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Ok, so the uncertainty around WFB has encouraged me to look for new games. I�?Tve looked at some of the stuff played at the club I attend, including Warmachine, Saga, Blackpowder, 40K and FoW, but none of it really appeals �?" dunno why, it just doesn�?Tt. So after reading many reviews and searching the deepest darkest corners of the interweb, I�?Tve bought this �?"

It�?Ts a skirmish based game, set in the Wild West. It sounds really cool, the aim is to recreate the Wild West as featured in Hollywood movies (so getting shot and falling off the roof of the saloon, fast draws in the main street etc) rather than the actual old west which probably involved a lot more fence repairs and cattle herding. (I also bought a pirate game, but that�?Ts another story).

A quick read though of the rules suggests it�?Ts should be fairly simple to play but with enough going on to keep your interest. I was so impressed I immediately went out and bought enough guys to make 3 gangs, despite not having found a single opponent yet. I thought I�?Td do a project log to

a). Make sure I actually do something with it and don�?Tt just end up wasting a lot of money on something that just sits in a box.


b). Get a bit of motivation and painting tips from everyone out there.


Ok, so I got the rules from Great Escape Games (the publishers)


The first book is the basic rules, the Legend one introduces some additional factions and mini campaign rules. I skipped the Australia add on (Ned Kelly) as that setting didn�?Tt appeal.

Then I placed my order for models. I went with Black Scorpion as they do a lot of stuff I really like. It�?Ts also where I�?Tm getting my Pirate models from too.



So, while I am waiting for the postman to turn up, I had a little think about scenery. Most of my stuff is GW fantasy, and it�?Ts not really suitable for the Wild West �?" I guess I could use my walls and fences at a pinch.

You can get some really nice, prepainted laser cut MDF buildings. The rules generally favour a frontier town setup, which looks fab and is probably great to play on too, but I�?Tm not sure my budget stretches that far, especially when I�?Tm only really trialling the game at the moment anyway (not to mention how much space storing it would take up).

So I think I might have to lower my sights to �?~bandit wilderness hide out�?T or something similar. An especially thorough rummage through my drawers turned up this little lot -

It�?Ts a load of little resin things I got last year and never did anything with. Various barrels and sacks, some arranged as barricades, an outhouse, a dog kennel (with ferocious, but sleeping dog), a water trough and a pile of crap. It�?Ts a reasonable place to start, and I�?Tll likely go to Partizan at the wekend where I can add to it, so the next step is to whack some paint onto some of it.


The postman has been. She was banging on the front door on Saturday morning (my postman�?Ts a she. You�?Td think she�?Td be a postlady �?" but she isn�?Tt). I rushed downstairs only to discover that she couldn�?Tt be bothered to wait and had just forced the parcel through he letter box regardless.

This is what I got �?" needless to say, I was a little apprehensive about the state of the contents.

Fortunately there was only one small piece of damage, one guys pistol had broken off.

Easily sorted with a drop of superglue.

I�?Tve also got a single mis-packed model, so I�?Tve sent them a quick e-mail and hopefully that will be sorted out too. Next job is to get them all cleaned up and ready to begin painting.


A small amount of progress has been made. I�?Tve got the Mexican Banditos cleaned up and based ready to be undercoated. As I�?Tve run out of black spay, I�?Tm not quite sure when this will be though. There was actually not much cleaning up required for the models which is nice. Apologies for my limited photography skills.

Really love the fat guy in this first picture.

Also I�?Tve finished painting the first barricade and the water trough.

On Sunday I went to Partizan, and here�?Ts my little haul. A mud brick house, some fences, a campsite, a well, some game markers, a wagon, some Cacti and a chicken coop �?" complete with two tiny chickens.


The fat miniature guy has to be Bambino. (Bud Spencer )
Don’t know which one would be Terrence  Hill?


Those banditos are really nice.


Looking forward to seeing that Chicken Coop (with Tony Chickens) that scenery is really nice, I’ll have a look into it to see if I can get my Malifaux terrain up and running


Those are some gorgeous miniatures. Lovely! Can you buy the miniatures without buying the boardgame itself? Would love a Firefly-ish sci-fi gang made from cool cowboy miniatures. Looking forward to following this thread.


I and my son would love to see a firefly anything. …


Wow thanks for all the interest so far, I was expecting 1 comment if I was lucky. I’m not the best, or the fastest painter (to be honest I find it a bit of a chore, hence the need for this thread as a way to motivate myself), so don’t get your hopes up too much.

Those are some gorgeous miniatures. Lovely! Can you buy the miniatures without buying the boardgame itself? Would love a Firefly-ish sci-fi gang made from cool cowboy miniatures. Looking forward to following this thread.

Yes you can. The miniatures are all made by a company called Black Scorpion (I believe the guy that runs it is ex GW). They also make a lot of Pirates and alternative Bloodbowl models too.


