[Archive] [07-21-2009] no Pirates! involved..just Dawi Zharr (WIP Taurus...wash me!)


Sweet Wolfriders. But I can’t see your sorcerers! I demand a close up in focus! :smiley:


I´ll try to attach a picture, but its just the “standard” mage. I don´t have pictures from the other two dudes at the moment…

Kera foehunter:

nice mage what did you use for his head ??


The head is from the chaos-warriors sprue…the one horned head in the box.

News from the paint-station:

First CD-Warrior unit nearlly finished…the unit fillers (hats!!! finally :hat off ) replace 6 models, so i have to paint 5 more (incl. champion) to finish the unit.

The old plastic guys with :hat off should look like metal statues…i hope it will look like i plan…


The mages are made by Werner Klocke. They are Warlords Miniatures.

The guy on the left is called: “Logrim Battlefury,Dwarf Paladin Captain”


The guy in the middle is called: “Thengil Irontongue,a Dwarf Priest”


Warlords make fabulous Dwarf Miniatures…

I like melcher’s army blog a lot (i play almost every week against them).


Update…but only a small one. I finished the last warriors for the regiment shown above. Now, the only guy who needs some paint is the champion, but i´m not sure if i really should use the hellcanon-crewmen as champions…

On the sides you see the unit-fillers for the second regiment (each for 2 models).

:hat off

btw: Yesterday my Dawi-Zharr defeated some skinny woodelves due to an unbelievable reliable ES and the might of 3 big units of CD-warriors. Only my orc-arrer boys played the lazy part (four 1´s on squabble tests) together with my level 4, who actualy miscasted four times…

Kera foehunter:

i love what you did with those plastic big hats great job Melcher


i love what you did with those plastic big hats  great job Melcher

Kera foehunter
Yes, this is a really cool idea!


@Kera and Bassmann:

Thanks a lot…so now i can tell everyone, i´m a hat-guy :wink:


Managed to finish my second unit of hobbos. Actually the only work was re-basing and weapon-cutting these fellows, because i bought them cheap and the former owner already painted them.

The left unit is ne new one…as you can see, the swamp on the bases didn´t turned out the way like the first unit. I´ll have to adapt them, when i find a good way to make interesting swamp bases…

I´m currently working on snotling-style bolt throwers…:hat off

Kera foehunter:

no there is one test left Melcher!!! you must face vader!!! Then you can be called a tall hat! ha ha

love the swamp baces on the hobgoblins


That is a cool idea.

Think you might have some sorcerers turned to stone for your display board? That’s really compliment them!

How did you achieve the stone look on the piles of bricks (at the front of the fillers)?

Ghrask Dragh:

Nice use of the old mini’s for unit fillers, I’m lovin the hobbo’s too those trees really suit the swampy effect!


How did you achieve the stone look on the piles of bricks (at the front of the fillers)?

You mean like the very left one, on the picture above (who ist standing outside of the unit)? I used stones from hirstarts (?): They are making these small stones for making your own buildings. And i used a kind of styrofoam for the basic shape.
That´s simple drybrushing: black priming, brush with codex grey and then gently brush with white...its thaaaat simple (this sound like good ol Bob Ross :o !!!!).

If´ll ever build a display, the stone-sorcerer idea would be great...thanks!

@Ghrask: Thanks a lot!
@Kera: vader?? But i already have a father...whos actually more frightining than vader...at least in underpants :hashut


Welcome to the site, buddy!



Thanks mate!


This it, what i - from the basic idea - stole from snotling (hashut praise him!!!):


And i painted it:

(i didn´t paint the hobbo, that was an other guy…)


I built and finished two more bolt-throwers today. Together with 4 crewmen i needed now…made from stuff laying around. I like how the throwers turned out and they were cheap and quick to build and paint.


I like them too, more than the ones Ive just bought and painted… errr… :stuck_out_tongue:


Mate, your throwers are awesome and your paintjob is way better than my ugly BT :wink: btw: Your Bulls are excellent! :hat off

I finished the crew, the champion of the first warriors unit and started to paint the first bull. Just a few pics:

three BT finished:

The test wip bull:

I´m not satisfied with the skin tone, i used on the arms. This is the color i used for my dwarfes…but it doesn´t look right together wit the red of the main body…maybe i´ll go all red!

Kera foehunter:

well i like your bolt thower very pirate like he he!

melcher could we get a side view on the bull centaur


Dear Kera, not a real side-view, but a pic of the ongoing process:

As you can see, i droped the blue and made all skin areas in red: i think it fits better and looks more evil :mad