[Archive] al-hashut's All Plastic IG Army

Hashut’s Blessing:

I think the banner looks good as is :smiley: Maybe (in the lower left) a purity seal. I do agree that camo tends to blend, he he he. Maybe change it to black because the rest are as well. A tiny medal would break it up just enough (medallion on a chain was what I was thinking). Ogryn looks good. I especially like the weapon, what’s it made from? I’d say use the stikkbombz as they have the same rules (to my knowledge) and wouldn’t look pathetically small on him. Keep up the good work!


Cheers HB, i think i will add that purity seal. The ripper gun is mostly autocannon, with the barrel from the grenade launcher, a cut down chainsword and a drilled out spear shaft added.

Here’s the completed Bone 'Ead, i wanted a battery/CPU on his back to represent his brain augmentation as well as adding a few other gubbinz


Updated my old autocannon team (the old style drum was a pain to get off)

Made the LT’s medic:

and lastly the sergeant for a 5man remnants squad with a flamer for counter assault

Kera foehunter:

wow great ogre i like the base too al


Thanks Kera, I was beginning to think it was just HB reading this thing.

Ok, yet another update:

Here’s the remnants squad i was working on (if you model them to look like a close combat squad…then they’ll probably be the best CC squad in the imperium :S)

A mock up for the conscripts (and a great way of using up the spare heads and plastic gretchin that i haven’t used since i started the hobby)

And a WIP shot of the Lascannon armed sentinal

Hashut’s Blessing:

Glad to be of service and I’d have never guessed about the spear shaft. I was quite sure there was some autocannon stuff there and I couldn’t quite recall where I’d seen the grenade launcher part before. He looks damned fine, by the by (in a non interracial/homosexual way :stuck_out_tongue: ) and I think those stikkbombs do work better than “MKII” style grenades would’ve done.

Not sure how the old drum looked (was it the magazine-clip style? If so, I like the change, as it looks more rapid-firing now) before, but it looks good now. So much for no metal :smiley:

I like the medic. He looks more like he’s armed as a medic would be :smiley: I think the painting of the St. George’s cross will be what says he’s a medic (as well as that backpack, actually) mostly. unless you can get a syringe? Like from Fabius Bile’s Chirugeon (or similar).

Loving the sergeant. I thought you meant he was armed with a flamer himself, at first and I thought it looked quite cool, but needed a pilot light, but realised you meant his squad would have it :smiley: Still, shotguns look cool, even if they are stereotypical of sergeants :wink:

The remnants squad looks cool. Paint them next :stuck_out_tongue:

Good use of spare parts. Count as an IG (midgetised of course) or a ratling (or do they no longer exist, ruleswise?)?

Sentinel looks nice. Although, the “cockpit” part looks a little longer than i thought they were (not as a bad thing, just an observation) and did you remove the roof yourself or is it one of the ones without?


Thanks for the feedback HB. I might attempt a syringe but at this scale it could look more like it’s ACME counterpart. I’ve already got some ratling snipers so the gretchinesque halflings will just be add ons to squads/ratling cultural attachés. If i can make 20 of the little blighters then they’ll be a conscript squad. If anybody is worthy of WS2 BS2 it’d be these guys, especially if the new codex takes away my Armoured Fist squad as a second troop choice.

Shotguns rock (i was so tempted to give my stormtroopers shotguns as a Witch Hunters add-on but in the end i decided to only give shotguns to troopers who i expect to die). I’ll try to add a bit more detail (tattoos, wounds) to the remnants, make them look like they’ve been in the wars…however i’ve got a stormtrooper (see below) that i’m itching to paint up. I’ve got a retake later in the month, and then i’m moving to France for a year (university)…and i don’t think my warhammer stuff will make it over the Channel with me :frowning: Perhaps that explains the uncharacteristic momentum my modelling has gotten recently.

Speaking of which, here’s some progress:

I got bored yesterday and kitbashed an inquisitor together…does it look like one?

