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Hello everybody,

since this is my first post I’d like to introduce myself (skip the italic part if you are not interested):


I’m an mechanical engenieering student from germany, aged 21. After some time playing 40K me and some of my friends recently decided to each start playing “Fantasy” (or, in my case, come back to).

While i former played Vampires i wanted to start over. First idea was to start skaven but i figured painting a horde army (again) wasn’t was i was looking for…

So i started looking for alternatives and suddenly remembered that there was something like “Chaos Dwarfs” earlier in warhammer history.

After doing some research I found this page and while browsing the gallery I knew my new army would be chaos dwarfs.

I’m neither a painting wizard nor a very talented scratchbuilder / sculpter so please don’t expect too much…


So, after my decision was taken i went to the local GW, bought a box of Dwarfen Warriors and started converting them. Now I’m starting this thread to show you what i managed to do so far and get some opinions about my results (what to improve etc.)

I plan on doing the following:

  • Chaos Dwarfs

  • Blunderbussers

  • Bull Centaurs

  • Chaos Ogres (unit fillers)

I had a little headstart on the Chaos Dwarfs, so here is what i managed to come up with:

- I sculpted a hat I will be using and made some casts:

- converted body parts (after watching xander’s great tutorial)

- converted beard / mask parts

- painted test dwarf (using skirt 2 and beard 2)

I’m not happy with his looks though, I think I’m gonna add shoulder pad’s…

looking forward to comments etc.




Zer Gut! Wunderbar. I like the hat and mask hybrid… keep up the good work!


that looks amazing

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Ghrask Dragh:

I'm not happy with his looks though

Of course your not :D

Welcome to the site, thats a really good looking warrior! nice sculpting, the armour is very well done. I would like to see it with shoulder pads, the 3rd pic of the last set looks like pads would help bulking it out.

Excellent start, again welcome!


it looks pretty good already, the shield looks pretty cool with the skin.


Hey guys, thanks for the feedback!

a quick update:

after looking through my bits-box for some time i figured I had to do the shoulder pads on my own - I simply found nothing to match the theme. So here is what i managed to come up with:

painted and fixed on the CD:

what do you think about the mask, is it too wide?

and to finish the post, here is the CD I’m currently working on

So, what do you think, do you like the shoulder pads or should i change them?

so long



shoulderpad is a great addition, it looks super awesome, and makes em look so evil:)


Ghrask Dragh:

I agree, shoulder pads should definetly stay! :cheers


Do worry about your first ones they will always be a bit shaky in relation to your follow up models; in other words: you’ll get better as time goes on.


These are stunning. Can’t wait for more iterations!


thanks for the comments!

Just a quick update before I call it a day, more to come tomorrow:

4 further CD bodys:


So coool. I can’t wait to see the regement.

Tharzhul Firehelm:

Awesome stuff, they look great :slight_smile:


Awesome work!! :smiley:

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thanks again for the comments :slight_smile:

Now here is the promised update - a little delayed due to RL issues and because a friend of mine decided to buy a Space Marine army. As a result I had to paint an assault squad first :cheers

ok, lets start

first, here are some bases I made for the CD’s:

second, the first finished rank of Chaos Dwarfs:

as I’m writing this they are completely finished (including shields and shoulder pads) but since I don’t have access to my camera atm I cant take a picture.

last, the reason that kept me busy:

Assault SM

i promise to take more pictures as soon as I get my cam back!

Since I’m getting bored doing the same things over and over again the next thing to come are either some bluderbussers or a bull centaur, before I’ll do the second rank

looking forward to your comments :slight_smile:


Sweet. I love the dark colour scheme man.

Kera foehunter:

i like the dark skinn too and the blood looking baces

Tarrakk Blackhand:

The paint job is awesome! the “Necronomicon” shield looks great too!


I love the idea of using the zombie instrument as a shield! swipe!


I love the idea of using the zombie instrument as a shield!

ahh, i found a lot of these pieces in my bits box and was wondering where they came from. Now that you said it, i remember - and considering that I got loads of zombies I should have enough "drums" to make quite a few shields :)

your welcome :)

Last time I told you that I was doing something different then warriors next and this time I can tell you that it will be a Bull Centaur!
I considered using the GW horses as a "base" but in my opinion they dont work well as a bull since bulls are slightly smaller then horses, but much more bulky.
As a result I decided to start with the grudge pony, stretch it in length and make its overall appearance more bulky. My Bull Centaurs will wear armor since I think it fits them, although they have tough skin ;).

Here is what I did till now (ya, got the cam back):

I'll take a picture of the first CD rank soon and update this again,

c & c appreciated