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Dino - The big hat is a push pin with the smaller wide bit removed and the middle widened out with greenstuff.

Wilmark - I already thought of that, he’s gonna be even worse when the arms go on. I’m going to weight the base to keep him down. I’m using metal on the underside and possibly the cowering empire soldier from the old giant kit on the base itself

Kera foehunter:

i like your handy earth shaker. i like how you did the barrow in g.s.

turquois dwarf:

what will the cocktail sticks end up as

Hashut’s Blessing:

Looks good. I especially like the GS work on the cannon. BTW, the second cannon picture looks like it’s tilting, but the first doesn’t…


what will the cocktail sticks end up as

turquois dwarf
They'll be spines like on the current (hairy) bloodletters only bigger. The larger ones will hold trophies
Looks good. I especially like the GS work on the cannon. BTW, the second cannon picture looks like it's tilting, but the first doesn't...

Hashut's Blessing
Second pic is right. Its mounted on an earthwork which will be more visible once painted

zorn sabretooth:

awesome just awesome


Wow, I’ve really neglected this blog. Anyway, there will soon be updates. Frist of all, I’ve finished the hobgoblin archer unit, which now look very cool all ranked up. I’ve also started work on an 18 strong black orc regiment and have converted several more miners. Sadly progress on the boar centaur is slow as the body is a very involved sculpt - the fur can only be added small sections at a time as I’m incrediblly clumsy and inevitablly end up squashing the area I’ve already done. My Chaos Army and Bloodbowl have taken up most of my modelling time of late sadly, so progress has been limited on the warriors. I will however include shots of my hellcannon on the new 100x100 scenic base I’m building for it.

Til next time folks

Godbob and his jolly rogers:



Its a conversion of an old Goblin Shamen


nice bfsp cannon i really like it and i have been looking for a cannon conversion like this so thankyou.

i will be folowing your blog closely as i see you are very talented and i hope you go far with ur cd army



Finally I’ve had a chance to get some work done on the army and post an update. With exams, work, a friends wedding, an insane ammount of summer antics and a hell of a lot of pre-season training, I thought these guys would never get done. Okay, I promised an update so here it comes. First up is my now competed blunderbuss unit:

These guys have been touched up a lot since the last batch of photos I took. Eventually I intend to bulk both blunder units to 20. I’ve also put the finishing touches to the unit of warriors with hand weapons and shields.

The biggest thing to change since the last post though is the creation of Lord Karbold’s bodyguard. These guys are used as miners when I use a dwarf list but here they are the furnace guard. They are armed with pickaxes to show that the Kinslayers are a rich mining clan.

It’s not all Dawi’zhaar though. Two new slave units have been added to the mix. First up are my completed hobbo archers. I decided to use paint schemes rather than conversions to signify these guys. These also some examples of my new black orc unit WIP. I borrowed the command group and a normal warrior for this pic. The rest of the unit will follow soon.

Ghrask Dragh:

WOW, these guys look awesome! I like what you’ve done with the hellcannon crewman greenstuff, are they moulds?


Hashut’s Blessing:

Looking very nice. can we see some bigger/closer pictures please?

Also, a group shot would be nice. Everything seems to be coming along nicely. I particularly like the warriors’ beard-scalemail “bibs”. Very cool.

Kera foehunter:

BOY Agpo you been busy !!!Great job !!!um there no boar centaur!!!

just joking !!you did a hella of job .*Kera gives Agpo a hug


Looking good AGPO, the GS moulds of the Hellcannon look very good indeed.


Awesome stuff AGPO! :slight_smile:

It reminds me of the work I still need to do on my own stuff!

Hashut’s Blessing:

I forgot to ask one thing: since you are building a unit of 18 BOs, what will you do with the remaining two?


Keep up the great work, very inspiring!


Thanks for all the nice words guys! The miners’ masks are done partly through moulding the hellcannon crewman, and partly through sculpting. This is because the original mask when cast doesn’t fit very well, so it needs to be trimmed and repaired. No boar centaur yet kera, you’ll have to wait for that one :wink:

I forgot to ask one thing: since you are building a unit of 18 BOs, what will you do with the remaining two?

Hashut’s Blessing
The other two are ending up on my bloodbowl team :smiley:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Glad to hear they won’t be wasted, shame to hear I can’t buy them from you :stuck_out_tongue: