[Archive] 20,000 Posts


Wowza, we reached 20,000!

Great stuff guys! As you may have noticed I have been futzing with the layout a bit, tweaking things here and there. Hopefully it will help improve things a bit.

Any ideas of your own? I’d love to hear them.


-Xander :cheers


Get the Grand Alliance color scheme back…:hashut


Great change in the forums. I think Golden Hat #4 needs to be announced to direct some creative energies for certain board members. :slight_smile:


Marh… announce it when I get some minis! >:O

Pyro Stick:

20000 posts is fairly epic for 461 members. I agree. Announce golden hat 4. It should help stop the spam.


Amen for Golden Hat 4, which may well stop the spam (although ironically spam is the reason we are at 20,000 posts :wink: )


20,000 and 19,900 were about kera and tallhats. Seriously though a great milestone for a site that is this young. Congrats to all. Now about Golden Hat #4:slight_smile:


You people keep saying ‘spam’ as if it is a bad thing… :confused:

Ghrask Dragh:

20,000 posts :cheers

for such a small community thats amazing, glad to be a part of it. I think the new modifications to the site are excellent and have had no complaints about this site from the outset.

You people keep saying ‘spam’ as if it is a bad thing… :confused:
It is :mad

Lord Zarkov:

You people keep saying 'spam' as if it is a bad thing... :/

Really does this: look nice to you?

On a more serious note, Spam does get annoying as it clogs up the topics and makes them hard to follow.


Spam should be given its own section, with random topics and threads for random people to randomly generate random responses to random points and questions.

Spam: It’s good fun if you’re involved:) but BAD if you’re not. :mad

Respect others:- Quit your jibber jabber! Save spam for the spam threads!

GH 4 plz!!!



I would announce GH#4 (as I think we’ve decided what it will be), but I don’t have the means to do a nice fancy banner and all that :wink:

So I’ll leave that to Xander/ Beaver.

I will say that it starts November 1st, due the last week of December to allow for one week of voting.

So expect an ‘official’ thread soon :slight_smile:


Can’t wait I will actually enter something, of course depending on the nature of said entry that is. Oh who am I kidding I’m chomping at the bit here!


Perhaps rather than miniatures, it could be bodypainting of CD players.

I hope Xander doesn’t leave us hanging…


o_O Strange.

Plus the Freudian slip that you would use the word ‘hanging’ in a sentence about Xander’s naked, painted body. o_o


Too much Freud. Not enough Golden Hat. Well done us one reaching 20 000 posts. Does the timing of this GH mean it will be, er, “solstice” themed?


congratulation to us all. This is the best forum for CD and everyone here is very polite. now when i�m geting back do finshing my CD army(after a campagin doing imperial fists to 40k), i will be much more active and you will se my post go higher then before :slight_smile:


Perhaps rather than miniatures, it could be bodypainting of CD players.

I for one sooooo do not want to see that! :sick self included!


Theres a pretty mixed bag of spam to be fair. Some of it is entertaining to read and take part in, whereas some just clogs up decent topics. Lets just restrict it to the off-topic page and leave it at that


AGPO makes a good point. Keep the off-topic stuff to the off topic section.

I have no qualms whatsoever it making a Spam Subforum that doesn’t add to post counts. Who would be in for that? (Edit: I ahve done this, check the Off-Topic section)

Grim is correct, Golden Hat #4 is being announced tomorrow, he gave the secret away. As for non-modeling competitions, you can expect to hear some more about that starting Dec 1st.