[Archive] al-hashut's All Plastic IG Army


The major is realy freakin’ awesome!!


Well, its been a while. Thanks for the replies, i got an itching for 40k out of the blue so i put down my dogs of war and chaos dwarfs and speed painted the medic up (30min).

What do you guys think?

Kera foehunter:

great job 30 min wow that fast!!! it take me that long to pick a color.


brilliant. I love the guard, day in the guard is like a day on the farm…(etc)

seriously though thats a great looking army. Theres just something cool about IG isnt there? The customisation possiblities with cadians is what draws me.

You should do some stormtroopers, check out my Warhawks on my ongoing blog o everything, they can be made cheaply.


Awesome work, man! Love it.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Looks good to me! Can medical guardsmen carry bolt-pistols then? i thought that was only commissars and the like?

BTW, your white paint (maybe the hand actually) looks slightly blotchy. Add a tiny drop of water to the pot, shake well, stir up, then try painting and it should be much smoother :wink:


Not much of an update i’m afraid, but i quite like the pose of the flamer

Does he need a different colour fuel tank? If so, which?

and a random trooper

Thanks for the replies

@Kera: Really easy paint scheme to paint, plus limited skin to shade. The thing that took the longest to do where the crosses, which required a lot of touch ups and re-do’s…and could have been done ad infinitum

@Starscream: I’ve always wanted a guard army but they’d all been metal. I bought a box of catachens when they came out at gamesday but wasn’t terribly impressed. Then i took a few years out of the hobby. When i returned, to my delight, plastic cadians had come out and i had to fulfill that childhood ambition…i’ve still got a metal autocannon team around here somewhere rumages

I had a look at your blog starscream, very cool and futuristic looking. Halo-esque feel to them. Plus, you’ve really tempted me to build a titan.

@HB: Medics are vets effectively so they get access to a bit of officer clobber. I was originally going to arm him with a boltgun, but a boltpistol seemed more in keeping with him so it got dropped. After all, who really needs another 12"…wait, don’t answer that

Whites now fixed, cheers HB, always good to have another eye to catch any mistakes

Hashut’s Blessing:

Not a problem, glad to be of service :stuck_out_tongue: I think the Bolt Pistol was a better choice (at the very least, aesthetically). I never knew medics could use that sort of officer-like stuff… Learn something new, eh? I really like the flamer dude and the soot effect on the “barrel” has come out really well. I think perhaps have the central section of each tank with a red or yellow (obviously a very dulled one so as not to stick out TOO much)… Liking the wounded knife-fighter guy too!


Cheers HB.

Ok, the Standard Bearer (in know, i know, i said all plastic, but i had the bolter in my bitz box and its a cool part):

And here he is in the HQ squad:


Thats some great IG you got there!


Cheers Willmark, the slaves are being beaten and whipped as we speak.

OK, update for all of you happy campers wondering what the twisted greenstuff was for in the previous pic

Kera foehunter:

Great ramdom trooper!! the trooper said ; i dont have time to bleed .

Hashut’s Blessing:

Looking good. The odd piece of metal is allowed: after all, the pole is metal and you have GS in it :wink: As long as the main basis of your army is plastic :wink: Get the guy painted up! Can’t wait to see the banner design!


Hmmm, i thought seeing as the french for green stuff was résine verte i could get away with it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies guys, and the trooper is undercoated. I’m about to embark on a trip home to old Kingston town (no, not Jamaica, the original) to celebrate my 21st in typical english style. I’ll bring him down in the car with me and hopefully i can get something done…festivities permitting


glad you like them al-hashut. Lemme know if you want the titan templates.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, GS IS a TYPE of plastic, technically speaking (considering how many types there are) and how can ya convert without adding a little GS here and there? (Well, I managed for 5 or 6 years and didn’t do a bad job, he he he.) Merry stoning, enjpy the drink and hope ya can paint him properly, he he he…


Cheers SS, i might have a crack at something smaller like a valkrie/thunderstorm b4 tackling a titan.

Well, after a week of merriment i finally got some time to myself so i made a start at least. I got rid of the GS twirl (i didn’t make it neat enough to make the final cut)

Just need to make a flashy design to go on it. I’m running through a few “Heller-esque” latin phrases to mark them out as the catch-22’s on the banner. For example:

a fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi - a precipice in front, wolves behind (between a rock and a hard place)

diem perdidi - I have lost a day (another day wasted)

potius foedari quam mori - dishonour before death

Sadly the humble British state school system doesn’t teach latin, so if any of you Latinophones out there notice any grammatical errors or can come up with better then please don’t hesitate

Hashut’s Blessing:

I like the last one as it’s funny and people won’t be likely to know it means that either :stuck_out_tongue: Seems fitting for mere men in a galaxy of superhumans and ravenous aliens :smiley:

Looks good so far, but I think it’d look cooler if the bolter stood out a little bit more and his chest seems a little plain, but it may not be necessary once the banner is finished. How will you put the motto on? Will there be a motif of some kind, is what I mean…


I think the motto will go on the back, under their nickname as there’s not much room left on the front (and most of that will eventually e filled). I may add a medal or something to add to the chest, any idea how to make the bolter stand out (camo tends to blend)

Little update, let me know what you guys think so far:


No progress on the banner because although i thought it looked bare, nothing i put to fill up the gaps (text, transfers, winged skull) didn’t work. Do you think i could get away with it as it is? maybe a few purity seals, and then damage (burn holes) once the rear design is done.

However, i did finally get round to a project i’d had in the works for a while:

Just finished sculpting it so i thought i’d show it off. Still needs details added (grenades, pouches) as well as a beret sculpted.

Also, should i add normal grenades (maybe a bit small) or i’ve got some metal ork stikbomz that could do the job. Here’s a comparison shot with one of my (understandably nervous looking) grunts