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[size=xx-large]14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle



Over the last 2 years, I have been game master for my local gaming group, where we have played a Campaign embracing the fluff and best rules from the End Times. Pictures can be found HERE.

The big legendary battle finally will be between the Undead Legion of Nagash and the Grand Allegiance of the Everchosen (Who is joined by Drazhoath�?Ts Legion of Azgorh). We have set to be played on September 24th and 25th. I will use this thread to cover all the work I put into making this happen, from preparing rules, writing fluff, making terrain, painting objectives and some insane pictures from the day as well. I will not promise a full battle report, as we already has enough on our hands during the game, but it should be pretty to look upon!

Feel free to comment, ask question or give good tips.

PS: I�?Tm having a hard time formatting the materials from word into phpbb forum format, and mistakes will happen, so some things will look worse than in the original .pdf�?Ts.



Please note: This is a long scenario pack, with many references to uncommon books or house rules. Unless these reference feature in the rulebook or common army books, they are included in the appendix. The appendix will not feature army options or special rules tied to one person�?Ts army, but rather scenario rules, rewards & house rules. The full army rules can be read in a combination of army books and End Times releases.



�?� 14.000 pts on both sides.

�?� Minimum 20% (2800 pts) must come from core units.

�?� Maximum 60% (8400 pts) can come from characters.

�?� Grand Armies selection rules applies, which allows up to 6 duplicates of the same special unit, and up to 4 duplicates of the same rare unit.

�?� Attacker: Undead Legion (Warhammer End Times: Nagash).

�?� Defender: Grand Legion of the Everchosen (Warhammer End Times: Archaon) & Legion of Azgorh (Warhammer Forge: Tamurkhan).

�?� No other special characters, than those listed below.

�?� Forsaken & Ghouls can have Fortitude without having a standard Bearer (See under Scenario Points in this document).

Undead Legion

�?� Nagash is the general and his �?omarch aura�?� is increased to an 18�?� inch radius.

�?� Arkhan, Mannfred, Neferata, Vlad & Krell must be included.

�?� Khalida & Settra II (See the Appendix) can be included.

�?� Units within 6�?� of Arkhan can march even though Nagash is the general.

Grand Legion of the Everchosen + Legion of Azgorh

�?� Archaon is the general

�?� The Glottkin & Drazhoath the Ashen �?" Hellfire of Hashut (See the Appendix) must be included.

�?� Scyla, Valkia, Throgg can be included.

�?� Maximum of 7 war machines (This includes Hellcannon, Skullcannon and Iron Daemon, even though they are Unit Type: Unique).

�?� No units from Warhammer Armies: Skaven are allowed. Black Orcs, Orcs and Goblins can be taken in the Legion of Azgorh�?Ts Special Unit section, as well as the Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower from Ravening Hordes.

�?� No magic items from the rulebook can be taken by both the Legion of Azgorh and the Grand Legion of the Everchosen.

�?� The Legion of Azgorh and the Grand Legion of the Everchosen counts as trusted allies, and will remain that way for the remainder of the game. Characters from one army can not join units from the other army. Only one general (Archaon) and one Battle Standard Bearer can be appointed in total, meaning only one bubble of Inspiring Presence and one bubble of Hold Your Ground can be present on the team.

�?� Some units from Grand Legion of the Everchosen does not need to take Panic tests, when friendly Hobgoblin Cutthroats, Hobgoblin Wolf Raiders, Goblins, Orcs and Black Orks from the Legion of Azgorh is destroyed or fleeing. These unit are only the more elite unit, so a lot of panic induced vulnerability still remains in the allegiance. Units that ignore panic tests caused by greenskins: Chaos Warrior, Chaos Chariot, Chaos Warshrine, Chimera, Gorebeast Chariot, Forsaken, Chosen, Chaos Knight, Skullcrusher, Minotaur, Slaugtherbrute, Mutalith Vortex Beast, Giant and every character choice from Warhammer Armies: Warriors of Chaos, as well as Doombull and Gorebull from Warhammer Armies Beastmen.


The Attacker gets the first turn.

The battle lasts for 6 turns.


