[Archive] [08-09-2018] My perpetual WIP Chaos Dwarfs


So, after a long time away from my beloved Dawi Zharr, i managed to return under the surface, where the temples to Hashut are built.

Even if i still have to give a chance to the rules of AoS, i always find great joy in the converting and painting side of the hobby, especially if i’m working on chaos dwarfs :stuck_out_tongue:

So here’s some pics of what i did till now, a very slow growing project of personal improvement in the hobby, and satisfaction when something finished is added to pool.

Warrior unit, where everything has started many years ago. Nothing too innovative, just a plain and simple BFSP conversion inspired by many great armies here around the site.

Fun Fact: despite having improved my painting skills meanwhile, and being aware of plenty of errors and poorly done things in it, this unit is the only thing i painted in the past that i can pick out now without thinking to myself “Crap, were you blind at that time?”. I just love this unit, period.

Rank and file of slaves. I have to admit my laziness, i never managed to make them taller than regular goblins. My bad.

The sorcererand a hero. Made out of BFSP Slayer and Lord, again, nothing too innovative, but i like them!

My bullcentaurs unit. Made out of Chaos horses and Black Orcs bodies. With sculpted beards and masks of course. Looking at them now, i see and overabundance of sculpting mistakes, but i also think that the unit in its wholeness has some dinamism and doesn’t look bad. They need painting for sure!

Now, getting to something more recent:

Panderuk Wihr, great Overlord on Lammasu. 

Definitely an ongoing WIP, i slowly proceed adding little bits at time when i’m in the mood. The lord himself needs beard, arms and some tweaking in the armor, the beast still is growing a proper mane out of the sculpting stuff. Again, the use of this particular model for the lammasu is not a new idea, got it seeing a great one here around the forum. In the pics the lammasu head may look a bit oversized, i still don’t get why, in real life i checked it with other people too, and seems correctly sized.

I think for now pics are over. 

What there’s in the future? I recently get a strong and fresh urge in sculpting, so i’m trying to finish an old sculpt that i started at the same time of the lammasu, a Dawi Zharr sorcerer, and i made some concept sketches to sculpt an Hashut Warpriestess. At the beginning of Novemeber there will be the biggest Con abotu games and comics here in Italy, with also an important painting/sculpting contest in it. I would be very happy if i manage to finish one of the two models to bring it there. Not with the hope to win anything (there are some crazily skilled people there, a great source of inspiration and motivation), but for the pleasure of partecipate.

Well, C&C Always welcomed!  And may you beard coils properly!


I love your lammassu!

What was the base model?


[[BFSP]] Chaos Dwarfs! A man after my own heart.

Lovely army! Lots of nostalgia here for me. :slight_smile:


Love it!

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Looks great, especially the Lammasu! :slight_smile:


Good creative uses of models. I like them


Thanks all, as said, I got plenty of great inspirations and idea here on the forum! And when I started, the low budget+low availability of CD alternatives, made the BFSP conversion a real deal for me.

The lammasu is based  on the Chaos Lord on Manticore model, with some tweaking in the pose, to make it looks like it’s diving down from the sky to attack an opponent. Final position would be possible only when it will be glued, it’s hard to hold that with patafix :smiley:

Pappa Midnight:

Excellent work on the lamassu. I especially like the face and the rider is coming on very well.



A bit of progresses, i worked on the lord, finally giving him some beard. Still having to finish arms and make a decorated shield. I think for the shield i will proceed with the “demon faces” buckles or shoulder pads theme i’m keeping for the chaos dwarf i’m sculpting right now.

A random sorcerer. I started it lot of time ago, and now i picked it up again, hoping to finish him. And it has proven useful to test new sculpting tecniques or particular details (like the scale mail).

A warpriestess i’m quite in hurry to complete, since is the one i want to bring to a miniature sculpting contest at the begin of November, at a large Con here in italy. Definitely have to move, but i think i’m at a quite good amount of completition of the WIP.

