[Archive] [7-09-2008] nooby chaos dwarfs [now in colour]


So since my hordes of chaos are now illegal thought would actually try and convert a CD army (have a bunch of spare chaos parts, GS and already a BFSP box set).

Not good modelling but been trying :D. More or less been stealing ideas from kyte and Xander (cheers  :cheers ).


[align=center]2017 Image Salvage


Hashut’s Blessing:

Don’t look too nooby to me. I like the details and the use of the 40K pieces. Loving the hat too!


Love the bolt thrower, and the unique look you have going on for your CD’s! Great to see you develop your own style, keep us updated!

My only suggestions would be to remove the flare on the spear, and remove the dwarf markings from the axe blade :slight_smile:

Great work, motivates me to work on my skills with green stuff!

Here, a couple slaves for your hard work!!


yeah the weapons aren’t really done yet. need to fill in those cracks (suck at pinning weapons together).

Modeling I don’t mind and find fun. painting is going be deadly with so many models though :sick


Modeling I don't mind and find fun. painting is going be deadly with so many models though :sick

You could hand select a few models and paint up a mordheim band, and use those as a starting point for your WH Fantasy army as well :)

Be sure to produce/submit an entry for the upcoming Golden Hat VI Competition for a bunch of slaves and a chance at glory! Everybody wins in one way or another!


Hey mate :slight_smile:

- It’s always great to see some new models based on “older” ideas :wink: And we shall be happy that we all can share ideas with each-other and help :slight_smile:

However back to you work mate :slight_smile:

- I like you idea of using the zappa from Orks, as a ehmm Bolt Thrower - right?

Keep up the good work, and I’ll hope to see more soon

Cheers mate :cheers

Hashut’s Blessing:

Dang, just tried to send some comments, but my internet crashed and I’ve lost them. Let’s see if I can word it as I had…

It was late and so I hadn’t bothered to open the attachments, but I have now and they still look as good, if not better than before. I do have two pieces of information to provide for improvement. The Chaos Dwarf on the far right has a bit of a flat beard, so it may need to be redone, unfortunately and the blunderbussers beard slits are on the front only, but not the sides of each sausage. If you simply get some clippers and score the slits around the sides, it’ll look much better. The other idea is on the character. I think it’d be worthwhile as he is a character: the beard seems to appear around the shield and is a little square from behind it. If possible make the beard get thinner towards the shield (it gives the impression of being squished by it :smiley: ) and also you need to make it wrap around the shield.

If you don’t get what I mean, then just say and I’ll try to re-explain or maybe make some pics if I can be bothered :wink:


I gotta say this is solid work, so the title is misleading. Those war machines are ace!


That’s not noob work at all. That looks great. I hope I can do half that well when I start using green stuff on my projects.


Nice going there mate!

Don’t forget to remove the mouldlines though okay?!


I don’t think you’re giving yourself enough credit Wizuriel :slight_smile: they look really good. I like that they aren’t “identical” to Xander’s since they are YOUR CDs!

the beards look good. I prefer the looser looking braids in the beard as opposed to the tight “spring-like” beards 'cause they don’t look real.


1st sorcy. First attempt at doing a cape to. not sure yet if I like it :~

shame the beard messed up. got knocked before drying and got pressed :frowning: at least its only the side not the front. though can’t get it lose :frowning:

cheers for positive comments :cheers


1st sorcy. First attempt at doing a cape to. not sure yet if I like it :~

shame the beard messed up. got knocked before drying and got pressed :( at least its only the side not the front. though can't get it lose :(

cheers for positive comments :cheers

Very cool.

This is the same model Xander used to convert one of our army's mages, it is fantastic as a mage, so good call. Ours is painted and ready, but the reveal will sadly not come until after the GH6 results ;)

Keep up the good work! if the beard or the cape bug you, you can always rip off and redo, but I think they look good, when will we get to see a painted version?


not for awhile. want to have a 1k list converted before I start to paint them up. Though nearly have a 1k force ready. Really just need to tidy up some of my warriors, add tusks to most of my dwarves and 1 more sorc.

Than should have

CD hero

2  sorcerers

16 BB Warriors + champ + banner

19 warriors + champ + banner

19 hobgoblins + larm/shield + banner

2 bolt throwers

6 bull centaurs + champ + banner

Hashut’s Blessing:

Looking good. I’ll move the topic as requested after the post. I like the standard bearer and blunderbusser. I especially like the sorcerer (reminds me of mine, lol. Wonder why :wink: ) I like the addition of the eyepatch and the swirls on the ball look really good. Two things to help ya out: the top of the beard, just under the arm, of the standard bearer needs to have a few slits in it as well as it’s a little plain there. With the sorcerer, the beard doesn’t quite reach the arm. otherwise, everything is looking incredibly excellent!


well tried my hand at a different looking sorcy. Like this guy more.

Kera foehunter:

LOOK’S great i like your green stuff and the ring of power!!


looking good wiz, but in my personal opinion the hats could use a bit of beefing up. Some nice new ideas as well (the ring is a nice touch)


yeah just not sure what to do for unit champ hats. figured would try more freehand for those.

Well while waiting for my gobos to arrive tried to do a quick paint job for one of the back rank troops (just to see how colours and stuff look on him). Definitly need to get more of a bronze/gold for the masks (closest I have right now is sunburst yellow :D).

Kera foehunter:

I like your colors !!!So are you going to do anything cool with the baces Wizuriel