[Archive] A Quick Poll


What would you prefer from the following

1 : A Full CD Army but for that to happen you would be looking at 2013 / 2014 at least

2 : More CD units for other armys ((Like the Hell Cannon)) but sooner IE 2011

3 : New CD Minitures in another GW Game ((IE a New Blood bowl team sculpt))

4 : GW to keep the fluff going but move CD’s into another media like say Warhammer online with no view to do Minis for them


Full army!!!. I have wait a long time allready I can wait some more.


I voted for the first one, but I don’t think any of them are realistic.


Full army. All or nothing. But i already have a big hat army, so easy for me to say.

How about real frigging rules!!! That doesnt take as long as casting miniatures.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Full Army + Rules should be the first choice.


full army

thats all i´ve to say

complete armybook and tons of cool minis is what i want

so games workshop,wake up and go to work…hurry up, i´m waiting


Full army - all or nothing!



The odd unit for other armies like say Ogre kingdoms ect, I cant feesably see another chaos dwarf book too close if truth be told and hell means more Kudos for us when we turn up with a full army of the lil guys.


Full army!!!. I have wait a long time allready I can wait some more.

My sentiments exactly.

Border Reiver:

You’ve said it - full army or bust!


I’d much prefer the full army. However, seeing a couple of units in other armies would be a great way to tide us over until the full army was released, . . . . . . .


Has to be a full army, no point in doing any thing by half :slight_smile:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I also wouldn’t mind if they threw in the CD’s into more of the Video Games. At least keep the “Dream Alive”, even if it’s “ellectronically” for now.

Is this “Multiple Choice”?


I am voting for

1.) a full army soon

2.) more CD units in other armies

3.) new miniatures for other games like Bloodbowl

4.) Chaos Dwarfs as a playable race in Warhammer Online

What did you expect? :wink:


Hm yeah, I’m for the full army, too. But I am also for a full army of Nippon, Cathy, Ind, Arabia, Fishmen, Apemen of Cathy and… oh, that’s all, yep.

…no, Gnomes! and Chaosgnomes :slight_smile:



I wonder how they lookx.x


I wonder how they lookx.x

That's easy: Have a look at the Bloodstone Gnomes from Reaper:
or Derro (D&D http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Derro_%28Dungeons_&_Dragons%29 )

or maybe Svirfneblin from D&D ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Svirfneblin )


I know the Bloodstone Gnomes, I love them! There will probably some them find their way in my army, so cool! On the other hand they would be a nice opportunity for me to start a Blood Bowl team…


To quote Queen: “I want it all and I want it now”.

Da Crusha:

1 : A Full CD Army but for that to happen you would be looking at 2013 / 2014 at least

"2013 / 2014 at least"! ugh :sick I remember when 2010 was our year and that felt like forever :s This poll just ruined my day :hashut