[Archive] A 2000 pt CD army using only BFSP conversions - no copies (please give feedback)


�?� Sorcerer Lord Lvl 4 Talisman of Protection Power Stone �?" 265 (Slayer)

�?� Chaos Dwarf Hero Great Weapon Shield Armour of Gazrakh Gauntlets of Bazhrakk the cruel �?" 116 (Thane)

�?� Bull Centaur Hero Battle Standard Bearer Banner of Slavery �?" 175 (Pony, Captured Slayer)

�?� Hobgoblin Hero Light Armour Sword of Battle �?" 67 (Big Boss)

�?� 12 Chaos Dwarf Warriors Full Command War Banner �?" 163 (8 Dwarf Warriors, Troll(counts as four))

�?� 12 Chaos Dwarf Warriors Great Weapons Full Command War Banner �?" 187 (8 Dwarf Miners, 2 Dwarf Warriors, 2 Dwarf death markers)

�?� 15 Blunderbussers Full Command�?" 210 (10 Dwarf Thunderers King’s Wall (counts as 5))

�?� 20 Hobgoblins Full Command �?" 70 (20 Night Goblin Spearmen)

�?� 21 Hobgoblins Full Command �?" 72 (17 Night Goblins Spearmen, 2 Moon death markers, 2 Skull death markers)

�?� 10 Hobgoblin Archers Full Command �?" 80 (10 Night Goblin Archers)

�?� 10 Wolfboyz Full Command �?" 140 (10 Spider Riders)

�?� Death Rocket �?" 80 (Cannon, 2 Dwarf Warriors)

�?� 10 Sneaky Gits Full Command �?" 80 (10 Night Goblin Archers)

�?� 2 Bolt Throwers �?" 60 (Sprue, 3 Night Goblin Spearmen, Shaman)

�?� 5 Doombots �?" 125 (Sprue)

�?� Earthshaker �?" 110 (Cannon crewman, mine cart base, some sort of tube)

Total - 2000

This is my army list - please feel free to give any advice or comments on it


What are doombots? How many sets do you have? It looks like only one and a half, but I’m surprised you can stretch it to so many points


to see doombots check out word of hashut issue 2 ive only used one set of BFSP

Time of Madness:


First off, not the best way to get people to comment on lists. Since you seem to want comments so bad I'll give you mine (however keep in mind the majority of them are negative).

- Level 4 sorceror with the talisman of obsidian???? Good thinking...now you can't cast spells.....

- CD hero (thane as you call him) has the gautlets to kill models in his own very small unit?

- Your 3 warrior units are way too small....12 and 10?

- Hobgoblins should not have armour/commands/shields etc...Makes them to expensive.

- No idea what doombots are...I would assume they are bull centaurs?

Overall one of the least effective lists I've ever seen...not sure if this was your goal or not?
Time of Madness


for a start i dont call the hero a thane that is the model that i would build him from that comes in the skull pass set

next when you say hobgoblins are too expensive - the whole point of the list is to try and make 2000 points out of just BFSP conversions

youre right about the talisman of obsidian thing - sorry didnt realise i would give him biting blade, chalice of darkness and armour of the furnace

doombots - you obviously havent read word of hashut issue 2 - they are not bull centaurs (how could they be these are skull pass conversions)

pluss even small warrior units are still pretty powerful (and once again the whole point is to try and makea legal army out of one box of skull pass conversions)

plus because the hobgoblin units have some equipment they can back up the small warrior units almost like an empire detachment except the lesser powerful have more people


If I were you I would put the two units of melee warriors together, as in my personal experience warriors need their full static CR in order to hold up in combat but make a great tarpit unit when they have it. I understand you’re putting the equipment on the hobbos in order to bump their price up and make 2k points, but they can totally back up the warrior units naked. A flank charge from a big unit like this is terrifying to anything that can’t kill at least 4 hobbos a turn on the flanks (to pay for the new discrepancy in CR), and I personally can’t name any units that could do this. I think that winning with this list would be an uphill battle, but the whole purpose of it is to do a 2k list with one BFSP and I don’t know that the set can be squeezed any harder than this so good going!


I’ve gone through it in a bit more detail, and I can see how you managed to reach 2k where I couldn’t (although I’ve found that I did write one with a few conversions for Sorcerers, I can’t find the list itself - I expect it to be very heavily dependent on magic). You have full command on almost every unit. This is about 150-180 points that is probably wasted, and will in fact help you opponent if you use victory points. So dump them from anything other than the warriors, except for maybe a musician on the wolfriders.

I’d also swap out the archers for more Sneaky Gits. The magic items are all a bit messed up. The sorcerer needs at least a power stone and/or dispel scroll rather than that Talisman. Where is the BC hero going to be in your setup? In one of the CD units? It would be nice if you could increase the size of your CD units a bit, maybe make another unit filler.

Unfortunately, you probably won’t be at a full 2k list if you did the above. You could trim yours down to 1500 or fill the point gap with a couple of sorcerers loaded up with power stones and dispel scrolls (or even the staff of sorcery given how much magic there is out there now)


Errr… Sorcerer with the talisman? That means he cannot use magic… XD

Maybe you didn’t read that part, or misread it((Possible confused it for something els?))?


for everyone talking about the talisman if you read one of the updates i did you will see that i changed his magic items


He can’t wear the armour, he’s not allowed any armour.


Well the Sorci lord with the talisman is rather a good idea. You basically have a 325 points model (suppose to be the general) who is hiding somewhere in the back simply just saving his points. Clever.

Well, no it is not clever:D

Just drop the talisman:D



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The Snowman:

You could get an extra rank of blunderbuss or warriors by using the dwarven fence thing as a unit filler (would take your blunderbuss to 15 which is a much more useful size). Also you could put those little objective markers on a base each to put among warrior units to bump them up a bit too.


nice idea

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hashuts lil helper:

2 warbanners is illegal


where does it say that in the rules - i though 2 battlestandard bearers were illegal


You can take each magic item only once. Warbanner is also a magic item, a magic banner, so you can only field it only in one unit of your army.


does everyone like my revamped version of 2000 pt army list using one box of BFSP conversions

The Snowman:

As a list … I think replace two gobbos with unit filler bases… Possibly a captured dwarf and the objective marker, use more sprue and get another boltie. Two is always good.

Not sure about the doombots though… a good creation but not everyone will be able to or want to use doomies…

Warrior units are good… however I would run the 2 small units as one unit with the hand weapon/shields at the front to make it 24 strong.

What is left on the sprue??? A gobbo Shaman?? Maybe he would be one of the crew for the boltie.


all good ideas

can’t make the warrior units one as then i wouldn’t have enough core units

definately do the one with another boltie and using unit fillers great idea

when i have some time ill make those changes and then hopefully ill be another step to the ultimate BFSP 2k list

once again thanks for the help and all the feedback