Death on the Winds & Undead Ascendant[/b]From Warhammer End Times: Nagash
[/b]From Warhammer End Times: Glottkin.

�?� Character models worth more than 700 pts, will not necessarily die due to bad dice. These models (In this game: Nagash, Archaon and the Glottkin) will treat all �?oremove the model from play-effects�?� such as Pit of Shades, Heroic Killing Blow and Dimensional Cascade as a devastating force, that deals D6+3 wounds without any kind of save allowed, instead of just removing the model outright. The models might die anyways, but now they have a chance to survive.

�?� All Mystical Monuments and Arcane Architecture allows up to one wizard within 3�?� to adds 2 to all his channelling attempts. This contradicts the rule in Warhammer End Times: Khaine (Page 10), where all wizards got this bonus.
�?� All wizards in level 3 and above automatically knows the additional End Times spell Conjure Arcane Fulcrum. End Times spells can only be attempted to cast once per magic phase and if the spell is successfully cast (i.e. is not dispelled or scrolled upon casting) the spell can never be dispelled in a subsequent magic phase. All the rules about Magical Lodestones & Arcane Fulcrums can be found in the appendix.

�?� When rolling for Winds of Magic, each player on the same team rolls 2D6 and follow the normal rules from the rulebook. The 2 power pools are added together, same as the 2 dispel pool. No pool can ever hold more than 24 dice.
�?� Reign of Chaos is determined by the roll of the Chaos general, and is in no way modified by the Chaos Dwarf general�?Ts roll on the Winds of Magic. This overrules the wording in Warhammer End Times: Glottkin.
�?� If two vampires has Master of the Black Arts, they are not able reroll both dice from one roll on winds of magic. They can, however, reroll 1 dice from both rolls on the winds of magic. 3+ vampires with Masters of the Black Art does not have more than 1 reroll on each of the 2 winds of magic rolls.

During the campaign leading up to this battle, both teams has had the opportunity to gain rewards for this final battle.

�?� The Undead Legion can field one unit of Knights of the Black Grail, which follows all the normal rules and point values of Black Knights, but also allows them to use the Lance Formation special rule (From Warhammer Armies: Brettonia). The unit can opt to bring The Banner of the Black Grail for 50 pts, giving the unit a 6+ ward save, which is improved to 5+ against shooting and magic.

�?� One friendly wizard which is not a special character, can opt to take the mystical artefact The Black Book of Ibn Naggazar as his Arcane Item. This item does not count towards the wizard�?Ts normal magic item point allowance.

[]Black Book of Ibn Naggazar . 150 points[/b]
Arcane Item. The Black Book of Ibn Naggazar grants the bearer the Loremaster (Death) and Loremaster (Shadow) Special rules �?" These spells replace any he already knows. However, a blood sacrifice must be made, whenever the bearer casts a spell.
Each time the bearer attempts to cast a spell, make a blood sacrifice roll to see the number of victims claimed by the book. Roll a D3 �?" remove this number of models from the caster�?Ts unit as casualties, and add this many dice to the bearer�?Ts casting attempt (this can take the number of dice used beyond 6 and the total in the pool temporarily above the 24 maximum power dice).
If there are insufficient �?~volunteers�?T for the sacrifice, the bearer is also dragged into the book �?" he and his unit are removed as casualties and the spell automatically fails. No save of any kind can be taken by models claimed by the book.
If the wizard has not attempted to cast a spell by the end of his Magic phase, he is devoured by the Daemons within the book and removed as a casualty. [/list]
�?� The Glottkin has the special rule The Curse of Life.
    ][/b] At the end of every Close Combat phase, every Undead unit which suffered one og more unsaved Wounds from this model during the phase suffers and additional D3 Wounds with no save of any kind allowed. [/list]
    �?� Wizards with the Mark of Tzeentch gets +1 to their total casting value.


    Apart from victory points, each side also fights for scenario points (SP). Each SP count as 100 victory points. To get scenario points, the players must capture objectives. In this scenario, there are two types of objectives: Locations & Objects. A Location is some kind of terrain (fx a building or a sphynx). An Object is something lying on the battlefield, that a unit captures (fx a chest or a piece of warp stone). An Object will never hinder movement for units in any way.

