[Archive] Akuma Ashbringers Evil Band


Well here are some pics of the army I am creating…hope you like…

My starting blunderbuss unit…

One done!!!

Couple more done…

Decided to go with harpoon type warmachines…its cheap too!!! ( I still have to clean these up a bit…I know!! )


Death Rocket…ing axes!!

I have 20 warriors converted from hellcannon crew and am working on more…I’ll try to update soon!


First welcome at CDO - I hope you’ll like it here - I - myself - love this place!

That’s a very nice start :hat off- I’m looking forward to see the 20 Warriors too

And a nice use of the dwarven Steam drill. I also use it - but in my BB units as a kind of Swivel Gun - I guess.

Cheers Clam


I got the ideas from the wonderful people here, I can’t take the credit… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully I will have some more pics up soon

Thanks for the warm welcome!!

Kera foehunter:

welcome to the site . great start of an army you did a great job i like the blunderbusses


thanks for the responses, I am trying out the army tomorrow…in a 1k tourney…

I have a naughty list and a nice list…I am letting my first opponent roll a dice to see which one I play!!! hehe


Looks like a great start to your army


Great start, love the Miner Bolt Throwers.


Here is an update…

Bull Centaurs are not cheap …and ugly

Black orcs and dinosaurs are cool

Black orcs + Dinosaurs = win

Black orc engineered by Chaos dwarfs!!!

Here is my take on Bull centaurs!! hope you like!


Well the poses are great thats for sure… Unfortunately they look like, well, orcs converted to a centaur-like shape. Sorry.


They need beards!


Well the poses are great thats for sure... Unfortunately they look like, well, orcs converted to a cetaur-like shape. Sorry.

They are supposed to look like orcs, I imagined them as hybridized black orc/dinosaur beasts, rather than Half bulls. They are not done yet either, just got the basic bits done, still need to do some armor plating around the waist and back


The orc/dinosaur beasts are awesome.

Do you have a name for your orc/dinosaur beasts creation?

caos dwrf:

dude nic3 on3 th1ng th0ugh j00 g074 l0053 73h 0rk15h 84nn3rs 4nd 57uff

*dude nice one thing though you gotta loose the orkish banners and stuff


umm chaos dwrf, from now on d ya think you could, ummm, maybe not talk in numbers, i eman i know you gave us a trnaslation but it gioves me a headache:)

anyway, nice dinorks, but you should still have, like one bull centaur in there to keep em in line, I mean what muppet would let regular orcs run around freely, let alone dino hybrids:)

still look good though


I like the face cloths on the blunderbuss guys. Makes sense considering the Dark Lands are a polluted cesspit of a place.

Kera foehunter:

I think they kick ass!!! Now that’s an idea a great socceror would do!!! kick ass slave orc centaurs


thanks for the support guys…

some new stuff…8 of the raptorcs done…And my new shiny earthshaker stand ins…

RAR CHaos Dorf Steam tanks!! ( counts as earthshaker)


Yay! another update…

I got a taurus without a head…so I am starting to sculpt one. Its just going to have a chaos hellcannon part put over the face, but I am going to get most of the face done first.

What do you think so far…

I know what you are thinking…it looks like a lamb!!! :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Very neat sculpting and a simple enough conversion. The opaint job is smooth with a nice colour scheme. Niv=ce idea with the blorcs, but I’d have used the fatter cold one bodies, personally. How many BC you having? The sculpting on the taurus is good, just lengthen the muzzle and add horns, it should be okay…


I am making 10 BC plus BC lord/hero. thanks for the complements man :slight_smile: Problem with the fatter cold ones is that they are all bent over…that would look hella weird :slight_smile: