos Marauder kits (and probably some more). I have enough bits to make two units of five Wolf Rider archers, I just need more hounds and green stuff.


Looking good mate :slight_smile:

Well done on making the Infernal Guard rank up - mine are being a real nightmare to rank up, due in no small part to my command being converted.

The painting’s also brilliant and the bases really pull it all together.

Oh, and the conversions look rather well done and inventive.



Thanks you for the kind words. My Infernal Guard don’t really fit well together, they have to stand in that combination to get them that close to one another. Looking at how FW positioned them, I didn’t angle them forward enough, but these were the first WFB models I’ve made in 5 or so years. I’m used to 40k models…


Yes, the Death Rocket is very good. Not too modern, and chaotic enough. Spot-on. :slight_smile:


I have finished the Death Rocket, albeit with borrowed crew for now. It’s little bit flimsy looking, but I’m really pleased with it anyway. It looks perfectly at home amongst my fledgling army and that’s what is most important to me.

I just have the ten Hobgoblin Wolfriders to paint now. They’ll probably take a couple of weeks or so, and my plan for the next few units are -

  • Wolfrider archers from left over bits

  • Mix the Lumassu and Manticore kits to make ‘Cheburashka’, the mount for the Sorcerer, ‘BeeZharr the Obnoxious’

  • Get another Goblin box and two Stormvermin box for 10 Hobgoblin archers, 10 with Spears and 20 sneaky gits

  • Make ‘BeeZharr the Obnoxious’ when Forge World release the Sorcerer model

  • Get a Dreadquake Mortar

Alongside all of that, in the next two/three months I have to move house, get married, go on holiday and do the main experimentation for my PhD… I’ll try to keep in touch!


it seems you and i have been working on a similar wave length, we have scratch built are deathrockets and have mixed other crew members,

Im hoping that your lammasu conversion turns out well, very similar to mine as well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Your death rocket looks great! I dont think that it looks too flimsy, but if you do a base might change that?


@fonejaker ah, but yours are modelled painted to a much higher standard than mine. Regarding the Lummasu, I intend to use the GW kits, I love the old Lummasu, but it’s not the ‘centre-piece’ model I’m after.

@Tjub I’m considering basing it and the Iron Daemon. I have a plan for my Lummasu base. If that turns out well, I will look at these again. I just think the carriage looks a bit light weight for a Chaos Dwarf siege engine.


The Death Rocket is great. Your army will have a distinct style :slight_smile:

Good luck with getting married and experimenting for PhD.


Congrats on the upcoming wedding and try to stay calm - I know how overwhelming it can get closer to the date :stuck_out_tongue:
The Death Rocket looks amazing, and  your painting style really unifies your army. I’m watching this blog with interest.



I’ve managed to finish the rear rank of the Hobgoblin Wolfriders so I thought I’d post a quick pic of them -

I’m really enjoying painting these. Unlike the foot troops I’m doing them one at a time, taking about 45mins to an hour each, which lets me keep changing colours and not spend too long doing green or red.

The front rank will be done in a week I guess, leaving me with nothing made up left to paint for a while… :frowning:


This is surprise post, really. I found myself with a free weekend and had been playing around with the methods for sculpting beards in bas_2312’s tutorial and found that I was quite happy with my efforts (although a little scruffy).

I got a box of Dwarf Miners and had a go.

To help fit them in with the Forge World stuff, I wrote a bit of fluff to go along with the unit.

Not all Chaos Dwarfs are born equal. Those seen to have been touched by Hashut grow into adulthood with large tusked teeth, or a proud set of horns protruding from their foreheads. Some, however, appear to have been overlooked by their god, showing no sign of mutation to show a blessing has been bestowed on them.

For such a Chaos Dwarf, life in Zharr Naggrund is harsh as they are treated as little better than slaves, sometimes falling below Hobgoblins in the command ziggurat of some forges. Known as ‘The Rejected’, even the refuge of the Black Fortress is beyond them.

