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As keeping four blogs on the site was a bit messy, and meant very few updates, I’ve merged all my non-Chaos Dwarf stuff into one place. This might mean the thread runs a little strangely for the first few pages and seems a tad disjointed. I’ll try to go back at some point and make sure all my comments make sense in context.

Okay, so as most of you know, I’m rather fond of all things chaotic. The inspiration for my chaos dwarfs originally was the Storm of Chaos campaign, and they were to acompany my Grand Horde of Chaos. At the time this stood at just under 15,000pts and it has grown even larger in the intervening time, pushing itself over the 20,000pt mark. So large in fact that it took up most of my living space (of which there is not a lot). So, after a while much of my beloved Horde ended up being carefully packed into boxes and then into the loft. At this time I took a break from the hobby, a break lifted by my discovery of CDO last year. I emerged to find that 7th edition had wrought terrible changes on my army. My carefully ranked up yet dynamic chaos warriors were now useless as they couldn’t claim rank bonus. Many of my favorite combinations were no longer very useful and what was more my army was about to be cut in three!

Something had to be done, and to this end I have decided with the release of Warhammer Armies: Daemons to chart my - belated - progress converting the hordes/beasts/daemons into three functioning armies. Or rather seven. The original army split down into five seperate legal forces - 3,000pts each of Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurlge, Slaanesh and pure Undivided. These armies too will no longer function and thus I wil need to make the mortal forces fieldable as well. At the end of the project, my reward will be a huge game where my daemons, mortals, beasts and Dawi’zhaar will take to the field in an Epic 30,000pts-a-side game against the rest of my group. Not sure how we’ll do this, but we’ll do it somehow…

To kick us off, here are some pics of the army just after the release of the “Archaon’s seige attackers” boxed set, they’re the most recent pics of the army all together (or at least as it was then)

The whole army:

A LOT of chaos warriors

More Chaos stuff:


Ah nice, I remember the days fondly when I had a 10.000 points old classic Chaos army.

Quit the hobby for a while too back then too and sold it all! Some regrets but that also opened up the way to concentrate purely on Chaos  Dwarfs and competition pieces.


I work on the principle that as I always come back to stuff selling it will come back to haunt me. I have a very crowded attic

Kera foehunter:

wow thats alot of stuff agpo GREAT JOB!!!


Truely Epic i wonder what the new changes will do to my mixed demon and mortal tzeentch army.Split it asunder so i have to buy more models hmmm i cant decide whether thats good or bad:o


Well they’ve now gone mixed, seperate, mixed, seperate with the last four editions of the army lists. It’s got to be a con. My betting is a graand unifying list/book before the end of the edition


it would be nice to be able to mix mortals with deamons, otherwise I need to buy more deamons to use my deamons :stuck_out_tongue:


I think you don’t have enough models for your chaos army… I kid, I kid…


Hey guys, first of all sorry for the lack of updates on my other blog lately. I’m in the middle of exams and fighting a war with my college to get them to get their act together (I’m student welfare officer).

Anyway, as I have not had the time during this period to work on my armies proper, I needed an easier project. The notion was to paint and game with a small skirmish force. Originally this was going to be an attempt to kick start my old Mordheim campaign I ran a couple of years ago. Then something wonderful happened - I rediscovered Bloodbowl!

Coming back to the game after so longis tricky, and what I am planning makes it even more so. I’m starting not one or two but three teams! On top of this there will b a project to model a custom pitch, set up a league and hopefully actually win a few games. The reason for picking three teams is that I want to try lots of different styles and enjoy the modelling challenge. Obviously my first team will be Chaos Dwarfs, the others will comprise an orc team and to contrast both of these a quick running team of dark elves. Anyway, here we go.

The team compositions go as follows:

Chaos Dwarfs Orcs Dark Elves
1. Chaos Dwarf Blocker 1. Thrower 1. Blitzer
2. Chaos Dwarf Blocker 2. Thrower 2. Blitzer
3. Chaos Dwarf Blocker 3. Blitzer 3. Blitzer
4. Chaos Dwarf Blocker 4. Blitzer 4. Blitzer
5. Bull Centaur 5. Blitzer 5. Assasin
6. Bull Centaur 6. Blitzer 6. Assasin
7. Minotour 7. Black Orc 7. Runner
8. Hobgoblin 8. Black Orc 8. Runner
9. Hobgoblin 9. Black Orc 9. Witch Elf
10. Hobgoblin 10. Black Orc 10. Lineman
11. Hobgoblin 11. Lineman 11. Lineman
12. Hobgoblin 12. Lineman 1 fan factor
13. Hobgoblin 2 re-rolls
1 Re-roll

As you can see I’ve gone for as many specialists early on as I can. This is because a) I want to try as many tactics as possible b) the number of skills these guys have should help forgive my early mistakes and c) Its fun to model specialists.

So far as modeling goes I’ve already converted the six hobbos for my chaos dwarf team, four of which are painted. The parts for the orcs and dark elves are on order. The Chaos Dwarfs themselves are all going to be original sculpts, and work is progressing on them. Pictures are on their way, I need to steal my camera back from a friend.

Until next time, Nuffle bless your dice


1 re-roll with Chaos Dwarfs? To point out, your turns are likely to be very quick, but good luck at any rate.


