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Hey guys i was just wondering where i could go to be taught how to cast models?

It just seems a lillte easier than converting my whole army when i can just duplicate one unit of guys

Like a hobby shop or something?

(im only new and have 2 dwarf units to convet and then mabey duplicate, if anyone has any advice on how to paint them or how to paint the lava bases i would be grateful if you told me)



Knight Of Awsome:

I’m just getting into mold making because I’m going to be duplicating heads and hats.

usually you use casting resin and casting silicon i think in this form there is an advice thread try and look in the sticky part



There are a lot of videos on youtube that might be able to help, just give them a browse:



I have just ordered some resin for casting.��It will be my first attempt, so I’ll be happy to share ideas. I’ve done metal casting with a bit of success as well.

From what I can tell, for the average hobbiest metal is for more detailed models, whilst resin should be for fairly basic stuff.��Not to say you couldn’t cast torsos (like Ishkur has), but models with loads of detail on would be easier and better with metal.

The sticky Knight mentionned above is probably a very good place to go to learn more and order stuff.

Kera foehunter:

Grims what type of resin do you use. and do you use silicone molds ??


The resin I’m going to be using is this

Polyurethane Resin Archives - Alec Tiranti

I’ve yet to use it, so I don’t know how well it will come out…

I do use silicone rubber:


Knight Of Awsome:

Do some hobby stores sell this or do you just have to buy it on online stores?


heres a tutorial i did on painting my lava bases its quite basic but gives you the idea . warning big pics! https://discourse.chaos-dwarfs.com/t/6696


You could take a look at www.hirstarts.com. They also have tutorials of mould making and casting

Kera foehunter:

well thanks guys more cool stuff