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hey there, i’ve been working on my chaos dwarfs for around 2 months now, however i had a burst of motivation about a week ago and have actually managed to get a unit finished, so i wondered what you all thought.

its fairly obvious who i have taken my insperation from and i in no way claim any of there ideas to be mine.

oh and please ignore the hidious movement tray, they will get a proper one when i have the time lol

peace out


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Pyro Stick:

You need to give them more colour. Red and grey/metal colours isnt enough. Unless you are going for the ‘Nothing can be made from wood’ colour scheme i suggest adding in some brown to weapon handles and some gold for decorations etc. At the moment the beards are blending with the weapons a bit much and this gives it a bit of an unfinished look. Apart from that, these are some good conversions. The tusks are cool.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

A beautiful start! Now slap on some unit markings and by the great Horns of Hashut, please put some sand or earth on the bases! These are not Rackham miniatures after all. :wink:

But anyway, the noses, the beards, the tusks… everything is there. A good attitude! Have a slave. :cheers


A most excellent start! Love the sculpting work on the tusks and beard! Well done.

Like Pyro said, some more colour and some basing will take these guys to the next level!

Can’s wait to see more!


cheers guys, and thanx for the slave ishkur, i might have to try to add some more colour in, im thinking maybe bronze rather than gold, i’ll have to see how that looks

many thanx again


Looking good. A bit of bronze/gold or even a light silver would add a bit more depth. You can also use colour washes on the metallics to add some colour.


Great models! Need to make the a bit more evil. You’re well on the way.


The conversions look great to me! They are very red, but whatever makes you happy is cool with me. As per Ishkur tho, they need finished bases imo.


thanx to everyone for your comments, as for the bases i have jusr remembered i do actually have some lava bases which i intend to use for these miniatures, i’ll post some pics up later today, bought them off of ebay. anyone have any advice on how to paint the lava?

Kera foehunter:

Great beards and i love the red. everyone love’s a flamming tuba


I’m struggling with shading like you’ve done on the beards.

How did you go about it??

Is it best dry brushed?? very VERy carefully just painting the raised part of beard??


as far as painting lava goes, i use the reaper fire triad. bright red for the base coat, and the glow on the rocks(just drybrush it on the rocks), phoenix red on top of the bright red, leaving the edges closest to the rock visible, and fire orange ontop of that, leaving a ring of phoenix red around the bright red.


@craigisnutter: no all do is just basecoat the beards black and then drybrush them fortress gray, its important to make sure the indentations in the beard are deep enough otherwise the drybrushing wont look as effective.

oh and here are the pictures of thos lava bases i was talking about, only got one painted up so far:


i like it!


The lava looks really good! I’m having problems getting the colours hot enough, but with base that I do its getting better. Not as good as this though…


the lava look great, it realy makes the model complete

Kera foehunter:

great base Abyss did you use cork??


very cool, I like the how you did yours with the tusks, gives them a very unique look…

Pyro Stick:

great base Abyss did you use cork??

Kera foehunter


wish i could claim that i had done the bases myself but as pyro has pointed out i boutght them off of ebay. they wer £3 for 10 including p&p… so not a bad price i dont think… i figure that since im converting a full army i dont mond spendin a few quid on them some nice bases