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I hope I put this in the right forum, if not please move it.

Anyway, I am currently looking for models that I can use for Hobgoblins. I would love to have the original metal models from the earlier editions but those are just way too expensive these days so I’m looking for alternatives. I would convert some from the BFSP set but I’m afraid I won’t have the time so… just models would be nice. I’ve been thinking of just using Goblins or Night Goblins but would like to have something that looks more like Hobgoblins.

I have found a site, where you can buy some very cheap goblins (or other models). This can of course be seen on the quality of some of the models which look like the early days of Warhammer (doesn’t mean it’s bad necesarily). What do you think of those Goblins and Nightlings on the site? The only problem will probably be the size, since Goblins are shorter than Hobgoblins but I think I’ll be able to live with it.


Please tell me what you think and what you yourself uses for Hobgoblins. Thanks, and good evening!:hat off

Kera foehunter:

great find !! a lot of cool stuff!!! Thanks for the link


Some of this minis look very oldschoollish (like from “Perrys” period of GW)…


Black Tree is specialized in making “substitute” GW figures looking like the older <6th ed metals, especially the 3rd ed/Marauder metals I’d say.

You’ll note that most of GW’s unit choices can be found in the BT range…

Night goblin heads (6th ed plastics) and common goblins might be a better fit?

But as you note Hobgoblins are tricky as they look like gangly Night Goblins and are somewhat time consuming to model up. Or so I’d imagine anyway.

It is one of the reasons I’m not going for any Greenskins in my CD army, whenever that’ll get under way. Besides, I wouldn’t trust any slaves to do my fighting in any case. :~


Just do what me and others have done. Make hobgoblins out of Empire Flagellant bodies (they even have slave chains all over them!) and Night goblin heads!!

Very little conversion work needed. You’ll need some shields if you want them to have shields, but the Flagellants come with all the hand weapons you’ll need! (and you get a ton of cool extra bits!)

As for black tree miniatures… they have some great stuff. I wanted to use their dark elf cold one “raptor” replacement as Steeds of Slaanesh for my Seekers in my daemon army, but when i ordered them, they NEVER SENT THEM!!! I waited weeks and then finally when i asked them what’s up, they told me, ‘ooooooooh we haven’t pressed any more of them yet… we’ll do it eventually’… SO WHY DID THEY LET ME ORDER THEM??? Fortunately they refunded my order. I don’t recommend doing business with them. That was terrible service!



Some of this minis look very oldschoollish (like from "Perrys" period of GW)...



I use the old Grenadier Goblins and some of the old Grenadier Orks.

Especially the Ork-Wolfriders and the Goblingiant are great!

You can get them now in Italy, the Company Mirliton has now the rights of the old minis. The link is:

Mirliton SG :: 25/28 mm miniatures for collectors and wargames


I use Night Gobbos and old metal Hobgoblins for my Hobgoblin Archers. My main ranked unit is Gnoblars (custom banner and musician) and snotlings with a Gnoblar trapper (the PIMP in a long fur coat) as the champion. I put the snotlings and one Gnoblar on 40x40 bases to fill the space in the middle. The next ranked unit will use Night Gobbos unless GW finally releases Hobgobs in the near future.

The plus is that I can use it in a GW tourney because I don’t have any non-GW models in the army.


Anyway, I am currently looking for models that I can use for Hobgoblins. I would love to have the original metal models from the earlier editions but those are just way too expensive these days so I'm looking for alternatives.

I am new here so I may be suggesting something that has already been discarded for good reason. I understand finding the old hobgoblins can be expensive. What about converting Blood Bowl hobgoblins? GW now sells them individually. That may be just as expensive but the models are readily available.


Just use excellent tutorials Xander has made for youtube. With them you can get cheap hobgoblins, if you just have some time for converting. :slight_smile:

Father Grumpmas:

For warriors, I would personally just go for the 6th edition multi-part plastic night goblins as they are now taller than the new NG plastics. The only problem is you will need hand weapons from other GW figures as these night goblins only have bows or spears

For archers, one basic figure that I found heaps of cheaply on e-bay is the single piece 5th ed goblin archer - never sure whether this guy is a goblin with a cool hat or a night goblin with a small hood. Either way, the hat has a hobgoblin look.



Those really would make perfect hobbos now (with the spear weapon change… which is plenty easy)… but like i’ve always said… flagellants and plaguemonks with a goblin headswitch is plenty simple, and for wolfriders, you only need to heighten the legs and add a small bit of extra torso, with wire & green stuff (also give them a proper neck! instead of the hunch). See my army blog for an example!


Was never really a fan of the 4th ed gobbos, good find though


You could try and see if you could dig out some of those Nemsis Goblins from Olley’s Armies or the Forest Goblins from Hartebreaker - they are so cool - and perfect as Hobbos (IMO).

Take a look at this thread: https://discourse.chaos-dwarfs.com/t/6076



Guess what I just got at the store yesterday!


They are Morannon Orcs from the Lord Of The Rings GW game. Though Mordor Orcs would also work!

They come with 24 miniatures for only a 20ish dollar box!

That leaves 4 extra to crew your Bolt Throwers! (which is what I’m doing with the spear wielding ones.)

I’ve done quite a few weapon changes tho (not hard to do!)



Depending on the tournaments you go to, it could work CheTralfara.

I like them, and I’ll consider the LotR range, as the tournaments I go to would allow it. Otherwise I’m probably going the Flagellant route too.

Black Trees historicals are not bad… I have some WWII Germans and American Paratroopers.


I have a bunch of LOTR Goblins and Orcs but I use them for LOTR. But they would fit well on 20mm bases.


Hey, I’m using all 4 methods!

I have flagellant/nightgob-heads for naked Hobbos
plaguemonk/nightgob-heads for Sneaky Gitz
extended greenstuff/wire gobbos for Wolfriders
and LOTR orcs for armoured Hobbos!

@ Valtiel, have you decided what method/models you’re going to use!?

with this latest discovery of extremely cheap units of 24 hobgoblins using LOTR orcs, I don’t think anyone should have an excuse to use stunted greenies as hobbos anymore… (sorry… but i can’t stand them) It just doesn’t seem right to me.


I may have to use the LOTR Orcs in my next unit of Hobgobs. I wonder how they’ll look in Purple. Yes, my CD army scheme is Purple.


purple skin or purple clothes? I painted a purple skinned gobbo once! I prefer it!