ANd for those of you wondering where all my guard backpacks have gone, i was hoarding them up for this. Had a spare trooper available so here’s the mock up. I’m rather fond of the little guy


Needed to keep the roll cage off so i can add the pilot post-paint. 20mm bases are ideal for sentinal roofs, bit of GS to make a pentagon and jobs a good 'un:

Here’s what i originally painted on the back of the banner, but i stupidly went from left to right and it ended up quite crowded:

So out came the chaos black and back to the drawing board i went. Once that was done i put bullet holed/las burns into it and made the purity seals. Does anything need to be added/improved?

Hashut’s Blessing:

No worries. Hope it helps :smiley: As for the syringe, I agree that, unless you can get it as an already made piece, it will be difficult (maybe a coctail stick with a piece of VERY thin wire? Might be dangerous though…) to make and have look good. The conscripts idea does seem to fit the theme and until that point, ratlings FTW…

Yes, shotguns DO rock. Although, they’re a bit pants in the rules, if I remember rightly? What made you give shotguns to troops you expect to die first? Although the aesthetics of a fully-shotgun-armed unit would be pretty badrs! I think wounds and tatts will help. Maybe a cigar in the sergeant’s mouth and a cigarette/cigar in the flamer dude’s mouth too :smiley: Good luck with the retake and at uni (I’m sure you can take a little bit of stuff with you :stuck_out_tongue: )!

Once painted up, he shall look very good. Is that more metal (for his leg)? Make sure his rear, lower tabard is a pure litany/purity seal, to healp reinforce it. Maybe have a servo skull floating about his base too :smiley: Otherwise, good job and the painting shall have to make sure he is Inquisitorial (lots of golds and silvers :stuck_out_tongue: ).

As for the stormtrooper, he looks very cool! Aren’t Hellguns just more pwerful lasguns though? (Despite how cool the “bolts” look :smiley: ) have you given it a top handle as well? I like the use of a gas mask. How many IG backpacks is he wearing there?

Good point about the pilot :wink: Ingenious use of a base for the cockpit top. Do sentinels not have cockpit tops already then? Or did you simply wish to personalise it a bit?

Those purity seals have worked better than I thought. I do like the bullet/las holes. Very effective. POSSIBLY, but possibly not, be a good idea to add one on the right wing close to the body of the eagle… Possibly. I like the bordering, but maybe it should be on both sides and wrap around the part of the “fabric” around the pole? Otherwise, damned brilliant. how did you make the holes and burn marks?

keep up the good work! As I said, always eager to see more here!


Outstanding. The ogre with the beret looks great. the bearded soldiers too.

I still think your colonel looks like Stalin.

here go some slaves.


@HB: I think i’ll have a crack at a cigar toting flamer. Hell guns are just suped up lasguns, but i prefer a souped up autogun more (more of a contrast between the grunts and the glory boys that way). He’s just wearing the one backpack but i’ve now got 9more for a squad of them. The handle on top is just a strip of plasticard and was ripped off a far more talented guard player on another forum :S

As for the sents, i wanted something that was in between the enclosed cockpits and the bog standard roll cage. In fluff terms they’re to stop snipers high up in the buildings taking out the pilots from above. The burn holes on the standard are just pinvice drill holes and roughing up with the scalpel. Drybrush brown and black on stop for scorch/burn marks.

Yes more metal slaps own wrist on the inquisitor but the necron came free with a WD back in the day and has been in pieces in the bitzbox since the day after, needed something to do with it. Maybe i could get away with allies being the exception to the rule :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the essay like response and encouragement, i’m starting to prang it about the move to France

@Ashur: Thanks for the slaves my good man, productivity in the mines is now op by 2%…unfortunately so is the death count.

Well, contrary to what i said before, i undercoated a bunch of stuff last night (late) and must have started basecoating the sentinal because when i woke up it was half done (either that or I have some very polite and geeky burglars in my area). Finished it off and here’s the result:

What do you people think ?


Had a bit more free time so painted the 1st storm trooper up. It was actually an easier and less time consuming paintjob than the normal trooper, mostly due to the lack of a face. Anyway, enjoy


Gotta’ tell ya’… STILL FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!!

(sorry for the shouting, it’s just that awesome!)

