[Archive] 13-05-2010 My evil dwarven army blog. Final summary


First of all! Sorry for possible mistakes as english is not my native language.

The idea of making a chaos dwarf army came to my mind…

Well, let’s start it another way.

The idea of making a chaos dwarf came to my mind when I bought a White Dwarf magazine with 1 night goblin and 1 dwarf  model glued onto it. Yes it was long time ago. I found a night goblin rather usefull as an ammo runt for my WH40k orks army but a single dwarf model appeared to be totally useless. It looked like that untill I’ve been asked to do some comission work. It was painting chaos warriors. The customer wanted “something”- impressive, but cheap and fast at the same time. So the only way of making it impressive that I could find was finding an impressive color scheme. A dwarf now looked as a good crush test dummy- a useless model that has heavy armor and leather parts on it. In order to get more similarity with a chaos warriors I decided to convert the dwarf into chaos dwarf. The only 2 things I used to know about chaos dwarves were

1. They exist.

2. They wear tall hats and have black beards.

I’ve never seen any CD art or model before, so I didn’t even know the propper shape of the hat.

Anyway, It took me sometime to make that simple conversion and I painted Chaos Warriors without testing color scheme on a newborn chaos dwarf, but the process of creating it, and a fresh feeling of painting chaos models brought me to a thought of making a CD army. It is interesting to have an army that noone actually has.

A year later (as I prefer playing 40k and doing many other things) I got my first dwarven part o BFSP set. Another year later I started my army.

Now I’m planning to show what I’ve got so far and share the ideas of further army development.

And the first models I shot with a camera are heroes.


A CD hero. I think he looks more like a lord, as he’s HUGE, but I haven’t got a 2000 pt army yet, which prevents him from making a brilliant military career, leaving on a level of a mere CD hero.

This is a model I bought long before I made my first chaos dwarf. Long time ago Rackham “Confrontation” tabletop game was extremely popular in a local gaming community. This model is one of the leftovers of that time. It is originally called Hirh Karn, and looks quite different from this CD officer


Another evil commander is a CD mage. A lore of shadows. He is converted out of a BFSP tunelers’ champion. He is a scroll caddy, as u can all see on a shot of his back =)))

The pics are bit blurry, I’ll make another ones as I paint him.


Whoa, impressive ! I love the conversion of the mage, this is something I have not thought about at all ! I like the lord too !

Now I want to see them painted :smiley:


They look cool. But they are very difficult to see the detail!

New pics would be welcome. :slight_smile:


They look cool.  But they are very difficult to see the detail!

New pics would be welcome. :)

I'll second that. my astigmatism makes it hard to pick out detail to begin with..


impressive i love the sorcerer conversion however agree that it is hard to see the detail i think they’ll look ace painted

Ghrask Dragh:

Nice start, looking forward to seeng them painted, the Chaos Dwarf Lord from Rackham in particular!



I decided not to tak any more unpainted pics of those two heroes. And now, while I’m painting them, I’ll better present some more dwarfs, who are already painted.

A fire mage. BFSP model of course. Pics quality is limited by my camera macroshot ability. So they don’t look good enough.


And some blunderbussers. The beginning of a unit and a test of a color scheme. At such large scale the paintjob doesn’t look neat at all, but in reality they look better because they are actually smaller =)))


Neat ! How did you do the hat of the blunderbussier dwarf at the left ? The one with the lantern. I want to do hats in a similar fashion but I have yet to find a way to do them …


Nice source-lighting on the sorcerer. Very striking!


Very unique skin colour! :sick

They look like CD and Greenskin hybrids - very cool! :~

I really like it, not so common! :hat off


Kera foehunter:

Great Army !! i like the cd style your doing !! Great blunder buss love there hats


Neat ! How did you do the hat of the blunderbussier dwarf at the left ? The one with the lantern. I want to do hats in a similar fashion but I have yet to find a way to do them ...

All hats and guns are made using the very same technique. I think I should make a tutorial on making them, that might help. Basicly BB barels and hats are screws, smoothed by greenstuff.

And thanks for your comments everyone =))) I'm really glad you like it =) More pics is comming soon. And that Rackham dwarf is almost finished by now :mad


Please do post a tutorial on the guns! I’d really love to see how you did those as it looks very nice. :slight_smile: I might do that for the guns of my blunderbuss.

Kera foehunter:

Great idea with the scews!!!that a cool simple idea ( slaves)


Wow! hadn´t seen this blog before. Really like your version of your chaos dwarfs. Very simple if you think about it, but i don´t think I have seen anything similar before. Please, continue posing your minis!

Ghrask Dragh:

Very, very cool.

These guys are my favs…

…can’t wait to see the rest!!


I love them! The sculpting work is great! They have a lot of character. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for more!