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Dark Haven:

Ok, here’s the deal.

My Brets are almost done (500 points to go! :cheers ) and I’m looking for my next force to play as.

I’m stuck between Tomb Kings and Chaos Dwarfs. Now, before you start posting “ZOMG n00b! We already have threads based on ‘why should I play CD?’” Please take into account that I am completely torn over this. I have the book and rules for both and have read them both thoroughly. I know I’ve made some lists here on this forum, but I’m still not 100% sure.

I like the painting and converting part for both armies but can only afford to do one. Chaos Dwarfs might be a bit cheaper as many of their units can be converted from bitz and BFSP dwarfs. But TK has some pretty sweet models in the form of Settra and Ushabti.

Please advise as I’m really unsure.



Asking a question like that on a CD forum is not likely to get you a very impartial response :smiley:

I play both.

I found TK a significantly cheaper army to build.��The reason being that TK can easily be converted using spare arms and heads to be coming out of the ground, thus you can make one skeleton regiment set go a surprisingly long way.

There is also the fact that many other companies produce alternative models (such as reaper) which means that you can shop around a bit for a good deal.

You will probably find that most of the people on this forum are fairly hardcore CD players, which is why they are so passionate about the army.

If you are not obsessed with CD and just want a good army to play then I would suggest TK, for the following reasons:

better model availability

cheaper army to build

current army book

solid list with few ambiguities

still playable at any tournament

easy to paint

Having said that I do prefer CD, but I would never advise someone to start them unless they really knew what they were getting into:

expensive models (if you want to go the eBay route)

a lot of time converting (if you don’t want to go the eBay route)

very old army book

banned at some tournaments

The reward for getting into CD is that they are a cool army which is interesting to play, very different, and is sure to attract a lot of “oohs and aahs” from people when they see it.

In summary: TK are an easy and fun army to build and quick to paint.

CD are a hard slog to collect and expensive, and also have poor army support.

One last thing:��bear in mind that there is a rumour that CD are about to be re-released.��If that is the case you may want to start TK now, and if CD are indeed re-released (with cheaper and more easily obtained models to support the release) then you can start CD at that point.��If you start them now expect to either pay a lot on eBay for the figures or spend a lot of time converting plastic figures to build the army.

If you have any follow up questions feel free to ask.


One last thing: bear in mind that there is a rumour that CD are about to be re-released.

Of course "about to be re-released" could mean 2009 or never...

Kera foehunter:

why would you want a bunch of dead guys.That was killed first by the Chaos Dwarfs.

Dark Haven:

I was under the impression that Nagash had something to do with killing all the nehekarans, but never mind.

Well, I do admire the CD and their unique playing style.��I’m not that good with GS as I’ve never really had to do much work with it.��However with me having to convert everything I’m sure that by the 100th CD warrior I’ll be better.

Still not sure.��BFSP is a good deal for CD, but the TK already have a battalion.��I realise that asking this question on a CD forum means that I am going to get some biased advice.��but then again, who else knows about CD then on this forum.

Maybe this would be easier if I listed my own pros and cons for each of the two:

Tomb Kings


-solid magic


-raise up dead up guys

-ushabti and bone giants

-an army that requires good planning and strategy


-They’re undead.��After playing VC for 5 years I’m tired of warching boring combats where my guys never breaks and just walk over people.

-Waaaay too dependent on magic.��

-Heroes are fragile, TK can’t get good armor saves easily.

Chaos Dwarfs


-very unique army

-cool fluff

-Blunder busses and earthshakers!

-A small but rather potent array of magic items

-sweet conversion opportunities.


-I’d have to mail order alot of stuff from BWbits

-Get better real quick with GS

-Players might refuse to play me as many believe Cd are not a legal army.

-Limited tourney play.


Dark Haven

Ishkur Cinderhat:

If you’ve played VC before there is no reason to start TK - unless you are still not fed up painting skeletons. :wink: I agree however that the Nehekharans have some really nice models and a slightly different flair from the more gothic VC.