    If a unit wants to gain scenario points by capturing objectives, the unit must have fortitude. To achieve fortitude, the unit must be infantry, have at least one rank (other than the front rank) and a standard-bearer. This means that only ranked infantry can claim scenario points, while monstrous creature, characters and cavalry can be used to defend objectives, or support the infantry so they have a chance at get to the objectives.

    If a unit has fortitude, and occupies a Location at the end of the game, scenario points are awarded to the team occupying the location. If the Location is a building, the building must be occupied as per the rulebook rules for building. If the Location is not a building, a unit with fortitude occupies the location, by having a model within 3�?� at the end of the movement phase. If multiple units with fortitude claims a Location that is not a building, the unit with most ranks of at least 5 models, will claim the Location, at the end of either players movement phase. If more units with fortitude and the same amount of ranks is within 3�?� of the Location, the controlling player assigns who occupies the location. If the opponent has already claimed the Location, your unit must have more ranks than your opponent, if you are to steal the control of the Location and count as occupying.

    If a unit has fortitude, and has a model within 3�?� of an unclaimed Object at the end of their movement phase, they will claim the Object, which is now place behind the unit and follows them around the battlefield. If a unit has an Object at the end of the game, scenario points are awarded to the team with the Object. If a unit with an Object lose their fortitude, is destroyed or flees, the object is lost from the unit, and placed on the battlefield again, for other units with fortitude to pick up. Place the Object as close to the center of the fleeing or destroyed unit. If the unit has just lost its fortitude, scatter the Object 1�?� from the unit�?Ts edges. If the unit is broken in combat, transfer the Object directly to an enemy unit with fortitude, or placed as close to the centre of the broken unit, if no enemy units in the combat has fortitude. A unit can never claim more than two Objects, and they will not give up one they already carries.


    Please note: Many of these Locations might have additional properties aside from these, and these properties might affect more units, and maybe not even the unit occupying the Location. The effects from the above chart applies only to the unit with fortitude that occupies the Location. See more under the Terrain section below.




    1. Arcane Ruins: Counts as impassable terrain. Arcane Architecture. See page 124 in the rulebook.
    2. Nehekharan Sphynx: Counts as impassable terrain. Arcane Architecture. See page 130 in the rulebook.
    3. Rubble: Counts as Dangerous Terrain. If they hinder movement trays, simply remove them and put them back again afterwards.
    4. Obsidian Fort: Building. Ignore the Five Per Floor rule �?" 30 models can shoot form this building instead. See page 126-129 in the rulebook. A unit garrisoning this building has the Magic Resist (1) special rule.
    5. Obsidian Watchtower: Building. Ignore the Five Per Floor rule �?" 20 models can shoot form this building instead. See page 126-129 in the rulebook. A unit garrisoning this building has the Magic Resist (1) special rule.
    6. Fence and brazier: The fence is an obstacle of the type: Wall. See page 122-123 in the rulebook. The brazier is impassable terrain and has the Magical Lodestones special rule, as if it was an Arcane Architecture or a Mystical Monument. See the Appendix.
    7. Hill: Ordinary hill. See page 118 of the rulebook.
    8. Woods: Ordinary wood. See page 119 of the rulebook.
    9. Rocks: Impassable terrain.
    10. Edge of the Obsidian Wall: Impassable terrain.


    The deployment is done in quite a different fashion from a normal game of Warhammer, to speed the process up. The deployment features 5 phases, as well as the important preparation phase.

    Preperation Phase
    �?� Prior to the deployment phase, both teams nominates 3 units to be Last Units. Last Units, will be placed in phase 5 of the deployment, and allow the team to save their vulnerable units, important characters, or strategic goal-oriented units for spots where they can fulfil their role. The Last Units can be any size, but cannot exceed 650 points per unit. If the unit is meant to have characters joining them, the characters will be part of the Last Units as well, but the characters and units combined cost still cannot exceed the 650 points restriction on Last Units.
    �?� From the teams combined army list, subtract the point values from all you warmachines, units that fires like a warmachine, engineers who will be lone characters next to warmachines, all the Last Units, scouts, ambushing units and units that you intend to bury beneath the sand. This will give you a point amount well below 14.000 points. Divide this point amount by 3, and mark it down as your �?o1/3 Point Allowance.�?�
    �?� Each team makes 3 lists of units called the 1/3 Lists. On each of these lists, the team puts down units and characters until the lists contains enough models to be within 200 points range of the teams 1/3 Points Allowance. Each of these lists will be marked with either number 1, 2 and 3. Each teams general must be a part of either list 1 or 2.

