[Archive] [3/09/11] Alfracts Oceanic Chaos Dwarfs. [Golden Hat XIV WIP shots]


i’ve been a fan of Chaos Dwarfs to a little while now and when i saw that regular dwarf was just collecting dust in the army box, i decided i wanted to construct an army that could something of a showcase army for me. i actually hope to get my army finished before GW decide to release it again, but i guess under the current situations, i have all the time in the world.

I know that this army is nothing to be compared the some of the members armies on Chaos Dwarf online, i working on improving skill with greenstuff and craft knives.

I’ve just building and not posting my army, but i thought was a good time as any to show what i have and see what you think.

Below is a picture of my army as it currently is, although it does not include my unit of Black Orcs,

As a heads up of what i have done:

Warriors : Constructed for 7th edition dwarves, with the normal dwarf beards cut away and replaced with chaos dwarf beards and mask sculpted from greenstuff.

Hobgoblins: Constructed from 6th edition dwarfs bodies and arms with Night Goblin/goblins head. Kudos to the members that i borrowed this idea from.

Sneaky Gitz: Old edition Night Goblins given an assortment of hand weapons

Death Rockets: Mixed bits that include, a cannon barrel, defiler barrel and forgeworld Rokkits

Bull Centaur: My recent pride and joy, made using a Current Edition Chaos Steed, a Slayer and tad of greenstuff  ;)


[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



The Bull Centaur does indeed look nice. It’s surprising that Chaos Steeds can be used to make nice looking BCs (albeit with a bit of green stuff).


Looks like great stuff to me, I second the bit about a lovely bull centaur there! I rather like the banner on your unit of chaos dwarf warriors, it rather caught my attention.

I am just wondering about the “Oceanic” bit in the title of your thread - are you planning these boys to be the crewmen of some kind of chaos dwarf navy vessel? That would be a theme I would love to see explored! After all, the chaos dwarves have a sort of thematic link for volcanos, and there are lots of undersea volcano’s too :cheers


Looks very interesting! :hat off

…but I cannot see the CDs very good   :(   could you post bigger pics of them so that I can see the details!

Please! :cheers


Kera foehunter:

wow!! great army love the bullcentaur!!nice use of the slayer


I rather like the banner on your unit of chaos dwarf warriors, it rather caught my attention.

yeah its pretty large, im not sure if i will use it as a BSB or not. Although its not visible well ( i'll take more photos) its made from a shield, men-at-arms halberd tops, standard top pieces, beard clippings and wire.
I am just wondering about the "Oceanic" bit in the title of your thread - are you planning these boys to be the crewmen of some kind of chaos dwarf navy vessel?

I was think Oceanic more as, in where im situated in the world, as it can be seen, im from Australia, and thought it was a fitting title. i know that on MMO servers, Australian Servers are known as Oceanic


I almost had the same idea for a bull centaur, though I thought about using the chaos rider bodies and heads aswell. It all looks really nice! keep up the good work :cheers

black hammer:

You shortened the chaos steeds body right?


You shortened the chaos steeds body right?

black hammer
yeah and the legs as well

black hammer:

Well then you’ve done a great job of the shortening. There aren’t any big gaps or anything.


Well then you've done a great job of the shortening.  There aren't any big gaps or anything.

black hammer
if theres not big gaps visible it means that the greenstuff dids it job.


Currently in the midst of making my Earthshaker and am making along the lines of a WWI ‘Big Bertha/Paris Gun’. Here are some concepts that i drew during my uni lectures>

I am aware that this does look like a 40K basilisk. Barrel is a bit too long for what i want to achieve.

The Front of the Earthshaker.

A more Recent Idea of what the Earthshaker will probly look like.

Conceptual Ideas of how i want to to build it.

This EarthShaker is my current project along with the BCs, at current i just have the Basilisk Cannon.

And Large Tread ‘wheels’ Made from Gatorade lids covered in tanks tracks, this really is going to be a long and tedious task.

Kera foehunter:

nice job !!love the cheep cool treads



its been a long time since i posted anything, uni was hectic

Work on my earthshaker: As to my concepts before.

Back View - real bullet casings for spent shells

Detailed view on front

im still unsure on how to fill the undercarriage, im not sure if i want enclosed ( was going to use Dark Eldar Ravenger Skirts) or just have a more bare joins underneath.

A little work on my Black Orcs, not much conversion, first models i painted in a long way, not the best painter in the world but happy with them so far, still work do on them.

Painting work on my Sorc, just a reaper Dwarf Standard Bearer, with standard replaced with a shortened lighting claw that i found in my bitz box and his axe-top replaced with a 6th edition musician top. he is very still a work in progress, the modelling is done, painting is not, im not really much of a painter.

