[Archive] [27/01/2019] Naboondo, Demon of Ashut


Dear Dawi Zharr, my friends!

Always wandering around, I finally took some time to paint my first miniature ever ! (And damn that was long! I am a very poor and slow painter :frowning: ! )

I thought it would be cool to share a bit of my slow progress and have some critics from you guys!

If some of you quite enjoy my painting I will definitely try to keep alive this post :smiley:

If you like earth, mushrooms, tea leaves it is the right place !!

In addition I will only be painting 2nd, 3rd editions and some Forge World minis !

Less talks, here comes the pictures ! (sorry for the poor quality)

More pictures here !


Fangs, Hornes, Hooves, I quite like the recipe !

I tried to give him a “cow” feeling, I’m not sure if it really worked actually^^ but I quite like it !

Anyway see you guys!

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage


Fuggit Khan:

Always wandering around, I finally took some time to paint my first miniature ever !

This is your first painted miniature ever? Wow! It's impressive...very well done!
And painting your centaur as a holstein cattle cow is awesome :cheers
I absolutely love that!


Wow, you may be slow, but the result is brilliant! And the cow-pattern is hilarious :slight_smile:


He looks awesome!! I like the colcor scheme and its very well executed. Though the cow motiv iss funny and well done, I think I would skip, but thats just my opinion…

LF to see more painted minis from u…:slight_smile:


Looks awesome especially for the first model. You didn`t pick an easy choice. The cow pattern is rather unique. Keep going!


And damn that was long! I am a very poor and slow painter

Poor painter? That would be what I call an understatement - the result is awesome!

It's a bold choice to give him those large spots, but I really like the result.

How have you done the mushrooms? I'm about to start a slow project wood elf army. And bases are important to me, so I'm really trying to get inspiration. I'll be using a lot of Herbes de Provence for leaves - but perhaps tea is better.


Many wargamers don’t paint that good after a decade in the hobby, and that’s your first painted miniature? :o

Great first, you’re off to a good start then!


Hello guys !

So happy to receive such comments guys ! I really appreciate them :slight_smile:

For the mushrooms a very good step by step can be found here. (it is in french but the pictures really make the process understandable)

And yep until now I was just collecting and had hardly no time to paint anything :(.

I should make a unit of 3 so watch out for the next one !(coming in january most likely xD)


Haha, you also decorate bases with mushrooms? I didn’t notice first, because of cow. My brother have invented a simpler and quicker method where the foot of the mushroom is just a paper clip, L-bent at bottom to be pinned into the base, and the hat is a cone (sometimes wavy) of grey stuff. He churn them out at great speed for his Night Gobbos, but some more professional ones like yours sure would make it look better. I’ll pass on the tutorial to him. Nice one, too. :slight_smile:


Hi guys !

Some News from the forest! Hooves and hornes are digging the fresh hearth for tasty mushrooms !

Here is the second bull of my unit of 3 !

I made some changes on it such as the two handed weapon, made with plastic card and milliput, for the staff I used a nail which I chopped off the flat head. Regarding the left arm, I used a basic ogre arm.


TADAM:hat off

More pictures here:


Hope you will enjoy it guys !
I enjoyed a lot painting him! But It took me a lot of time as usual and I am making no progress regarding the constitution of a 1k Chaos dwarf army:(
I think it’s a 25 years long project :stuck_out_tongue:

Watch out for the last one coming probably in February :wink:

Ben Saunders:

Nice idea using a nail as a haft.

Don’t worry about how long these are taking you; they put my current efforts to shame, let alone my early attempts at painting.


Again, awesome work!!!

Mivrash Faz:

Excellent work. I really like your technique. To be honest I prefer the second BC. The colours are less muted than the first BC providing some subtle contrasts. Look forward to seeing some of your other miniatures.


Really nice painting! Face is beautiful and the metals are nice!


Its an awesome paint job and a great build as well, especially the left arm, although the axe is a simpler design as usual for the forge world chaos dwarfs. But I think when the unit is completed that won`t be a problem on the table because of the stunning overall look.


Hello Guys !

Thanks a lot for you feedback!

First of all yep, regarding the weapon I wanted to paint some runes but I quickly realised that I was not skilled enough to paint something cool so I just skipped this step. The same for some ornements I didn’t feel like I could do something, and for my second miniature I wanted to achieve something “okish”, I mean within the frame of the “achievable” so put aside the crazy ideas I had.

Yeah the Cow pattern might be a bit controversial :smiley:

The Idea was, let them look awesome but “friendly” as well :stuck_out_tongue:

I really felt it could make them less “serious” more “ridiculous”. I realy love them, not the best painting ever but in hands they look cool :stuck_out_tongue:

I already see my cows crushing and smashing lines, quite a funy perspective I think haha!

Anyway It’s a pleasure to see that some of you quite enjoy them or even take time to comment :slight_smile:


Superb looking bulls you got there!


Hello Guys !

Last creation of the year but happy that I finally got rid of it!

Lots of mistakes, I went “quite fast” on it at the end, and messed up lot of stuff, but still I’m glad to have my first painted unit ever !! (youhou):hat off

I really got inspired by some members here, and I am thankful to them and to everybody else contributing to the forum!

So, I wanted to make my final bull wielding a two handed weapon so as to have a coherent unit.

Therefore, I had to convert a bit the dude. Hopefully the Forge world resin is easy to fix and cut.
For the conversion, I heated a bit up the right arm on the elbow. Unfortunately, it broke when I kept it bent with my finger. (Some green stuff + mili was enough to fill the gap)

Another minor issue occurred, the beard is really big and I had to resize it under the arm, as well as to reshape both hands. (So you can’t see it but there is an “invisible” whole", when you have the miniature in hands, the position just suggests that the beard has been squeezed between his right hand and his chest.)

Everything is from the original BC bar the weapon, which looks really odd I agree :o. Like the last one, I made a quite simple weapon that does not really fit to our “lore” but my skills are quite limited. Once again, the blade is made of miliput plus greenstuff and plastic card. The pole is made of “solid” wire that I wrapped up with some “thin” layer of green stuff. The weapon looks crappy but on overall the position is really dynamic and I love him !

Here is some pics of the dear !

More pictures here:

Some pictures of the unified crew :3

More pictures here:

Really hope you will enjoy him guys and for those of you that are scared of cutting their precious FW miniatures, well… Try it :smiley:

Happy new year everybody :cheers


Beautiful unit. The “cow” skin works well. Its different and thats OK. You like it so do it.


Great start, keep them coming!

Most promising first unit.