    Phase 1
    �?� Both teams present their armies, naming equipment, vampiric powers, daemonic gifts and so forth. If the team know that a certain character will start with a certain unit, present the character with the unit for better transparency. Everybody will have more than enough to keep track of already.
    �?� Roll spells for all wizard, and other effects determined at the start of the battle, such as Darkforged Weapons and Daemonic Gifts.
    �?� Both teams puts down all their warmachines, units that fires like a warmachine and characters who have joined these machines for an engineering purpose. The warmachines must be spread out in the deployment zones and have at least 12�?� between them. Up to two Daemonsmiths can circumvent this rule and deploy two warmachines close together each, but the two Daemonsmiths must be at least 48�?� from each other. In this phase, both teams puts their machines on the board simultaneously. Decide their position prior to the deployment day.

    Phase 2
    �?� The Defender puts down every model from the teams �?o1/3 List: 1,�?� in the Defender Deployment Zone.
    �?� Afterwards, The Attacker puts down every model from their own �?o1/3 List: 1,�?� in the Attacker Deployment Zone.

    Phase 3
    �?� The Defender puts down every model from the teams �?o1/3 List: 2,�?� in the Defender Deployment Zone.
    �?� Afterwards, The Attacker puts down every model from their own �?o1/3 List: 2,�?� in the Attacker Deployment Zone.

    Phase 4
    �?� The Defender puts down every model from the teams �?o1/3 List: 3,�?� in the Defender Deployment Zone.
    �?� Afterwards, The Attacker puts down every model from their own �?o1/3 List: 3,�?� in the Attacker Deployment Zone.

    Phase 5
    �?� The Defender deploys their first Last Unit. Afterwards, the Attacker deploy their first Last Unit. Rinse and repeat until all the last units are deployed.
    �?� Deploy scouts, mark buried beneath the sands and move vanguards following the normal rules in the rulebook. Remember that the Attacker gets the first turn, place scouts and vanguards wisely.


    Determining the winner is done by using a 20/0 system. After the game, add all victory points (and remember banners, scenario points, killed general and so forth). Follow the rulebook until you know how many victory points the winning team had above the loosing team, then consult the table. If a 10/10 (Draw) is the end result, the team who killed his opponents general, while keeping his own alive, will be the victor. If both generals are alive or dead during a 10/10, then it is truly a draw. An 11/9 is a victory! Just a rather small one! A 15/5 symbolises a clear win, while the 20/0 is the sign of an absolute massacre.

    Score Points
    10/10 0-300
    11/9 . 301-600
    12/8 . 601-1000
    13/7 . 1001-1550
    14/6 . 1551-2250
    15/5 . 2251-3350
    16/4 . 3351-4600
    17/3 . 4601-5850
    18/2 . 5851-7250
    19/1 . 7251-8750
    20/0 . 8751+



    [align=center]SETTRA II, MORTARCH OF ETERNITY [/align]
    After the humbling of Settra, Nagash chose Tomb King Khetiros to take on the mantle of Settras successor. Nagash would rule supreme, but Khetiros would make the fragmented nation into a whole again. To do so, Tomb King Khetiros named himself Settra the Second, and Nagash imbued him with the power fitting a mortarch, since he had already lost Walach Harkon to the powers of Chaos. Settra II was made the mortarch of Eternity, and his bones was blessed with enough everlife, so that Settra II would be able to regain his undeathly live, even if he had been utterly crushed in battle. This way, Nagash�?Ts puppet would never be truly undone, and could keep the Nehekharan under his will the same way that Settra himself had done it. Titles and powers could not hide the fact, that Settra the Imperishable had been extraordinaire in both might and magic, while Settra II was a mediocre King garbed in the holiest of magic items, atop the reanimated Chariot of the Gods. Settra II had been as loyal as one could expect from a Tomb King for all the generations since Nagash�?Ts fall. By hiding behind the legacy of Settra the Great, Nagash was able to rise his puppet, Settra II, to power and bind together the Nehekharan aristocracy.  

