[Archive] [07-21-2009] no Pirates! involved..just Dawi Zharr (WIP Taurus...wash me!)


Normally i only watch the awesome stuff you guys and girls here on the site present and during the last months i got a lot of inspirations for my one project on the chaos dwarfs. And - as my first post ever on this site - i would like to present you the start of my very one army!

I used to play skaven for about 6 years and i always thought, that CD would perfectly fit my playing style, but due to the difficulties to collect an army i never really tasted the feeling to command a CD-army. But after i found xanders gorgeous video about converting the BFSP dwarfes, i decided to get started…:mask

Now i´ve collected and converted enough minis to play and test and after the first 8 games i´m still happy, that i found this site, because it showed me, that an CD army is possible, even for me :wink:

So, less talk, more pictures :cheers

The first unit i converted was this one: 6 Bull-Centaurs. Made out of imperial Horses and Blorcs…quite simply but they still need some green stuff:

These are just plain Warriors with hand weapon and shield…the backbone of every army: Infantry, two units: Solide!

I also converted some blunderbusses…although i don´t use these guys in games any more, they never do something worth except fleeing of the table…(the standardbearer and musician are now proud members of warrior-regiment Nr.2)

First painted unit, hobgoblin-bowmen :slight_smile:

best regards



I´ve cleaned up this first post, because some pics are missing. Feel free to check the whole blog…this is a little appetizer-pic to show you what i´ve achieved until 27th june 09:


Awesome stuff! I see influences from my own work, Angryboy, and Snotling! Nice work!

Welcome to the site!

Ghrask Dragh:

Nice of skulls for the faces, those centaurs are pretty cool too, welcome to the site :cheers


Welcome - and that’s a great start of an army :hat off


Thanks for the warm welcome mates! :cheers

I see influences from my own work, Angryboy, and Snotling! 

Exactly…honestly i stole a lot of the ideas you guys had. And blackgonzo was the inspiration for the skine-tone.
Welcome - and that’s a great start of an army :hat off

Thanks…to be honest, i have a lot more stuff waiting for some paint, attention, green stuff and and and…

A third warrior-unit is missing on that picture and the minis in boxes of course (about 12 Blorcs, 25 Orcs, and a handfull of hobbos…).

I managed to finish this cute vegetarian this evening (my girlfriend isn´t at home, thats time for the dolls :smiley: ). Sorry for the somehow large pic…but so you can see every mistake and fingerprint on the GS:

Kera foehunter:

wow great job love your army melcher what a way to join this site!!


Thanks Kera…and as they say: Everthing is better with pirates :hat off

After two more hours of work instead of sleeping i can present my first 9 painted Chaos-dwarf warriors, very quick to paint, so hopefully this army will be painted in the next 3 years :wink:


Everthing is better with pirates

I love that film.


First of all - it is always good to see some new faces in here, and when they bring with them there minis - is it just a big plus :slight_smile: I like you concept for the CDs. But I really like to see an upclose picture of the big 3 minis in the background of your large picture (the one with the 12 Blorcs, 25 Orcs, and a handfull of hobbos in it)

Cheers mate and keep them coming :cheers


But I really like to see an upclose picture of the big 3 minis in the background of your large picture (the one with the 12 Blorcs, 25 Orcs, and a handfull of hobbos in it)

The mentioned Blorcs, Orcs and hobbos are still lurking in a dark box. On the large pic you can see my Earthshaker-Canon (build from Hellcanon-parts...VERY innovative... ;)) and my very very WIP Taurus (based on a Balrog and a boar-head from the beastman chariot). I promise, you´ll see more of my stuff soon :cheers


Good work! :hat off

I´m eager of your Taurus the Balrog-Boarhead-Hybrid, cause I use the “normal” Balrog as a Taurus for my Hero.

Could you make bigger pics of your Bullcentaurs? They look very special quite different to the other ones in this forum!


PS Where do you come from? The Germans are still a minority here on this

site! :cheers


Nice looking bull-centaurs very different with using black-orc bodies but sure does make them look mean


I do like what you did for the Bull Centaurs, though I must I admit I winced at seeing a big hat cut off! :frowning:

I’m really like how that will turn out as they will look big and beefy like they should. The beards also give them the Chaos Dwarf feel as well. Nice work!


I´m happy, that you like the bulls, although the conversions itself where quite simpel…except for the hero one, of course.
I´ll make a few more pics of them, so you can see the downsides of the models.

My goal was to make them look mean and strong (And what is stronger/tougher than a black orc?? …ok, a lot of creatures
are…) :mask
Not like the old hat-grandpas…:hat off   But hats will play a bigger role in the future of this army!

Stay tuned!

Oldenburg, city of science 2009 :smiley: Its nice to see people from so many different countries around here!


Don´t get me wrong it´s good to communicate with so many different people from many different countries!

It´s also good for my “rusty” English! I talk and write much too little!

But I find it interesting from which town or region other CDO members come from!

Ogranoth blackhammer:

question: do you varnish?

you should, it helps from chipping.


Don´t get me wrong, i´m happy to see other people from germany here, especially because we don´t have a good german website for the chaos-dwarfs :slight_smile: And as you said…this is a very good way to improve or just “use” english!

No, normally i don´t use varnish, mainly because most of my minis are plastics and they don´t tend do chip (new word learned!). But you´re right, i should varnish my metal-minis…mental notice

Small update…just to keep you informed. I finished a unit of wolfriders, but they are still WIP: i plan to give them kind of backbanners like the samurai used to have and i´ll try myself on nice little mustaches…Mongo-Style :wink:
And they´ll receive more armor on the thigh (second word learned thanks to leo.org).

The green areas are marked for base-design purposes (swamp/marsh style for the slaves).

And an older pic from my three converted sorcerers (lazy guys, but don´t tell them i told you…they´ll kill me :o):

Don´t ask me, which company made the two tin-guys…i can´t remember, i guess reaper? The third is the very common conversion from the BFSP canon-crewman.


Don´t ask me, which company made the two tin-guys...i can´t remember, i guess reaper? The third is the very common conversion from the BFSP canon-crewman.

I also think the lead boy in the middle is a reaper one.
The left one ... I don´t know



I love those bull centaurs!!! I need to make some of my own!


Hey, thanks Fil :hat off

In the german forum, where i posted these guys, most people don´t like them, due to their orcish look. So i wonder, wheter i should sculpt the bullcentaurs in the whole unit beards as i did for the champion…any suggestions?