[Archive] [06/01/2010] Ellimist's Chaos Dwarf Army


Hi all!��A while ago I decided to do a blogon the HoH of my army’s progress. Unfortunately, I had to take a 3 month break from the projectfor various reasons. Now, I want to ressurect it, and continue to complete my 2000 pnt army. This will involve extensive conversion work, and many hours of painting. Despite those restrictions, I believe I can finish within three weeks all going well. I will make updates either when I feel like it, or when I have completed a full unit.

For now, this is what has been done so far (just reposts of old pics, nothing new yet.) My first update will be at the end of today (so before midnight GMT+12.)

Old Pics:

Blunderbuss unit:

Revamped Earthshaker with crew:

5 Daemon-bots (hobbos with bows)

WIP 2nd Warriors unit

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



that’s one nice army! Great work on the taurus and I really like your “drop hats”!

- Kyte


I remember these guys! Excellent work, very nicely done indeed!

I am glad you decided to continue your project. I am just starting to paint my guys and need as much reference material as possible.

Keep up the awesome work!


These are great!

I particularly like the ‘droplet’ hats as Kyte put it, they’re excellent.

Just one criticism: the Taurus’ head looks detached from its body, in other words there’s a sizeable gap.


I rather like the robot things. Not a bad idea for a CD alternative…


hooray, a steam-powered cyber bull! the world i our :smiley:

and i love the bots, they are perfect, so cool! ^^


Servitors! Hehe, ya, those Botlings are awesome!


O.K. First update.

The front rank of my second CD warriors unit. Still deciding what to put on the banner.

I have also added a picture of my original warrior unit to the archive in the initial post.

Hashut’s Blessing:

In the first post, the last pic, I LOVE the champion (or hero). It looks great. And I also liked the standard bearer in the other unit. (The one in the pic above) I also really like the face mask and hat of the same painted standard bearer. As for what to put on the banner, try putting a small piece of runic script under a bull-head or something… Keep up the cool work!


Wow, thanks for all the support guys! It’s what makes this worth doing.

hal- Yeah, making the Taurus’ head join up didn’t go too well. I should’ve addressed the issue at the time but didn’t.

Hashut’s Blessing: The model you refer to is my lord on foot with his possessed palanquin. As for the standard, I’m thinking of a Bull head, with one half mechanical and the other half normal.


It’s a nice army I like what you’ve done with the Dwarfs, decent paint and nice GS work. Although the Blunderbusses are rather small, the back legs on the Tauros are straight which does not make the pose look cool. The Earth Shaker, it’s a nice idea, but it’s not very convincing, I think it needs some work done to it, and I have no idea what’s going on with the daemon bots.


the second dwarf from the right… what does he smoke? ^^


MentalMuffin: -There’s not a lot I can do about the taurus’ pose unfortunately (I had the same comment before on HoH) as the material they’re made from doesn’t lend itselfto being reshaped.

-Some of the BBs are small, others are quite large. It varies from mini to mini.

-What do you suggest for the ES then?

-The daemon bots? I’m replacing as many of my slaves as possible with daemon powered engines. I’ll be making some iron golems as well (and possibly a Kollosus).

Snotling: He smokes the gooood stuff! (Actually, it counts as a musician. The hookah like appearance is coincidental.)


He smokes the gooood stuff!

uh, you mean the skunky, funky, smelly green stuff? :D

hey, do you have some pics of unpainted slave-bots? or do you make some, when you build more? ^^

Hashut’s Blessing:

I like the idea of the half-mechanical bull-head. It sounds cool. And that possesed palanquin is a great concept!


Thanks HB.

Snotling: I’m going to try to make up some more bots tonight, so I could put up a mini tutorial if you want. However, the most important parts are your imagination and an extensive bitz box!


i love the size of the hats, its perfect

The Flying Beaver:

I love it, it seems kinda Russian. And, as we all know, Russia is freakin’ cool.


I like the bots. It makes sense, because Dawi Zarr don’tlike to waste good slaves on the swords of the enemy. Instead, they use daemon machines to take the blows.


Love it! The hats do it for me. So natural… so much love. Your models look great, and the hat idea is good (looks fairly simple to sculpt).