[Archive] [05-21-2008] Xander's and Vexxus's Chaos Dwarf Army!


Ya think? C’mon its not like you have anything else to do! :wink:

Traitor King:


aye’ I think that would be in order…

Hashut’s Blessing:

Yes. Why did you type you should do when you should’ve been doing it? bad. Very bad, Mr. Xander :wink:


As said before - You have set the standard for Chaos Dwarf, it will be hard for GW to make some models that will sell af this web has been made :slight_smile:

I my self, were using your guide to start my army - but of course is taking the working and making to more my own… ehm or are on the way to, none-the-less :slight_smile:

Kodos to master Xanders




/Passes out from yelliung so loud


I owe it to everyone to get some updated pictures on this blog. Maybe after finishing my GH5 entry I will be compelled to continue on my 2nd Warrior unit!


Excuses, excuses :wink: let me guess? Your dog ate your GHV entry too?

Ishkur Cinderhat:

No it ate mine. :smiley: I for my part am definitely looking forward to see some pictures of your progress on the Kollossus, the board and the units.


Yes, more pics I say!

The Hobgoblins must be revealed!


In case you guys can’t tell, I have CD fever these days and am actively trying to keep moving on assembling and painting alongside the master himself!


Good. Maybe you can motivate him :wink:


Heh, well progress is slow, but after making my GH5 entry I am getting back into the groove. I have been out of it for a while, dealing with other things. But everything is moving pretty smoothly right now, and I got most of my Smash Bros. playing out of the way… so there are less distractions.

I need to finish up the Hobgoblins by putting the final touches of the last 8 or so converted BFSP NGs. The selection we have painted so far look really good, and I will try to get pictures of those when I can. Although, truth be told, Vexxus could take some pictures of his own anytime he wants. :stuck_out_tongue:

After the Hobbos, I want to finish my second unit of CD Warriors, they are 30% converted so far for the unit of 25.


Very good warriors, but I don`t really like the hero on taurus.


Its understandable Xander. Between everyone in the house being sick in Feb/March (self included), and my GHV entry it seems like I’ve gotten nothing done on my army.

Looking forward to the finished hobbos.


So now that I am getting a handle on 2-Part molding, I decided to cast 5 of my hobgoblins. I just finished pouring the second half of the mold so it should be ready to roll by morning. I am also experimenting with a filling technique, and I may even use a syringe. I have been taking pictures, and I will post them in time. Vexxus and I have been getting things rolling recently, and things are shaping up nicely with some decent momentum. In the pipes we have the hobgoblin unit which is nearly finished being painted, and we also have the 2nd CD unit. We also have a small squad of Black Orcs that Vexxus modeled up that are looking fantastic, we are still working on a paint scheme for them. Vexxus is also adding some additions to the second Earthshaker I made, and he is making it his own. It’s looking great as well. Our four bolt throwers are nearly done being touched up, and Vexxus has painted the crewman.

Stay tuned for pictures!


Hey everyone!,

Great work Xander. Like the way you’ve done you’re CD in a 7th edition kinda way with no retro stuff. Really looking forward to seeing the hobgoblins all painted up. From the videos i’ve seen of you’re work they really look the 5th edition hobgoblins. As said before the tauras is great but the rider kinda meh… more the way he sits rather than the actaul conversion. From you’re last post it looks like you’re army’s coming along great! Can’t wait.


when do will you put up the hobbo’s, I might get some inspiration on how to paint mine, a soon as they are converted of course

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Sounds like we can brace ourselves for a major update! :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

Come on lets see them by december haha


I thought you might want some motivation Xander so I’m sending the boar centaurs round. Just as soon as they get to Canada… they struggle with planes and aren’t really designed for sailing…

Hashut’s Blessing:

Less talk, more pictures. WIP are fine. Tell Vexxus to take pics of yours if you don’t! Or The Blessed One shall arrive in Fire and Darkness!