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well i dont know about you but im very underwhelmed by them, i would rather wait and get the daemon spearhead which is out the same month - april


the dwarf looks cool

Kera foehunter:

What a rip off !!! Why can’t they make new figures for this mildstone of 25 years .


I need most of the things in the Dwarf one (not the Master Engineer), but as I still have to paint loads I don’t want to buy it.

The daemon one will be good, but I would prefer to only buy models for one god. Never a fan of Slaanesh.


slaanesh is pretty cool


Yawn, are chaos dwarfs here yet?


Some odd model choices, a shame that there are all easily available anyway.


The Orcs and Goblin set seems rather ridiculous - of all the things there, there’s only 1 thing that qualifies as goblins: the chariot, which has 3 on it. /sigh. I’d rather give up the giant for a spazz of gobboes.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I won’t bother with any of them. I mean, what’s the point?


Some bean counter at GW probably thought this was a great way to increase sales.


Is there a deal involved? They do seem like kind of an odd promotion. No new models, no models that are hard to get… I second Hashut’s Blessing’s comment: what’s the point?


it saves you about a fiver…

i was looking forward to the o&g… but its rubbish…

the dwarfs deal is ok… if you like your dwarfs chaos free…

Ghrask Dragh:

A completley pointless and stupid idea! not in any way does this have anything to do with GW 25th Anniversary, just a blatent attempt to try and get people to spend more money for nothing extra. The only people that will fall for this are parents or friends who have no clue about GW who are looking to buy with the best intentions for someone else and get this sort rubbish, they are out there though so GW will probably get some money from this.

Really disappointing, just when you thought they couldn’t get any lower…


i know they have done the harry model as the special, but i would have thought they would have made 1 special model for each of the races to represent the fact that is 25years old and to thank the players/buyers who have kept it going


harry model? come again?

Edit: oh harry the hammer… sorry


So to conclude for the 25th aninversary they’ve done… bugger all. Sad really


well this year does in fact have more releases than… ever really…

repackaged box sets not being all that great is really a non issue…

caos dwrf:

yah i know what you mean. i luve the new demons though. in my opinion the demonets dont look as “seductive and luring” as the old hordes of chaos book sayz they do oh well i guess you can have your cake but you cant eat it (or somthin like dat) any wayz im off to my local gw (1(square 1)) TO SHOW OFF MY AWSOME yellow jakets(blood angels with yellow and black paint skeem( i like jump troops as normal troops))

k catch ya on the flip


Another link:



The empire box is actually quite nifty, not unnecessarily hard to get but certainly useful…

And whats with Harry costing $25 thats more than an empire detachment!