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Alan the evil:

beacuse of the high cost of whirlwind models I’m looking for something else in GW miniatures that could rapresent it.

What do you suggest??


I’ve seen 2 people here already used the new plastic skaven doom wheel, just remove the skaven bits and a lot of the extra’s and stick a chaos Icon on the side, hobgoblin or DC in side and your done (:

And personally I thought of using a bloodbowl death roller…


Here’s my one, basically as Bolg described


hehe, the Doomwheel conversions are so cool. Maybe you can also use a Steam Tank as a conversion base.


And I thought he was asking for a cheaper alternative - lol

Both models cost the same/or even more than a used Whirlwind at eBay. You should be able to pick it up at something like £18-20. Problem is finding an auction for them - and not being forced to buy at one of those ‘buy it now at a ridiculous I came up with’ - price.


Maelzch, I’ve noticed your Demoneater before and the metal is a really excellent colour. Not to derail the thread but could you post its recipe?

Border Reiver:

Alan - I think the Deathroller from the bloodbowl range would be your best bet - add a couple of skulls and a new head for the driver, maybe some GS’d lamellar armour and your gold.


Hm, to be honest, I still don’t know what a Daemon Eater is. Is this a new unit from a fan list? But it seems to be pretty accepted by everone, because there are a lot of people who build one, even when they are not in the Ravening Hordes…


Hm, to be honest, I still don't know what a Daemon Eater is. Is this a new unit from a fan list? But it seems to be pretty accepted by everone, because there are a lot of people who build one, even when they are not in the Ravening Hordes...

The Daemoneater is a kind of chariot from the Indy GT list written by Kevin Coleman!

Here is the link: Indy GT list

Just read it! :cheers


PS: Why must your Daemoneater be GW Miniature?


How about doing a Chaos Chariot but backwards?

Alan the evil:

wow… so many replays!! thanks to everybody

@ zanko

well, I’d like to find GW miniatures because IF someday CD will be official I’m gonna have something already allowed even in official tournaments…

@ everybody who talked about doomwheel/deathroller:

I think that deathroller is the thing closer to my idea… chep and deathly dwarfed!! thanks for help


now i’m using chaos chariots… but they are not miniature I own and they are not so cheap if I must to convert them with deamonsmith model (yes, because I want to use them like daemonsmith’s mounts…)


daemoneaters are the best mount you can give to a daemonsmith in the indy GT army book that zanko linked for you…

if you can try them togheter and you will be amazed of their power!!


Hey cool, thanks for the link, I was searching for that army book 'cause right now I don’t know much about the “new” CDs…


I used some “bits stores” online/ebay. I got some 40k chaos space marine, orc and imperial vehicle panels, bits and tracks. Kitbashing those together yielded a pair of nice looking daemoneaters in my honest opinion.


Nice start, cant wait to see how she turns out.


I’m not sure about this Daemoneater model - looks very much like a “normal” 40K model! :~

I’m missing the typical fantasy and Chaos Dwarf touch - perhaps fully converted and painted it will comply these demands!?!? :wink:



I lightly drybrushed them. One is really hard to properly take a picture of while the other is more in regular drybrush tones.

Pics coming up before the end of April (yes it takes that long!)


What that model needs is some steampunky primitive touches, to keep it from looking too high-tech and 40k. Barrels or pipes or smokestacks.

Otherwise, really cool!


The painted pictures of “The crusher” and “The shredder”. Notice the trails of blood on the shredder and the mangled beastman under the crusher.

No pipes or chimneys as I have yet to find the proper bit. 1,50$ curved PVC piping joint could do the trick…


Looking good man !!

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Da Crusha:

these look a bit like evil steam tanks without the armour save on their profile. a bit too much metal IMO