Work on my lord, haven’t done much with him yet, he is just the Dwarf BSB from the Army box, with his standared replaced with a WOC axe, thankgod with for the ability to pin. i also added a crest to his helm.

Of recent i have been working on my Obisdian Guard ( if i choose just to use Ravenging Hordes list, they will just be a unit of warriors with two-handed weapon

The Command is made from IronBreaker Cmd, the musician is unchanged though the Standard bearer has a replacement standard, made from warrrior champion boxed set, i plan to give him( The Standard top) a mask similar to the warriors in the rest of my army. the Champion is just a dwarf warrior given a space marine head and given a weapon swap from a WOC Knight Lance, which represent a Dwarf two handed weap.

The rest of the unit so far is given an allsortment of different weapons, just pinned onto a Two-handed weapon arm from the Dwarf Warrior boxed set, the ones with different heads are either bret or WOC heads, i plan to use whatever i can get my hands on.

Some work on my Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower, simiply made from an old Dwarf BT raised a bit, the crew is made from the crew of the dwarf BT with their heads hacked off and night goblin heads replacing them.

And just a bit of art work to finish it off, a concept for work on my Kollosus

CC welcome


I thought I would check back and see what you are up to there Alfract - that’s some cool stuff on the table there :slight_smile: I think my favourite is the fella with the mace and the knights helm, he really stood out to me. So now I will go and munch pop-corn until you get through that collosus :slight_smile:

Good stuff mate - can’t wait to see more!


Great looking army Alfract , my favourite one has to be the one with the mace and the knights helm, they work really well together, keep up the great work :slight_smile:


I know its been a long coming but it’s… UPDATE TIME!!!

Over Christmas i ventured north, along the way we saw places where that honoured the BULL GOD. … Glory to Hashut.

Many of you may have looked at the new Chaos Dwarf book ( Indy GT list) and seen some of new ideas, one such idea is that of the inferno golem, it is more or less a golem formed from obsidian, metal and magna. i contructed mine from Ogre Kingdom’s Bulls fused together with dreadnought arms and more or less whatever weapons i could get.

All Three of them

The First one i made, his arm is from space marine CC arms ( how many people are always looking for these) his other arm is just the ogre fist with a chainsword pinned onto it. There is an all manner of different bitz, ranging from WHFB WOC shields and chaos tank bitz. The green stuff on this model was my first attempt at making magna.

This Guy will be the one that i arm with a contruct weapon, one arm is lascannon and the other arm is just a regular fist, his head is from what i assume was a chaos sprue ( i think it is the tank one) with anything i can find in my bitz boxes to make it look fearsome.

This one is my most WIP, as you can see, his head and gut plate are just blu-tac-ed one, he is going to be the one that has the ‘The Face of Hashut’ which counts as being the Champion, musican and Standard Bearer all rolled into one. So im goin make his rather bulled themed and orc stuff seem like a good idea. i even plan to give him the hoofed feet from the giant kit.


Work on my second Earthshaker, i changed in up a little bit but will still look relatively the same as my other one.

Just added more spikes and dragon head on the top of the barrel.


This the work i have been doing for my obsidian/great weapons/Lord’s unit, in previous posts you may have seem my work using Bret Knights errant helms, i had orginally planned to use WOC heads but decided against and when with the Bret Helms instead, im quite happy with result.

A few of them.

Them ranked up, given all manner of weapons. Still thinking of giving them shoulder pads.

WIP Musican… the Shoulder pads add size.

My Lord, more or less the same as last time but given a new more gruesome weapon.


I have planned to work on a Sorc for the CDO Golden Hat comp, but many things happened i was unable to finish it.


Been Working on making a Kollosus Still, another concept

and a small teaser of things to come.


One a side note i have been working on some other projects, think building and magentizing my bases…

ooooh Magic

I also got some elves to convert to Araby Sailors… i love converting



Some one has been very busy by the looks of it :slight_smile: Great work Alfract your stuff looks great, glad to see that you have done more of your cds with the Bret helms as they look really good, also like the weapon swap on the lord he deserves to have the filthiest looking weapon that he can , keep up the good work :slight_smile:


i like the look of your second earthshaker…the dragon head looks good

your loord alo rocks

are that legs for a kollossus?

if yes…wow,that one will be big

what are that feet from?


are that legs for a kollossus?
if yes...wow,that one will be big
what are that feet from?

Yeah he is going to be one big mofo, the feet are from something i found when i was looking for anything to use from an old toybox. i think they are zoid feet from some contruct