Sculpts i have planned once i finish these are a Chosen of Lugar hero (to practice more with muscles and anatomy) and a Citadel Guard champion. And well, maybe i should move to assemble and primecoat enough models to make a decent list, if i want to enter the next 9th age tournament around here…

As usual C&C welcomed, still plenty to learn here!

Uther the unhinged:

I love the centaurs, really dynamic. The lammasu looks like it will be awesome and the scults… wow . I adore the warpriestess, though by the look of her I don’t think I would tell her to her face.

Good luck with the competition


Beautiful sculpts. I too adore that priestess, My first thoughts was that the legs are a bit narrow. Perfectectly proportioned yes, just need to be a bit broader.


Wow, looks great! Well done and keep those WIP coming, always interesting to see!


Beautiful sculpts.  I too adore that priestess, My first thoughts was that the legs are a bit narrow. Perfectectly proportioned yes, just need to be a bit broader.

I think the problem is not in the legs being narrow, but in the upper part that has "grown" wide as the work proceeded. Big mass of hair and two large shoulderpads. Until I don't develop a "sense" about this, I probably should build out the main masses of the sculpt before going into detail, to get a better overall view. Lesson learned :)

thanks to all anyway, I hope to be able.to provide soon some pics of painted stuff too!


Since she is not perfect, I suggest you start again and send that one to me.


Very nice sculpting! Broaden the legs of the warpriestess to that Dwarven stockiness, and you’ve got a piece worthy to cast! If that’s your plan, of course.


I will see what I can do to put a bit of thickness there (or illusion of)!

But I still have to work and practice a lot before I could feel myself confident enough to have something sculpted at real “casting” level.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

What a great start - I love your style! Welcome back!!

Pappa Midnight:

Very nice indeed. I especially like the war priestess.


Ghrask Dragh:

I like your style very much, the priest I can imagine looking great with scripture tattoos down the legs and some nice tribal face tats too

Look forward to seeing it and good luck at the con :cheers


So, after some time, here i’m again!

I begin with the pics of my flamethrower team, from the last Golden hat! I’m very happy of the result, as my first entry in the contest, and it has been a good excuse to finally paint a converted model i had sitting in the box for long time. Looking carefully, i can see conversion/sculpting mistakes and imperfections i hopefully won’t repeat again if done now, but overall i’m very satisfied of them. For the 2.0 edition of the 9th age has also been spoiled tha tone of the CD new gun teams would be a mobile flamethrower so…they will probably see some table time soon.

CAUTION!! Aweful pics quality starting here. I don’t know why my telephone camera din’t cooperated this evening… (pics are clickable for enlarge)

I manage to finish my priestess, with some tweakings on her legs and overall figure shape below her belt. Unlukily the girl has not brought home any prize from the sculpting contest, but it has been fun anyway, and gave me a good motivation to bring something better next year, maybe also bringing something for the painting categories.

I also proceeded with the two sculpts i had on WIP (but still not 100% finished).  I’m forcing myself to finish these, because i have to move on. I love how they turned out, ad i learned a lot sculpting these two, but it’s time to start some new sculpting projects, one can’t really get better staying locked on the same model forever.

And…to finish a super WIP of my Kadim incarnates/Kaadai fireborn. There’s still plenty of work to do here, adding and refining flames, add chains, spikes and so on. And maye this pic could have been better on gray scale, to help in seeing the whole models despite the difference of materials/colors. Ok, probaly i should have waited a more advanced state of completition before posting these, but the truth is that i already love them.

I don’t think i have seen the Kadim done in this way before so…i’m quite proud of them!

I’m also open for suggestions for the weapons of the guy on the right. I had though about putting a vertical spear in his hand, but also the combination of axe + shield (with demon face sculpted) might be visually cool. Even if i think Kadim are creatures living on rage and battlelust, maybe shields are not too fitting to them.

As usual, C&C welcome