[Archive] 25,000 Points Mega-battle (Pics and Vid)


Hi. This is a battle I’ve been meaning to do for quite a while, involving two 12,500 point forces battling it out.

Good: Ogre Kingdoms (5000 Pts), Empire (2300 Pts), Lizardmen (3000 Pts), Dwarfs (2000 Pts)

Evil: Chaos Dwarfs (2300 Pts) Warriors of Chaos (1200 Pts), Orcs and Goblins (5000 Pts), Beastmen (700 Pts), Tomb Kings (1300 Pts), Gnoblar Hordes (1000 Pts), Dogs of War (1000 Pts)

All the above are rough figures

Video (Shows entire board in detail)

Board Overview: (Yes I am in my Garage)

Probably gonna do a gallery of all the CDs and maybe the other armies after the battle is over

Hashut’s Blessing:

That’s a fair few models :stuck_out_tongue:

What were the uruk-hai being used as?


The Uruk-Hai are being counted as basic Hobgoblin Warriors

Hashut’s Blessing:

What about Saruman, the With King and the Uruk with crossbow?


Saruman’s a Chaos Sorcerer, the Witch King is a Vampire Counts Wraith and the Uruk with a Crossbow is a Gnoblar Honcho counts as


Wow… I think you needed a bigger table! Great looking collection you’ve amassed! Can’t wait to hear the result… how long do you expect the battle to last?


We’re hoping to be done within a week, we’re on turn 2 at the moment though I’m gonna edit video before I post it, And yeah I need a much bigger table, my problem being that there isn’t enough space anywhere, this is the biggest room in the house and it’s pretty cluttered, when the tables and chairs in there get sold I’ll put up the other half though (It is a ping pong table after all lol)


...yeah I need a much bigger table...

YES you do! With that amount of minis, you need to be abe to spread them across a much larger playing field. It almost looks like it is not worth fielding that many minis, if you can not manouvre them.

I look forward to the next version of this massive battle. The one, after you sell the chairs and tables and getting a bigger table. :)


yup i agree, 2nd half of the ping pong table should do the trick… i’ve had a couple of games of this size and it got a lot better when we had the glorious idea of adding a second board. before, it was always a slaughterfest for warmachines, which, as i must add, has its own qualities… :slight_smile: as long as you’re not on the receiving end, that is.

i love playing big games like this, its always a sensation seeing armies of this size and being able to field bigger parts of the collection, unfortunately, theres always the time factor… my group has the maximum of a weekend to play, this tends to be quite stressful when a single player turn lasts as long as a 3000 pts game, so its good to hear you’re giving yourself a whole week to finish! i hope youre planning daily updates, im eager to follow your progress!


Turn 1:


Evil turn:

Good Turn:

And in answer to rabotak, yes we hope to update daily at least, I’m currently editing part 2 ready to be uploaded to youtube now.


Turn 2:


Evil Turn:

Good Turn:

richard barby:

nice effort on making such a big battle rep well done mate


Turn 3:


Evil Turn:

Good Turn:

And thanks Richard, means a lot to know this is appreciated


nice pictures, the battlefield is already cleared up a bit :slight_smile:

your enemy must be quite desperate to attack your hc with terradons!

btw. where did that mammoth come from?

(and still didn´t spot waldo :wink: )


Reminds me of something I did several years ago.


Ours was 22,000 points.

We never finished, but had an absolute blast playing.


The Skeleton Mammox was an old toy I used to have in the 90s, I honestly can’t remember fo the life of me which kit it was. And yes, they were getting rather desperate to stop my Hellcannon at this point

And wow Galladorn, your board is much better than mind, I really need to get the other half of the Ping Pong table up

Turn 4:


Evil Turn:

Good Turn:


I love such MegaGames!

I remember a time when I was young (I would say in the midst of the 90th) and I had several guys to play with!

Once we played in a youth center near Cologne - I think there were about 12 players with more than 45.000 points! There were a game table of ~10 times a normal pingpong table!

It was during the 4th or maybe the 5th edition … I’m not sure!

We played 2 1/2 days and I enjoyed it a lot! There were several amazing skirmishes and a couple of real heros were born!

So I hope you will enjoy the battle a lot and thanx for sharing these event!



Just a note, I won’t be able to do another part until Friday next week due to work issues

richard barby:

what rules have you made for the game have you got some house rules going


We have some house rules to simplify some things and make the game not last forever. We have a couple of units with homebrew rules like the Skeleton Mammox, and in the movement phase units can move through friendly units to make things quicker.

We simplified the magic phase a little too but tried as best we could to stick with the official rules without taking eight months on the game