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Hey all,

Having hit the modeller’s wall with my dawi zharr for the time being, i got cracking on what has long been a little dream of mine. Owning fully painted Imperial Guard army. Here’s a selection of the officers and NCO’s i’ve modelled so far:




and to give you an idea of the colour scheme, here’s a completed fire support team:




Nice! I like the mustachioed sergeant with the necromunda stubgun. Are you going to be converting plastic kasrkin/ogryns/etc?



:madJosef Stalin is back to finish the job!

Cant wait to see him painted.


Ha, i never noticed that, but yes there is a definate resemblence.

The regiment is called the 22nd Pianosan - “The Catch-22’s”. In won’t be entirely themed, but he will be Major — de Coverly.

Here’s an army shot (taken in a slight rush) of everything done so far.

And i will be taking advantage of 3 ogres i’ve got lying around for a 75pt Ogryn squad. This will replace these little fellas, my plastic ratlings, when the mood takes me.

Also did a quick mock up for what could be a conscript squad down the line, a ratling commando:


Nice work on the ratlings. I use their rules to represent Conscript snipers - The fluff from my army is that it comes from a hardlinereligious system so NO MUTANTs


Sweet! I love plastic minis!


Cheers for the replies, i’m currently painting my way through a production line of 20+ grunts so they’re a great motivator. Here’s the prototype for the lowly infantryman:

I’ll also put up the pics of the Leman Russ and Pianosa Pattern Sentinall (it counts as an autocannon btw)


Well, i’ve been a bit swamped with coursework, french debates and such but managed to paint these stage by stage throughout the week…in a production line of 20 :’(

and the ones i’ve yet to base

Posting non dawi zharr on CDO makes me feel dirty …must…model…more turkey twizzler beards


Bit more of an update, Squad 1 Based, Painted and Decaled to boot.

Also, whats the general consensus on the bases? i’m thinking maybe they need clumps of static flock but i’m stuck straddling the fence


I like the Berets, does your army have a British theme or is it just a aesthetic choice…


Just a question: where did you get the plastic stubgun? :hat off for your awesome army (I just freakin’ love plastic minis!!!)


@Darktrooper: It wasn’t originally british themed but the beret/tache combo does give that impression. Maybe it’s just my personality manifesting itself in my work :rolleyes:

@bow_for_hashut: The stub gun comes from the CC armed plastic orlock from the Necromunda boxed set.

Cheers for your comments


Wheres the colonel?

What WOULD be cool…befor you paint him make a GS cigar and put it in his mouth…just adds that little extra awsome :wink:


A cigar?? I think if you have the berets, the moustaches… then someone needs a PIPE!

Tally ho, chaps, to the edge of the Imperium and beyond!!! We’ll show em what for!

:hat off

Reading this thread makes me want to put up pics of my WW1 IG. /sigh But I’d feel dirty as Al-Hashut mentions…


The colonel will be saved for a bit later as i need motivation to get the grunts sorted. I treated myself after the first 1 and half squads were done with my LT. Base still WIP and i’ll go over him a bit more, but he’s practically finished.

Think i won’t be adding anything to the colonel, but i’ve still got to model a shotgun toting serg. for my remnants squad, i think i’ll leave it for him


Cracked out a medic. Does he look like one? The GS blobs will be red crosses, but i’m mainly concerned with his injector/faux-apothecary wrist device. Whats do you guys think?


Cracked out a medic. Does he look like one? The GS blobs will be red crosses, but i'm mainly concerned with his injector/faux-apothecary wrist device. Whats do you guys think?

Yeah, I think he looks like a medic, at least with the narthecium on his arm. I think you can hammer the point home by making his shoulderpads white and red. Unless your model is actively doing medic-y things, you're going to have to rely on symbols and colours anyway.


Dude… the army is excellent! Kinda makes me wish I had spend more time on mine. I do have several conversions in the army, but not nearly so many cool models as in yours. Kudos mate.

Oh… In the hopes that mine might offer some motivation (not likely, lol)…



Cheers GRNDL, will paint the GS circles to hammer home the point.

Hespithe, that army looks great. The fact you’ve got 3400pts of guard painted really motivates me to get my lowly 1000pts done.


Well, the weak-willed individual that i am…i caved. I’d said all along, don’t paint the characters, it’ll give you a goal to get through the grunts i said, but did i listen? Well, no, not really.

Here’s the painted pics of Major — de Coverly, previously known as the colonel

O well, looks like i’ll have to make another model to look 4ward to :cry: