[Archive] A vow, who wishes to join me in this?


No, not getting married. Still have to pick one of the girlfriends from the one thread (though I think I know who I might pick, but it’s tough).

In the spirit of an older thread, I’ve decided to take a vow. A friend of mine did this with his Dark Elves over a year ago. I will do the same for Chaos Dwarfs.

The vow I am making is that for all future tournaments I shall play my Chaos Dwarfs if they are allowed. Since September of last year I’ve attended 4 tournaments and have taken the Chaos Dwarfs with at least a decent performance… in order of events: (1W1LD… 1W2D… 2W1L… 3W).

I’ll have a tough fight, though it will get me motivated to get to those wolf riders, and covert up some Hobgoblins. Also it’ll get me motivated to do my 2nd Chaos Dwarf army (Mask style, with may be a little bit of hat).

Why the second army? I can take my time and make my second army look good, so I can compete for painting again (as right now my Nurgle Demons and Dark Elves outclass my CD).

For casual games I will play other armies, but for any and all events, I shall play Chaos Dwarfs. I will also always wear the hat, like in my avatar, to all events as well.

Vowed to Chaos Dwarfs:
Time of Madness
Kera Foehunter
Alan the Evil
Tarrakk Blackhand
Liam the Marxist

Time of Madness:

You are HARDCORE swiss haha…

I’ll join you, but part of the reason is because I just liquidated all my other models and only have chaos dwarves left. Just too busy to focus on more then one army.

Don’t pretend you don’t wear the hat all the time. :wink:

Time of Madness


Eh, what the hey…

I swear by my black curly beard that I will bring ONLY Chaos Dwarves to ALL tournaments and events.

Perfect timing too, he he he he

Ogranoth blackhammer:

as i said on AIM, i’ll join with me rats.

Kera foehunter:

when im done with my army, that all i play !! i will win all my battle by sure alsumness!!


No, not getting married. Still have to pick one of the girlfriends from the one thread (though I think I know who I might pick, but it's tough).

oooooh, who!?

and, I *would* join this vow, but you all know I don't actually play WH let alone have full armies... but a really good idea! let us know how you do! :)


well I dont like tournys but how about any games of Warhammer outside of my own home I use Chaos Dwarfs only?


I will join you in committing to play either chaos dwarves or dogs of war in every tournament that I can get them into.


Does anyone mind if I keep track of who’s in on this in my first post? :wink: This could be interesting…


I’m not, at least not until my CD army is done, wich it is far from.

Kera foehunter:

put me in !!!


My vow is slightly different because I play in a GW Bunker mainly.

I vow to always take my Chaos Dwarfs to the bunker at GW and play them against all comers. I will not care about wins and losses but have fun with them and let people see them on the board and how much fun they can be.

I vow to take the Chaos Dwarf into any tournament I go to that they are allowed.

If they are not then I go Slayer, if they are allowed.


when my CDs are complete, count me in!


I think I’m going to vow to actually paint something!


As I live in Hungary we only have 4 tournament a year. (double 1000, 1500, 2000 international , 2500)
I don’t really know if my army would be ready for the 2 last ones but I would definitely fight with them next year- and only with them.
Count me in


I don’t go to tournerys, or have a full army, but sure.

I vow to not particpate in tourneys allowing CD unless I have a CD army to use myself.

Alan the evil:

I vow to play ONLY chaos dwarfs in events, if they are allowed…

and in the FIGW (Games Workshop Italian Federation) they are always allowed!!!

Kera foehunter:

there to many people at the local level around here to play
yesterday at the local shop there a guy vampire count that was an talker!!!
so i watched to see how he played !  still painting but i might play my figures anyway


I’ll join the fray.

I vow to continue playing my hats and maruaders in the arse in world.  Mainly for the enjoyment of seeing peoples faces when I explain the earthshaker rule :slight_smile:


Explaining Blunderbusses and Earth Shakers is fun, especially seeing their faces.