    Settra II, Mortarch of Eternity                .                                                                                                                                             500 point
    .               M . WS . BS . S . T . W . I . A . Ld
    Settra II .  8 .   6 .   3 .   5 . 5 .  9 . 4 . 8 . 10

    Troop Type
    Chariot (Special Character)

    Settra II, Mortarch of Eternity, can be included in an Undead Legion army. His point cost count towards your  Lords Allowance.

    Settra II and his mount, the Chariot of the Gods, are described with a single combined characteristics profile. The rider and chariot are treated as a single model for any and all purposes. Settra II and the Chariot of the Gods has a combined armour save of 4+.

    [/color]The Curse, Flammable, My Will Be Done, Undead

    The Chariot of the Gods: Settra II rides a scythed chariot. Impact Hits from the Chariot of the Gods are magical attacks that have the Flaming Attacks special rule. Settra II can join a unit of Skeleton Chariots and will benefit from the strengthened Impact Hits from the Skeleton Chariots special rule Chariot Legion. Furthermore, Settra II can only ever recover a single lost Wound per successful casting of a spell/use of a magic item that restores lost Wounds.

    Settra�?Ts Legacy: If you take Settra II, Mortarch of Eternity, he must be your army�?Ts General, unless Nagash is also a part of your army. If Settra II, is your General, his Inspiring Presence has a range of 18�?�. Even if Settra II is not the army�?Ts general, undead units within 6�?� can still make march moves as if he were. He can never march himself, as he is mounted on a chariot.

    Mortarch of Eternity: At the end of each of your turns, roll a D6. On a roll of 4+, Settra II, Mortarch of Eternity regains one Wound lost earlier in the battle.

    The Crown of Nehekhara: [/b]
    Enchanted Item. Settra II, Mortarch of Eternity�?Ts My Will Be Done special rule affects all friendly Undead units within 6�?� of him, not just the unit he has joined.

    Talisman. The Scarab Brooch of Usirian grants Settra II, Mortarch of Eternity a 4+ ward save and the Magical Resistance (1) special rule.

    Magical Weapon. Hits from the Blessed Blade of Ptra have the Flaming Attacks special rule. Armour saves cannot be taken against wounds caused by this weapon. In addition, a character or Monster that suffers one or more unsaved Wounds from the Blessed Blade of Ptra suffers -1 to its rolls To Hit (both shooting and close combat) for the remainder of the game.

    [align=center] [/color][/size]
    Lord of Black Fortress, Master of the Legion of Azgorh[/b] [/align]

    Drazhoath the Ashen made an unholy alliance with Tamurkhan and joined his assault on the Empire. In the long run Tamurkhan was vanquished at the gates of Nuln, but Drazhoath didn�?Tt get caught up in the final slaughter. He realized Tamurkhans disadvantage against the artillery of Nuln, and withheld his forces after losing most of his daemoninfested engines of war to the accurate great canons of the Empire. The Legion of Azgorh returned to the Black Fortress a year later, with spoils of war and slaves for the furnace of Hashut.

    The End Times began with the omens of the Twintailed Comet and the horrors of the mindless undead stirring to life all over the Dark Lands.  Drazhoath kept the Legion of Azgorh inside and well-rested during the emigration from the Ogre Kingdom, and through a daring mission from his mercenary castellan Kurigalzu the Gargantuan did Drazhoath manage to hire Golfag Maneater and his warhost to join the ranks of the Legion of Azgorh.

    Inspired by the Firebellys inate magics, Drazhoath undertook a ritual of great personal sacrifice, more akin to the Warrior of the Northern Steppes than those common to the Dawi Zharr, which primarily revolves around sacrificing slaves. Drazhoath was greatly rewarded by Hashut, who bestowed upon him great insight and power. Drazhoath intends to harness this power and see the Dawi Zharr race survive the chaotic times, with him as their absolute ruler for generations to come. He called himself the Exalted Hellfire of Hashut.