Unless you are playing a Halfling Team with a master chef, having more re-rolls is an absolute must in BB.


trouble with CDs is that re-rolls are so expensive and I need subs as I don’t have the unds for an apocathary. I may cut the minotour out of the team and add another re-roll and a blocker. As far as the dark elf team goes I know I’ve taken a gamble picking 11 players and so many specialists early, but a) I need the team to skill up quickly and b) I want to field a dark elf team not just expensive elves, so for now the linemen are out


The gamble on the dark Ef team won’t necessarily mean they all skill up quickly. Without any rerolls at all, a single failed dice roll means your turn will end. If that happens often, and it will, they won’t skill up much at all. For the Chaos Dwarfs, I recommend changing the Minotaur in to 2 rerolls, as if a Minotaur gets knocked over you need to roll a 4+, with its Loner skill, for it to get back up again. That’s not exactly good. You can also get rid of 2 Hobgoblins to get a 5th Chaos Dwarf and have a small amount of cash saved.

In general, the standard Chaos Dwarf team is 2 Centaurs, 5 Dwarfs, 4 Hobgoblins and 3 rerolls. As one of the teams with the worst ball handling ability, 3 rerolls are very much needed.

For Dark Elves, 4 Blitzers is always good, but quite expensive. To keep positionals and have a chance if things go badly, I’d recommend you replace the Witch Elf and a Runner with Linesmen, who are still good, to get 50k and then buy a reroll. As it is, you have 5 players out of 11 with armour 7 and without block. Other coaches probably can, and most likely will, take those out, especially if you have no rerolls or reserves. It’s always tempting to go for positionals, with as that team is now it looks like one single failed dice roll or casualty against you and things will begin to rapidly fall apart.

Of course, this is all info I’ve picked up from playing for a long time, and luck plays a large factors. For example, if you have a lot of it, nothing will go wrong, heh. Even so, I would strongly advocate rerolls, they’re essential.


Okay, after taking advice, I’ve changed the team compositions a little to reflect what I’ve been told. First up, the minotour is gone and is replaced by another chaos dwarf blocker and a second re-roll. With the dark elves I’ve taken Geckilian’s advice and droped the witch elf, replacing her and the point of fan factor I took with a linesman and a re-roll.

Here are the new teams:

Chaos Dwarfs Dark Elves
1. Chaos Dwarf Blocker 1. Blitzer
2. Chaos Dwarf Blocker 2. Blitzer
3. Chaos Dwarf Blocker 3. Blitzer
4. Chaos Dwarf Blocker 4. Blitzer
5. Chaos Dwarf Blocker 5. Assasin
6. Bull Centaur 6. Assasin
7. Bull Centaur 7. Runner
8. Hobgoblin 8. Runner
9. Hobgoblin 9. Lineman
10. Hobgoblin 10. Lineman
11. Hobgoblin 11. Lineman
12. Hobgoblin 1 re-roll
13. Hobgoblin
2 Re-rolls, 1 fan factor

I’ve also managed to round up some guys to play some friendly games, with a view to a league. I shall hopefully be letting you know how the teams progress - and posting a few match reports - in the not too distant future. I’ve now recieved the half the parts I want for my orc team, I’m waiting on a space ork sprue and the bitz for my dark elf linesmen. Not sure what I’m going to do for the assasins and bull centaurs yet…


Looks good. re-rolls are criticals so never underestimate their importance.

Be careful with the DE Team, they are a tricky team to play.


TBH the dark elves were a bit of a vice (appropriately) as I had an idea for converting them. That idea has now been changed since I saw the new dark elf range, as I figure a blood bowl team is an excellent excuse to get a few f the new models. My original idea was to use dark eldar with dark elf heads. I’m now going to use that for my free elf team (modelling purposes only) with a mix of different elf and eldar heads


I have never played Blood Bowl - but in the last few weeks I have found myself - downloading LRB v 5.0, surffing on various BB sites and bidding on 2ed models, a playing pitch and dice at eBay … (didn’t win though).

All ‘thanks’ to you - and that awesome show off work from Geckilian and Willmark :hat off

Is there a cure for this? As I really don’t need another project (- but I don’t think I can control it).

I will follow this thread closely.


I started writing this: "You’ve underestimated the value of fan factor! A high fan factor will easily pay for itself over a few games. Drop a CD blocker for it"

Then I had a look at talkbloodbowl, and it seems that the new rules (that I’ve nevr played under) a low FF is a better investement so you can stick it in players, even a zero FF.



Okay, after an enforced period away from my projects I’ve got some more work done. The Chaos Dwarf team is progressing nicely. The hobbos are done, and pic will be up soon. The sculpts are coming on nicely. One is almost finnished, and simply needs hands adding and a little work on one arm. Two others now have the main body completed just need their arms and heads adding. The last two are still armatures. WIP shots as well as a “how I made 'em” feature will be included in my next post. The orcs too are well on the way, with one thrower, two blitzers and three black orc blockers almost ready to go. I just need a new chaos black to touch up some areas and then they’re gonna be thrown out on the pitch.

Finally, I’ve come up with names for my teams. I decided to name each one after a super 14 franchise. For those who don’t know, this is a rugby tournament contested each year between teams from New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

Thus we now meet the Darklands Bulls, Har Ganeth Stormers and Orc team Da Chiefs all setting out to make an impression on the Carroburg Cup. I’m playing a practice match with my friend’s orc team against his humans next week, so I’ll let you know how I got on

Kera foehunter:

come on show us the pictures !!! PLEASE