Hashut’s Blessing:

Sounds good to me, as do the souped up autoguns! I thought the handle may be that simple :stuck_out_tongue:

Good reason for the fluff :wink: It makes absolute sense. I considered it being a pinvice, but wasn;t sure about the rough edging. Simple enough paintscheme for them too.

Allies can have metal in, but only if ya don’t buy it and if ya try to use plastic mostly :wink: I’m kidding :smiley: The gun strap and bullet-strap, the grenade and red visor are all brilliant for breaking up the colour, but not destroying the scheme. Very good choice and well executed. MORE!

Sorry it seemed a little like an essay, but I had to catch up :smiley: Also, it shows how much I like the work you’re doing. take as much stuff as possible to France. That’s all I can say.

Ha ha ha! The fabled “Break-and-enter painter” strikes again :smiley: Looks good though and ya can’t even tell that it’s a base as a roof! I like the chevrons on the lascannon wiring. Very tidy and good choice (I know they’re elsewhere, but they look best there because it breaks it up a little).

Stormtrooper looks amazing painted up. Glad he’s quicker too (means I get to see some more soon :wink: )


Unfortunately, i think the time i gain in painting is taken up in the modelling for him :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the replies guys, here’s some more for your perusal.

Bone 'Ead finished:

A drone i made for the inquisitor (act of boredom, counts as a familiar). I’m either way about him, mite look better painted up black like the droid from the deathstar (imperial torture droid i’m guessing)

And speaking of which, i made a servo-skull for him as well


Nice work man! Love it.


Cheers Xander, here’s the Inquisitor

C&C welcome as ever


Finished the remnants squad:

Hashut’s Blessing:

The Red Beret came out nicely. Maybe have a Green Beret too :smiley:

The droid you speak of IS an Imperial torture droid. If you wished to have a second servo-skull instead of a familiar, that could be used as well :smiley: I think black would look quite good, but add some greys in to keep it linked or have some white “tattoos” like your Inquisitor has. It sounded like you had a second idea for the colour scheme? Also, it’s modelled well :slight_smile: Mayhaps add a little something to the top of the antenna as it seems to stop a little suddenly.

Servo skull miniature looks good :smiley:

Inquisitor came out VERY nicely. Maybe change the right shoulder pad (the white one) to the same greys as the Imp. Guard to help him fit in a little more. I think the “tattoos” on his leg are abso-bl**dy-lutely amazingly outstanding! They look so damned frigging cool! Overall good detailing though. I especially like the oldened effect on the servo skull bone-paint and I like the bronzed metals too. Good job!

Remnants look awesome! I don’t think I’ve commented on it before, but the sunglasses on the flamer look brilliant (I think they look better when he’s in the unit, is why). Not tried the cigar then? Roll a tiny sausage, thinned at both ends, let dry and snip of the tips, then score a line swirling around it (like the wrap of a cigar) and glue on :smiley: The light cut on the shouting guy looks brilliant and I love the bandaged guy. Very well done on the bloodied bandage. One question: why has the kneeling guy got a second gun on his base?


Cheers again HB for the kind words. I tried not to tie the Inq in too much a) to make him stand out b) i’m sick of painting grey :stuck_out_tongue: The cigar is in the pipeworks but TBH i completely forgot about it while i was painting the others. The kneeling guy has a lasgun on his base for WYSIWYG, even though the laspistols GW now does are about half the size of a Lasgun, he could still be mistaken as a Serg/CC veteran.

Well, i was working out my 1000pts list and i was 25 odd points short so i decided to chuck a psycher into each of the command squads (hardly a gamewinner, but at least it’s a 1 wound ablative shield for the Officers). After a quick rummage i managed to find this guy and the rest of my digga gang. He was painted when Gorkamorka came out so apologies for the painting…

Anyway, my question is does this guy fit the bill? Does he need conversion to imperialise him? Should i just go out and get the normal psychers (2 in a blister, nice enough sculpts)? Obv this guy will get a repaint.

In fluff terms he’d be one of the nomads living in the wastes outside the hive. Radioactivity/pollution has lead to a high number of psychics which are then inducted/press ganged into service.