    [/color][/b]               .[/color] [/color][/b]
    .[/color]M .[/color]WS .[/color]BS .[/color]S .[/color]T .[/color]W .[/color]I .[/color]A .[/color]Ld
    Drazhoath .[/color] 6 .[/color]   6 .[/color]    4 .[/color]  6 .[/color] 6 .[/color]  9 .[/color]  3 .[/color] 7 .[/color] 10

    Troop Type
    Monster (Special Character)

    Drazhoath the Ashen, Exalted Hellfire of Hashut, can be included in a Chaos Dwarf army. His point cost count towards your lord Lords Allowance.

    Drazhoath and his mount, the Bale Taurus Cinderbreath are described with a single combined characteristics profile. The rider and mount are treated as a single model for any and all purposes. Drazhoath and Cinderbreath has a combined armour save of 3+.

    Drazhoath is a Level 4 Wizard and uses spells from the Lore of Hashut.

    �?� Blackshard Armour
    �?� Darkforged Weapon
    �?� Hellshard Amulet
    �?� Daemonspite Crucible

    Relentless, Contempt, Daemonsmith, Terror, Fly, Large Target, Flaming Attacks, Blazing Body.

    Cinderbreath: [/b] Drazhoaths mount has a Strength 5 Breath Weapon with the Flaiming Attacks special rule.

    [/b] All Chaos Dwarf units (including Drazhoath himself) add +1 to their combat resolution when within 18�?� of him.

    [/b] Units with the Burning Bright special rule doesn�?Tt begin to take Toughness test until game turn 3 instead of game turn 2. K�?Tdaii Fireborns starts the game with 3 Wounds instead of 2, but costs an additional 5 points per model.

    Hellshard Amulet (Talisman) [/b]
    The Hellshard Amulet confers a 5+ Ward save, and in addition for every successful wound that the Amulet fails to stop in close combat, a Strength 2 hit is automatically inflicted on the model that caused the wound.


    Reserved for later use. Might add the Arcane Fulcrum rules.

    Sorry about the spammy way I made this thread. I thought it would result in a decent overview, but it looks rather silly. I might combine the info in post 1 and then delete the rest of my posts if that looks better.

    Anyway feel free to comment on the Scenario Pack.

    I�?Tll work on the fluff �?osoon�?� �"�, But overall:

    Drazhoath allies with Archaon on bring Legion of Azgorh through eastern Nehekhara, capturing Lybaras, Mahrak and the junglecity, before venturing west through World Edge mountains, and building a mighty wall at the mound of the Charnal Valley, effectively separating eastern and western Nehekhara.
    This forces Nagash to retrieve his armies from Sylvania and take back his homeland, leaving Archaon free to smash the Empire and remaining Incarnates, before venturing south after the final opponent; Nagash.


    … Wow…

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    Woah… so… how is the campaign progressing?


    The first 6 rounds has been played (Pictures can be found HERE).
    Chaos has won 3 of their 6 games
    Undead has only won a single
    Which means chaos has more rewards in the upcomming (september 24/25th) legendary battle :slight_smile:

    Fuggit Khan:

    [size=xx-large]14.000 Points 8th Edition Legendary Battle

    Holy Hashut! While in Dubai (with the CDO website blocked by censors) I missed this post originally.
    14,000 POINTS :o
    The battlefield diagram and sheer size of the table is impressive as well...how is it put together? Three tables?


    We use our two current tables (7248"). One is a dessert table and the othher is a rocky/darklands/mountains table.

    Then I’ll buy a 72
    24" piece of wood, and remove 12" from either corner to get the trapez shaped table connecter.

    The real challenge will be to make a believable transition from the rocke table to the dessert table. The battle will be for Quatar, a Nehekharan city close to The World Edge Mountains, so it will be a rather brutal transition from rocky highland into pure dessert. I haven’t tried something like that before so it will be somewhat of a gamble :slight_smile:


    Hmm seems like increasing application of good old hobby sand from sprinkle to desert could do the trick, it could be messy but you could build a literal sandbox which I think could look quite impressive.


    I found the lead in posts good. A single big post might have dragged on too much