[Archive] 2400 crippling comp


Check out this crippling comp…

In addition to the Chaos Dwarf comp there’s:

Max unit cost=450pts in total

What list would you make?

Da Crusha:

ugh. not a fan of the restrictions at all. the guy must be a dwarf/high elf player.


there seems to be an additional restriction about the generation of magic dice and the amount of warmachines. Can you post the whole restrictions please?

Besides that, the restr. are looking good. I will think about a list.


This appeas more lenient than the etc rules.

Not a big deal really. U have to look at everything in context and not just its individual parts. Restrictions can also make a better game as they r there for a reason.

I play both types and see no issue at all. Encourages u to take different things.

Da Crusha:

personally Im just not a fan of having hard restrictions like these. in the tournaments Im used to attending you are allowed to bring in what ever you want but your composition score will suffer for bringing broken things. you will also only face things that comped similarly to you. I prefer the option to bring what ever I want even though I usually play with a relatively good comp score.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

I tend to play with fairly tame lists no matter what army I’m playing. But at the same time I’ve never been a big fan of restrictions - I’ve never really needed them. I looked at your list and these “comp” ideas are garbage. I am not desperate enough to need to play in that kind of weenie environment.

I say vote with your feet and boycott the event.

Grimbold Blackhammer


I really really really really really don’t see what the fuss is about with Lore of Hashut. Everyone seems to be acting like its broken beyond belief and it just isn’t. Ash Storm is broken and the rest is average at best.

My current regular list fits nicely into that comp. Probably more by luck than anything else though.

I wouldn’t say its crippling though, rather it just seems to be random. Its actually quite amusing that Dwarfs and Beastmen are allowed up to 500pts for their unit size - those are 2 armies that definitely don’t need that bonus over everyone else (why encourage the Shadow/Herdstone/Massive Blocks build for Beasts and the triple Horde plus gunline build for Dwarfs?!) And Beasts get the Crown of Command and +1 Ld banner too? Is the guy who wrote this comp a Beasts player perhaps? :wink:


Cheers for the comments guys -

The full comp pack is here.

I know this isn’t really crippling comp, it’s just annoying I can’t take the list I usually take, hehe.

I was thinking of taking the Lore of Metal…

Or if I take a Bale Taurus Lore of Fire…

Da Crusha:

whoa! I didn’t even notice all the buffs beastmen get for the tournament.


Where and when is this, does it happen every year? I thought I hated it but reading over the nerfs, I kinda like it and can think of several ways to over come the other armies there because in reality the Chaos Dwarfs got hit with a very small hammer, compared to other armies. Skaven got the kneecaping, Dark Elves got a good smack on the hand, TombKings got a nice boost. BeefMen got the best of them all though.

Again though the questions I have are.

1Where is this?

2What size is it?

3Is it yearly?


Again though the questions I have are.
1Where is this?
2What size is it?
3Is it yearly?

1. Bristol Centre Holiday Inn, March 9th-10th.
2. 2400pts... Usually around 40 players, looking to get more this year.
3. And yes, around February/March each year.


Can I also get a website or e-mail? I am actually thinking about making the trip over for this.

richard barby:

its a bit over the top and also assumes that high elfs dwarfs beast are rubbish when there not i would keep all units caps the same 450 points for everyone and 2400 points for all armies


Sure its better on the elfs and beefmen, that’s fine. This event runs on the same faulty logic that beast men got hurt come 8th ed. When in fact they got a massive boost. Cheap hard hitting units? Tons of casters with good spells? YES PLEASE. Even having said that though I could make a CD list that would love that environment. I cant take the chalice ok that’s fine I usually don’t fit that in anyway. I can either have a destroyer or lore of hashut? Thats rough but I can make that work. No unit more than 450pts? I think that will be fine since I will be taking one big brick as my core anyway. Even at max shots they will never produce more than 54 shots so the less than 70 shots rule will be fine.

Give me a few and let me see what I can make. I can’t make this year but maybe 2014.


Alright here is my list. Its a tad weaker than I would like but its my first run. Take a look see and see if you would make any changes. Personal I think its good for a first shot.

Mike Newman:

I don’t think it’s that bad at all. It’s really not far off my suggested comp for the uk?

Edit: has the comp changed? It seams to be different in the pack on twf?


I don't think it's that bad at all. It's really not far off my suggested comp for the uk?

Edit: has the comp changed? It seams to be different in the pack on twf?

Mike Newman
Hi Mike,

Yeah, the comp pack changed, I think I've posted the new one above?

Good luck for the Masters btw, I saw the draw last night :)

Mike Newman:

Cheers dude

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Here’s what I think I would take…

+ Lords + (350pts)

* Sorcerer-Prophet (350pts)

Enchanted Shield, Talisman of Preservation

Wizard Level 4 - Metal or Death

+ Heroes + (403pts)

* Daemonsmith Sorcerer (125pts)

Charmed Shield, Dispel Scroll

Wizard Level 1 - Fire

* Hobgoblin Khan (76pts)

Dragonshelm, Giant Wolf, Light Armour, Shield, Shrieking Blade

* Infernal Castellan (202pts)

Battle Standard Bearer, Ironcurse Icon, Shield, The Mask of the Furnace

+ Core + (607pts)

* 28 x Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard (383pts)

Deathmask, Musician, Standard Bearer - Lichebone Pennant

* 20 x Hobgoblin Cutthroats (112pts)

Musician, Standard Bearer, Bows

* 20 x Hobgoblin Cutthroats (112pts)

Musician, Standard Bearer, Bows

+ Special + (510pts)

* Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher (100pts)

* Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher (100pts)

* Iron Daemon War Engine (310pts)


+ Rare + (530pts)

* Hellcannon (205pts)

* K’daai Destroyer (325pts)


Hi gents, I’m glad to see people taking an interest in my comp Pack (I’m Synthesis from TWF). It should also be noted that there are a couple of minor tweaks in the pipeline that should be uploaded in the next couple of days (reducing Dwarf units back to 450pts etc) after receiving some well thought out feedback on the matter.

I can most assuredly say that I’m not a High Elf/Dwarf player as suggested above, in fact I’m as much of an avid Chaos Dwarf player as the rest of you. Unfortunately I received no end of feedback complaining about previous white-washes caused by Chaos Dwarf players at our events at the past, so opted to see how they fare without all of the toys. I know it’s not to everyones’ tastes, but so far there has been very little negative feedback from anyone that isn’t an Ogre player … which is always a good thing!

If you want to get hold of me I’m easily reachable via TWF or @Syneri on twitter.