If I take on the whole decision from a modelling point of view, I’d probably choose the chaos dwarfs, as there is no real way to make a TK army stand out from everyone else’s TK army. Actually I am trying to figure out a way to create a truly unique TK army for many years now. ^^

On the other hand side, almost every CD army that you could create now - be it from old stuff bought at ebay or converted from BFSP miniatures, has a good chance of turning out really unique!

As you can see, I don’t consider the playstyle at all. I leave that to the more experienced Generals. Eventually all armies have fairly equal chances on the battlefield anyway, so for me it’s more up to the miniature design and the way the army looks on the tabletop.


If you’ve already got vampires I would sugest leaving tomb kings as the painting will be just too boring and the playing style not that different (and before I get lambasted yes I know there are a whole load of differences between TKs and VCs). I’d go for whats unique

Dark Haven:

I did Necrarchs and Lahmians for almost 5 years. It got to point where I knew the book so well that I made a very solid list that I never changed and almost never lost with. As a result? It got boring. The point of the game is to have fun with someone else over a game not annihilate everything in your path. WHFB is not 40k yet.

Since I want to have fun I guess its time to join the big hats. Its a go for CD!

Unless anyone else has more to add?

Now, I just got to get my last 500pts for Brets and pick up BFSP from BWbits.��

and BTW…no big hats! Its all masks and helms!


If you go with CD its a much more rewarding experience as youre army will be different from everyone elses while with a TK army it wont , thats why I chose CD and because Im a CD fanatic!!

Dark Haven:

Point taken, every TK is the same save for one that I saw. But that guy had aots of old bitz an dway too much GS skills.

I can’t wait to start. Though, should I use BFSP dwarfs or the dwarf warriors models so that my warriors can have capes?


Much like the enternal hat vs. mask. vs. helm debate: only you can answer that question. Don’t worry about the GS you will get much better, far faster then you might think too.

Dark Haven:

Thanks for the tips. I saw your blog, its looks really cool. I love this forum because unlike so many others, its full of nice people and detailed blogs.

I think I’ll have 2x units of BFSP warriors and then have my lord’s bodyguard of warriors use the dwarf warriors with capes. Makes them seem extra special.


Couldn’t agree more I’m a refugee from asur.org.uk still post there ocassionaly but not all that often. This site wins hands down over any other site I’ve been on. Great people, great site, can’t say enough about it.

Thanks for the comments on the blog. I’m aiming to have one if the best blogs and armies on this site. And with the quality of the armies here thats a big challenge.


I'm a refugee from asur.org.uk

Did they discover your curly beard and threw you out?? :)

- Tallhat

Dark Haven:

Willmark Wrote:
I'm a refugee from asur.org.uk

Did they discover your curly beard and threw you out??
Most likely, I didn't enjoy Asur.org or Druchii.net, way too elitist and Condescending.

This forum and the RTOB are nice places.

Dark Haven


way too elitist and Condescending.

Dark Haven
I really can't comment on druchi.net but asur... lets just say your nor far from my experience there.


Those people play elves, funny how much that is like their armies


way too elitist and Condescending.

Dark Haven
I really can't comment on druchi.net but asur... lets just say your nor far from my experience there.

Is it really that bad?

- Tallhat

Dark Haven:

Sadly yeah. Thats what kinda turned me off about playing Druchii or an “Aesanar” Asur army. I didn’t feel like playing an army on a forum that had the “vet” group and the “n00b” group.

Not everyone there was bad, but the nice people were few and far. But who cares? I’m here now and hanging out you guys.

Lets forget about those bad places and enjoy this great forum we have.


Asur has some great people there and the mods are generally fair. I say generally because if you are one of the “in” posters on the site your are given WAYYYYY more latitude then “normal” members. The off topic section is the single greatest source of drama. So many people posting and reposting utter crap and never really listening. The thinly veiled lack of realworld experience got old too. To many self righteous pontficating about sometimes horrendous and heinous acts brushed away with a explantion of why X is ok, whatever X was was astounding.

Through it all though a great bunch of people inhabited the painting sections and warhammer sections. Some I liked others not so much. I began to realize what a colossal waste of my time posting there (particularly in OT) was.

Lot more to it then that as I simply can’t begin to relate all of it. Suffice of to say I made 300 posts in 3 years… Need I say more.

Dark Haven is right though this a great community here let’s keep it that way.