Some though manage to escape whilst still young, before the lack of mutation becomes clear. For them solace can be found in the forgotten forges north of Zorn Uzkul, The Great Skull Land. The Rejected have claimed these forges as their own, and have been allowed to survive by the Sorcerers of the Zharr because of their steady output of minerals and Ogre slaves.

Physically their is little difference between them and an ordinary Chaos Dwarf warrior, and are just as able on the battlefield as their supposedly ‘blessed’ brethren.

I have confidence now for sculpting beards and this is a game changer with my army now. I just want to make more.


I like those Rejected ones.


Moving house is complete yet we’re still cleaning and unpacking boxes. It was a very stressful move, but at the weekend I got a bit of time to do some work on some Chaos Dwarfs.

These are work in progress Rejected with Blunderbuss. There are basically Dwarf Thunderers, given a shave and new beards/hair etc. The ends of their guns have been snipped off and replaced with a bell from the GW Zombie sprue.

I also managed to pick up a Baneblade for cheap from Hobbycraft (it had been opened and returned). I think this is going to be pressed into service as some sort of siege engine - any input on this is welcome.


Phew! What a month. Since my last post I’ve moved house, gotten married, been on honeymoon and used some satellites to estimate rainfall over Senegal. I’ve also been working on several Chaos Dwarfs for my growing army.

First off, some ‘Rejected’ with Blunderbusses -

These are nothing special, basically a variation on a theme from the Warriors I did before. Most of the hats are Ogre Club ends, and the ends of the blunderbusses are bells from the Zombie box. I have exhausted Bitz Box of all of theirs, so if anyone has any to trade, please let me know.

I also built a Sorceror as a bit of a test really. He’s not great but will do as a low level caster.

The first unit I finished were the Infernal Guard with Fireglaives. I was never happy with them, and have become increasingly unhappy with them as the aesthetic of my army developed (This is nothing to do with the models, they’re great, but they don’t fit my look and my painting style doesn’t suit them).

I decided to convert them, trimming some dwarfs down to just faces, and sculpting beards on them -

They fit much better into my army now and really look like an elite unit alongside the rest of my Chaos Dwarfs.

Finally… I was playing around with some left over dwarf bits, including the pony from the Miners box, mixed up some green stuff and came up with this -

I hope to build a unit of these guys eventually, I’d use the new rules (an perhaps models if they come) as a higher breed of Bull Centaurs, with these as normal ones.

That’s all for now. Sorry that was all in a one post rush, I hope to post more often once we’re more settled in our house, new regime and have the internet sorted. Meanwhile, I have a manticore and a lammasu winging their way through the post to me.


The manticore and lumassu arrived. The lumassu was my first finecast model and it was pretty much flawless, and I am very impressed with the detail - looks much crisper than the old metal one I had back in the day.

I’ve started merging them, below is a (pretty poor quality) WIP shot of it. I’ve since started filling gaps with green stuff.

Although the components fit quite well together, the difference in level of detail between the resin and plastic is really quite stark (the picture doesn’t really show it) - hopefully getting a Forgeworld rider on there might help that.


Nicely done! I wouldn’t mind seeing a bunch more angles of your conversion!

I was (am still) thinking of doing something hybridized, like you. For me it’s been a toss up between buying the Manticore and the Chimera. I’d buy the Chimera in a heart beat if it came with those Chaos riders, which are the only reason I am considering getting the Manticore over the Chimera.

I want to reposition almost all the limbs though. Raging Heroes still seems to have the best model though… But I wouldn’t mind my army remaining GW-store viable.


I have the manticore and the raging heroes model… I already have the heads magnetized on the manticore to swap out rider/non-rider heads, so I was wondering if there would be an advantage to further magnetizing the Raging Heroes model to have a chariot-base-size Lammasu…

Da Crusha:

sweet lammasu conversion beezhar! the head actually looks natural with the pose. I would use the newer wings though. other than that I think it looks great!


Jepp, the Lammasu conversion looks good. But Id like some more pics of it… :slight_smile: