[Archive] AGPO's army blog WARRIORS UPDATE (pic heavy)


After nearly a year my army blog is off the ground! To start off I thought I’d show some characters and WIPs of my core units. I’m more of a modeller than a painter so while most of the army is converted very little paint has been applied. I hope to get more done on these guys soon and hopefully post some more stuff as I get it done.

Before I start, some thanks: To Xander, for the conversion guide and this excellent site. To Hashut’s Blessing for the Crewman/sorcerer conversion ideas and to WIlmark, Ishkur and Snotling for their blogs which have served as inspirations. Lastly, to all members of CDO for their advice, ideas and for making this such a cool place to post.

Enough crap, models!

My army is known as the Kinslayer Clan, theres a whole load of fluff I’ll post elsewhere but they are lead by Karbold Kinslayer. I made one version of him but I wasn’t happy with it so for now the army is lead by his leftenant.

EDIT: Apologies for the poor quality of the pictures

This guy is said leftenant, made from a BfSP thane, a chaos warrior champion’s axe and a lot of greenstuff

These two are the two sorcerers in my army, the first is made from a classic chaos warrior head and an old dwarf stone thrower crewman. The flames, skirt, belt, hair, beard and plume are all GS. the second is a BFSP crewman with a cast mask and GS beard. The skull is taken from the Khemri skeleton box

This is Gitslash, the hobgoblin “hero” He hasn’t come out too well in this pic but he was going to be a golden hat entry

These are my BFSP warriors, much like the “Xander school” but I turned the mask into a helm with a bit more greenstuff and added greenstuff shield icons. I kept the conversions and painting simple and I hope to have this unit done tonight.

Next, two units of blunders. One is made from the thunderers boxed set plus five BFSP thunderers and looks very ordered. The next is more a mishmash of models from various sources, but mostly 6th ed plastic warriors with Empire militia blunderbusses. When they are finished both units will be twenty strong with full command and will shelter a sorcerer

Finally, some of the concept minis I did before I found CDo. Some of them are half way to being converted to fist in with the new army, and thers a few spares going in to make a unit


You know I might actually have to hurt you.

You want to know why? because you took so damn long to get these cool guys on the site. OK I won’t, maybe some slaves are in order thou. excellent job. I will definitely be following this blog so you had better keep it up to date.


Finally! great stuff there but where are the boar centaurs?:hat


Looking good mate! :cheers:

You stated you are more of a modeller then a painter but the basics are good. I do however would like to see some more contrast between the different colours and maybe some more different colours as well.

For example you could paint the masks another metallic colour to get the faces to stand out more. Now both the masks and the scales under them are the same colour if you get what i mean…

Looking forward to updates mate and if you want any help on colours, colourschemes and such, lemme know. I’d be glad to help out!:slight_smile:


Thanks for the coments guys!

@ Wilmark: Thanks for the slaves, they’ve taken me past 100. I’ll be updating soon with some new toys, plus maybe some hobbos and a “special project”

@ Canix: They’re busy “encouraging” Xander

@ Obsidian: I see where you’re coming from. Once I’ve finished highlighting them hopefully the highlights will stand out more. It works better in life than in the photos I promise you.


Very nice stuff AGPO. I’ll definetly be watching this with a lot of intrest. Your sculpting skills really put mine to shame. And if you need some painting tips don’t be afraid to ask.

Kera foehunter:

those are some great figures but something is missing like a boar centaur hehe


Love the face mask!! :slight_smile: You know I do.

Well done, man, this is looking excellent!

Pics from me are on the way, no encouraging required. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks guys. Well Willmark, I hate to disappoint so here’s a small update of some stuff I did last night


the CD with the pickaxe is pretty cool

Ishkur Cinderhat:

At last, AGPO has an army blog! :cheers

I actually like the colours quite a bit, and see no need for other colours. A palette with very few colours in it gives the whole army a coherent appearance on the battlefield.

But… what’s that? Do I see dust on your models? Have a slave clean them at once! ^^


@ Ishkur: Yeah, I noticed that the moment I saw the pictures. All I can offer in my own defence is that I have a very large collection and don’t game that often. Thus some of the models don’t get the TLC they deserve. The slaves that neglected their duty will be sacrificed to Hashut post-haste. The other thing I didn’t see is how much green stuff can be seen through my haphazard hand undercoating. I really recomend taking pics of your models so you can see them on a larger scale. It really helps pick out any mistakes.

@ Furrie: He’s going count as either a normal warrior (PDF list) or a miner (WA: Dwarfs)


So here he is, the WIP on my first boar centaur. This is my first attemt at an original sculpt. At present its just an armature but I plan to add some details later this week. Hopefully I’ll get the fur done soon and start working on the armour and adding arms.


ummmm, I think you need to bulk out the back body:)but besides that it looks good

Kera foehunter:

yea he did it !!!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Awesome models, good paint job, shame about the aforementioned dust. One criticism. Reduce the length of the torso on the BC. Thanks for the mention!


I’ll be keeping a close eye on the progress of the Boar Centaur as I’m very interested to see how it’s gonna end up!:slight_smile:


@ minty - the body will bulk out as I add the fur and armour, the technique I’ll use for these mean I have to leave the armature a bit thin

@HB - Yeah I thought that too, it shall be done



I have pics of my work in progress Earthshaker. At the momnet my Hellcannon is deputising but I was trying to think of a use for the dwarf cannon and built this as I had some spare GS going. Neither it or the crew are finished but I took a WIP shot anyway. Hope you like


Nice usage of the BFSP cannon. How do you do your big hats?


Thanks guys. Well Willmark, I hate to disappoint so here's a small update of some stuff I did last night

I really like the archer the most, great color scheme.

I willing be very curious to se how your Boar Centaur turns out. One question though, great pose, but its gonna be a pain in the you know what to balance right. Good luck.