Anyway, some more progress has been made, here are the rest of the guys ready for undercoating. My mispacked guy also turned up �?" great bit of customer service from the Black Scorpion guys (actually I think it was a gal in this case�?�.) there.

Sorry about the pics, I took them outside as it was very sunny and apparently that’s the best sort of light, but then I obviously didn’t get low enough down and all the faces are obscured by hat brims. These are the guys who will make up the Outlaws and the Law. I haven’t really decided who’s going where yet apart from the obvious ones with badges or masks. If all goes well (ie I find some opponents at the club) I’ll likely expand this lot to include either Cowboys or Desperadoes too.

I also got the outhouse painted.

On Sunday I went to Partizan, and here�?Ts my little haul. A mud brick house, some fences, a campsite, a well, some game markers, a wagon, some Cacti and a chicken coop �?" complete with two tiny chickens.


Really nice models, I have some of Black Scorpion models myself from the Fantasy Football Range and Undead Pirates just because … well Undead Pirates. Also Show me the Chickens


Ok, so despite the lack of any updates for ages, I have been making some progress. I�?Tve got 7 guys painted and another 2 well on the way. My problem seems to be taking photos that I�?Tm happy with. I�?Tm not sure if it�?Ts indicative of my poor photography or my poor painting (probably both!) but they just don�?Tt look very good in all the pictures I�?Tve taken so far.

Anyway, nothing I can do about it, so here are some more pictures. As always, any comments/suggestions/advice is appreciated.

Some Catci

Log piles �?" they don�?Tt have the blue tinge in real life, that�?Ts down to my inept photoshop skills and me deleting the original.

Chicken coop, complete with chickens. I�?Tm now wishing I�?Td left off the GW bucket though. It seems slightly too big.

Dog Kennel

And the two guys I did mange to get reasonable pictures of.

I also went to The Other Partizan the other week and bought two more plastic Perry Miniatures buildings and another mdf horse drawn cart.


I really like the guy in the buttoned up over coat. Classic western look there.


Looks great!

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Thanks for the comments guys :cheers

The sun came out at the weekend, so I took the opportunity to go outside and try to get some decent photos of the models I’ve had painted for a little while. As you can see, I failed miserably…  :(

I’ve also finished a few new things. Such as this Perry Minatures adobe house. After taking the photos I decided to go back and tone back the orange bricks with a yellow drybrush, and I think it looks better for it.

Some fences (Perry’s again) I’ve still got more of these to do. For some reason they only give you enough posts to make one massive length, so I might have to sacrifice a couple of sections in order to be able to store them.

And then because it was such a nice day (and also to convince myself that I am getting somewhere) I set up a little scene using everything I’ve done so far.

Just need to paint about another 10 guys and then I can play a game. Also does anyone have any ‘wood recipes’? I use GW paints mainly and everything seem to be scorched brown based (which comes out very dark - like someones gone over it with ronseal) or Graveyard earth based which comes out pretty much just the same colour as the basing scheme.


Excellent stuff here. Given my like of the Wild West and all. However, not a fan of some of the mins themselves. Good work none-the-less on the painting.


So I have made some more progress. For some reason I’m finding I’m more motivated to paint scenery than I am the inhabitants. I suspect that this is because a lot of it can do double duty in fantasy games, which is still my main focus. Especially as since Age of Sigmar I’ve moved away from mass battle games and tended to spend more time on smaller games (Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish, Frostgrave and Dragon Rampant) which kind of lend themselves more to little scenery pieces.

Midden with chickens

Cart, I’m not sure about the colour on this. I was going for old, weathered wood, (grey base coat with a brown wash and grey drybrush). So if you have any suggestions on how else to achieve this sort of look, please let me know.


More barricades

A rock - It’s just a fish tank ornament to which I’ve glued a bit of flock, I haven’t even painted it. It’s not massive, (5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches) so at some point I might get a large one.

And the second building for the settlement, a Perry miniatures North American Farmhouse. I have another of these on the painting table which I have done with the alternative shop frontage.

Thanks for all the comments so far, and if you have any suggestions for improvement, please let me know. :slight_smile:


Neat! You could perhaps add some light dusting to the wagon and other pieces, but otherwise it looks up to the job. :slight_smile:


So for Christmas I got a couple of the TT Combat Oil Pumps. I’m not 100% sure how historically accurate they are (although from what I understand they existed since the 1860’s, and they also didn’t look out of place in Red Dead Redemption) but I like the idea of them as a feature/thing on the edge of the settlement so I thought I’d paint them up and see how they turn out. here’s the first one.

I have no idea how they would have looked, so I’ve gone with rusted steel (would they be painted? I know modern ones are) which I think looks ok. I was really unhappy with how it looked until I started adding in the orange rust, then suddenly it seemed to come together. What do you think? Is it any good, will it fit the setting?