[Archive] [05-21-2008] Xander's and Vexxus's Chaos Dwarf Army!

Ghrask Dragh:

Those warriors look Awesome!!! as does the Earthshaker. I have said it before on another thread, you deserve alot of credit for recruting new talent to the CD empire and these warriors are the reason why!:cheers

You made a good choice for the wings and the stag conversion looks great, can’t wait to see what you do with the Lord, as was said before I think you can do alot better than that :wink:

Great start Xander, how many points are you aiming for?


I always look forward to seeing your stuff man, it’s a real inspiration. I just know that lord is going to end up COOL!


Thanks for all the encouragement! :slight_smile: That’s why I created this forum, to get lots of pats on the back! lol :stuck_out_tongue: Not really. I am happy to help the cause of the Chaos Dwarfs, as has always been my goal!

I have enough unbuilt models for more than 2500 points. Slow and steady… finishes last? But at least they finish. :slight_smile:


Love the army…As you mention, not so sure of the Tarus, though great job regardless :clap: We need the clap smiley for the site.


Amazing models, I love the idea of using the Great Stag as a Taurus, looks stupendous!

Lord Darkash:

Great stuff! you are the lord and master!


Quick, everyone post and nag Xander to put the Hobgobs up!

Mmmmwahahaha I am evil! Not a full unit yet, but you’ll get the idea!

Kera foehunter:

i love your game board and how it looks on the pool table??


cool when you make that taurus?, the day that stag came out i snatched it up, just such a convincing bull mini,

the trooper:

please post some of you hobsgobs and others minis couse they are just WOW i cant desribe them they just are too cool.:hat off


Haha, Vexxus is my brother, him and I (mostly him) have been painting some hobgoblins. We have 12 done, and a bolt thrower too. I have to work on my 5 slaves though! For GH#IV!

More pics soon!


Don’t forget the kollosus as well Xander


Yea, I’d prefer not to indulge painting the Kollossus until I get at least my 1000 points finished. :slight_smile:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

That’s right - a few more WIP pictures of the Collossus’ current status would be a worthy Xmas present to the community, Xander! :wink:


Heh, how about some Hobgobs? :smiley:

More to come soon, I need to get my act together!


shakes fist


Give me time, I am juggling many things at the moment!

I am hosting a Christmas Party for my friends this year, so I am cleaning house and stuff. I also switched rooms in my house so we can paint the room. Still need to buy gifts for nearly everyone. Plus my golden hat entry!! Less than a week left for that!

Kera foehunter:

wow xander !!! we are all invited to your place Chirstmas. sweet!


They look great I would say I was surprised but your work is always amazing.


Dang, I should take some pics of some of my WIPs, and throw them up here.