[Archive] A Tale of 4 Gamers!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, with the arrival of 8th edition and the smaller rulebook in the Island of Blood box, Sousunou, our mutual friend, my girlfriend and myself have resolved to start a Tale of 4 Gamers up!

To keep track of our progress and to share it with everyone, I’ve set up a blog for you all to find evrything in one place, with explanations and such like!

I hope to see some of you Following!


Good luck these things usually crap out after a month :wink:


Are going to use the CD Ravening Hordes list, the Indy GT list, or Thommy H’s list?


Good luck!

I maybe should join a “tales of gamers” to get more motivated for my skavens or

dwarfs or goblins or tau or chaos spacemarines or chaos guards orx.xx.xx.x I got to many armies!!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Willmark: Only one of these 4 will be allowed to, the other three (Sousunou, Stormsoul and myself) are in the long run, by my demand :wink: Easier since we’ll only be meeting once a month anyway, which is our deadline.

zobo1942: check out the blog and you’ll find which army lists are being used :wink: I’ll give you a hint - it’s not in the Chaos Dwarf Discussion section for a reason :smiley:

warh: Thanks, man :smiley: I will need it most due to the conversion-heavy nature of mine (well, kit-bashing, really) and the lack of funds :stuck_out_tongue: Why not set up a Tale of 6 Armies? Get friends to take it on if need be, but blog your own progress with a small target for each army every month (such as 80pts/army must be completed or something)…


this will be very interesting i think, hopefully it runs for many months to come, i looking forward to seeing all the progress :slight_smile:


warh: Thanks, man :D I will need it most due to the conversion-heavy nature of mine (well, kit-bashing, really) and the lack of funds :P Why not set up a Tale of 6 Armies? Get friends to take it on if need be, but blog your own progress with a small target for each army every month (such as 80pts/army must be completed or something)....

Hashut's Blessing
Yeah that would be good but the problem is that my friends don't play warhammer or
don't have time (and some hate it:~) and the only one who played warhammer
moved to Cambodia!x.x


Hashut’s Blessing:

Thanks for the support, all :smiley:

superfella: Hahaha, took a while :wink: Still, better late than never, ey? I was in the last one too :smiley:

In fact, to everyone, as a sign if my commitment to projects like this, have a gooseys at the more recent superfella versus starscream tale thread :wink:

warh: that sucks, but you could still do it with yourself? :smiley: Or try an Internet one with anyone ya can sort it out with?

I have a few thoughts floating around in terms of the other goals for this month, but Stormsoul is waiting for her book to arrive (hopefully by the weekend) to do her list and has decided her colourscheme is “green” (I quoteth :smiley: ). Sousunou can update here, but I think he’s struggling on a starting core army and I’ve not had contact with Skyjacker, but Sousunou should have done.

If people are confused, Stormsoul and I live in Yorkshire, but Sousunou and Skyjacker live back in Essex - hence the once a month meeting (Skyjacker may be unable to do the months in Yorkshire though).

Hashut’s Blessing:

The first update, which includes Stormsoul’s army list, my army’s names and Skyjacker’s change of heart!


Are the others planning to write their own blog entries at some point?

That’s something I always enjoy about these sorts of things.

Hashut’s Blessing:

It’s something I’d considered, but it’s likely to be if I can get them to write some stuff themselves, I’ll post it in for them. After all, I can’t have them posting on my other two blogs now :wink: (WotR Dwarfs & Easterlings.)

Stormsoul is unlikely to as she’s a bit strange (awesome, but strange :wink: ) about that kind of thing and Skyjacker is in contact solely through Sousunou as of now, but I can see Sousunou doing some if I kick him into gear often enough :smiley:

Thoughts on the sorts of things for them to write about or do you mean general progress?


Basically them commenting on how well it’s going, test colour schemes, ideas for tactics, maybe something on self imposed deadlines etc and a few jokes. That sort of thing.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’ll see what I can rustle up! Test colour schemes are one of our objectives for this month anyhow :wink:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Another update and it’s quite bumper compared to the previous posts! Got clarification of the rules, a rough deadline, my fluff, Stormsoul’s names, both Stormsoul’s AND my own fluff, as well as Sousunou’s armylist…

Comments welcomed!


Imo the doom rocket is always hit and miss, but in an army this size the points should be better spent on more reliable things (as far as a skaven army can be reliable).

I’d use those points, plus the spare 5 to make the warlock level 2.  He’d need to drop the tail weapon to keep it under 25%. Or maybe get another rank of clanrats.

If there are any points spare it’s always worth giving skaven slaves a musician. :wink:

The colour schemes will probably be more interesting with pretty pictures. :wink:

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’ll try to get Sousunou on here to comment on your comments GSF :smiley:

As it happens, I have the feeling that my army is the one starting off weakest (based on my trial games against Ogre Kingdoms when first learning 8th edition), but I went for theme over strength to begin with ^^

We’ll get pretty pictures up as soon as we can :smiley: I think that we should have a seperate target for the first week of next month which is to have an example of each part of the paint scheme (excepting maybe characters).

P.S. Try to tell him how to make his army weaker so that I can win ^^

Hashut’s Blessing:

A small update with my nearing the finishing line and a couple of comments about Sousunou’s vague concept for an objective marker, Stormsoul’s wanted objective marker and all the information that I can get on Skyjacker’s force.

All of these monikers beginning with S make me feel left out :frowning: Shahut’s Blessing just doesn’t have the same feel…

Hashut’s Blessing:

Once more, there’s been an update and I’m waiting for Skyjacker and Sousunou to turn up so that we can work everything out and add in an update to close the month off and start the next one!


Nice to see all of you guys are keeping up with this, last people I heard of doing one of these (that weren’t GW employees) had two of the gamers bail out after the first month.

Keep it up :slight_smile: