[Archive] Animosity 4 Campaign.... Starts Oct 31


The Animosity Team is pleased to announce Animosity 4, our latest online campaign and by far the biggest in scope, will start on 31st October.

For those who played in Battle of the Bosses, this will be campaigning on a whole new scale. For those who have never taken part in an online campaign, feel free to ask questions here, its really easy and a lot of fun.

As always, more information can be found at Animosity Campaigns, Da Warpath’s Campaign Site.


Stay tuned for further announcements!


Excellant. I will be ready.


Glad to see you Grimestone… But where are the rest of you???

black hammer:

I’ve never heard of the animosity campaigns before but it sounds super cool!

Kera foehunter:

i haven’t decided yet !! eather to play for the da warpath

chaos on line or the slayers

waiting to see who will pay the most being a free ageint


It is a tough call Kera… although i would bet that the decision will be made easier next week once more info is released…

Kera foehunter:

well im waiting for more imfo thanks for keeping us posted



Remember everyone our leader for this is Swissdictator. If you have not already contacted him in regards to this please do so.


Speaking of Swiss… Where is he???

Kera foehunter:

  • kera close the door a little *

    um he a little tyed up now !!

    but he might be around a little latter


Well he better be around by the weekend… sign ups and the location will be revealed :wink:

Kera foehunter:

  • swiss ecapes threw window* he runs fast to see if he can make it !!

    ohhh no i forgot my chain saw!!


:lol… All has been revealed…

Within every bird’s

Flight, is a single moment

Of perfect stillness

----Anonymous Cathayan Haiku

It started in the south, in the endless stepped rice Paddies that sheathe the rolling hills that tumble down from the Mountains of Mourn. Small enough to escape attention, at least for a little while. The crop was smaller that year but not alarmingly so. The small number of blackened, misshapen plants that clawed their way out of the water were simly discarded or ignored. The next year, more than half of the fields on the north facing slopes sprouted withered, disfigured plants that crumbled into a sticky brown ash at the touch. By the time the Empire began storing food it was already too late. As the last of the summer sun bleeds into the West not a single plant has been harvested in over a year and Cathay, the largest, most powerful nation humanity has ever known stands on the brink of collapse.

In the forbidden city of Wei-Jin, the Noble families jockey for position in the endless Dance of Houses, riding out the famine with their considerable stores of food. Desperate to take advantage of an impotent child Emperor still too young to take command of his Empire but goverened by centuries of tradition the Noble houses seek to undermine one another, gaining power at the expense of their rivals, heedless of the plight of the Empire that supports them.

In the East, in the religious strongholds of the Empire a radical offshoot of Tzeenchian religion has gained favour among the poor and the disenfranchised. With the Emperor safely barricaded in Wei-Jin and dismayed at the seeming indifference of their rulers, the people find comfort in the words of a charismatic Priestess who has galvanized the Religious with promises of ancient secrets and promises a better and more equal way of life for those willing to follow in her footsteps.

In the meantime, local Governors, cut off from the heart of the Empire and left to fend for themselves with food supplies dwindling, look to their people and to their borders. For banners have been sighted on the horizon and the warning bells have begun to toll. These Governors wield tremendous power, but with no functioning central voice their first priority has become the preservation of their own Province as the lines of communication throughout the Empire begin to fragment.

From the Hinterlands an army of Greenskins riding monsterous spiders daubed in primitive warpaint threaten to overwhelm the Southern defences by sheer force of numbers. From the North, led by a waif-like girl-child a host of darkness marches under a cloud of disease and pestilence that scorches the earth to a blackened cinder. Comitted to the destruction of the Empire itself they stand behind the Barrier, looking for a way in. From the West come confused reports of an unholy alliance of Chaos Dwarves and Skaven marching over the Mountains of Mourn, drawn by the promise of slaves and of new and terrible weapons constructed with the magical secrets of an ancient Empire. Other reports tell of a vast Migration of Ogres, driven out out of the Mountains of Mourne in search of food led by a mysterious prophet preaching a new way of life. Through the Kingdoms of Ind, weary after years of travel, a group of settlers led by a charismatic but sickly leader seek a home in the Empire of the Dragon, but find their new home teetering on the brink of collapse. Meanwhile, the Mercinary army of Prince Alfonti prepares to defend Cathay from those who would seek her distruction and out to sea, vast armadas jockey for position, their flags and pennants snapping in the breeze. Some dare to hope that they have arrived to lend aid to the stricken Empire in its hour of need, but others prepare for the worst and all across Cathay a vast stream of refugees flees the advancing armies, searching for a safe place to ride out the storm.

As the shadows lengthen the Cathayan army has begun to mobalize. Millions of men determined to preserve their way of life and a country which has not been truly threatened for thousands of years. Whether there will be an Empire left for them to inhabit remains to be seen.
As you hopefully can tell A4 will take place in Cathay… Descriptions of the Factions can be found here

Although for you gitz i would imagine the The Dark Pact is your cup of tea…

Groznit Goregut:

Hey Guys…time to sign up and get started!

The Dark Pact

The steep sided Demon Crags echoed with hundreds of thousands of raised voices, the crescendo shaking the very rocks around them as clawed and booted feet stomped in jubilation. Ranks of Chaos Dwarven warriors, clad in gleaming bronzed mail, stood at attention on one side of the canyon, a chittering horde of pestilent scrap-clad Skaven mulled on the other, neither side choosing to mix. Beyond the front ranks of the Chaos Dwarves skulked units of Hobgoblins, weedy beings lurking in the shadows and waiting to ambush rivals under the cover of the assembled armies. The army of the ratmen was too numerous to be contained in one side of the canyon and so their numbers spilled out beyond the valley, tails thumping the ground, clawed paws beating upon rusty shields, all the while bathed in the sinister red glow of the volcanoes.

Resting upon a rough-hewn dais of volcanic rock, two ornate palanquins faced the assembled monsters. Seated upon the right was an ancient Chaos Dwarf sorcerer. Stoic and unmoving, Mingol Hellbeard suffered long from the Sorcerer�?Ts Curse, the magical malady that haunted all Mages of Hashut. A slow and unstoppable change brought about by constant magic use would turn the body of the sorcerer to stone, starting at the toes and working it way inexorably upwards. That Mingol�?Ts body was stone from the chest down spoke volumes as to the age of the evil Dwarf. On the palanquin to his left slouched Anthraxus Pox, sinister major domo for Lord Nurglich of Clan Pestilens. The pox ridden Skaven hacked continuously into a blood soaked rag; oblivious to the stream of corruption he spewed into the air with each wheezing cough. Over 400 years of wickedness existed between the two leaders of the unholy alliance, each outlasting rivals and supporters alike.

�?oMembers of the Dark Pact! Hear my words and remember!�?� intoned Mingol. �?oToo long has the sun burned bright over the lands of Cathay, while we dwell in the darkness of ash and earth. The humans before us are now undone, their armies dwindle and their borders become weak and assailed. The time for us to strike is now, a hammer blow of fire and shadow to claim their treasures and their people for ourselves!�?�

The Chaos Dwarves roared their approval as their leader spoke, voices raised in praise to Hashut. Mingol raised a gnarled hand for silence as Anthraxus Pox slid from his perch and scurried from his palanquin to the edge of the dais.

�?oGreet-greet brethren! Long, long have we waited for a chance to steal the wonders of the lands of the humans beyond the peaks. With the help-help of the demon beard, we have enough weapons to bring doom-doom to the fat beards and the humans beyond the peaks and take-take their young and their magics! Fight-fight now we must! The time of man is done-done! Make war-war!�?�

As more and more of the ratmen joined the chanting Chaos Dwarves, the Demon Crag erupted into flame, lava rocketing skywards as the peaks trembled, smoke and ash raining down upon the assembled monsters as they surged out of the canyon towards an unsuspecting Cathay�?�


Several centuries ago at the height of his powers, Mingol Hellbeard discovered that the Sorcerer�?Ts Curse had taken hold of his body and the agonizing transformation from flesh to stone had begun. Despair gripped him as he realized his time among the living was now finite and haunted by dreams of death he became obsessed with finding a way to halt or even reverse the process. He pored over ancient half-forgotten manuscripts, delving night and day into mouldering texts and pursuing clues in the stories of past ages but he discovered nothing of value and his fervent prayers to Hashut went unanswered. For the first time in decades, fear overcame him and desperate to prevent his transformation Mingol left the Dark Lands with a small army in search of a cure. His travels led him to the dark corners of the world, from the horrid and twisted plains of the Chaos Wastes to the Necropolises of the scorched deserts of Khemri and to the steaming jungles of the Southlands but he made little progress.

It was in the Southlands, exploring a series of ruins carved with strange symbols that throbbed with a sickly green light and seemed to flex and distort and slip out of view that Mingol and his army was captured by Skaven of Clan Pestilens who were mining a vein of freshly discovered warpstone. The Skaven held him for years, subjecting him and his army to a experiment with a succession of increasingly deadly diseases. One by one the Dwarves died in agony, the contagions rotting their bodies from the inside, but not one disease overcame the stony constitution of the Dwarven Sorcerer. By now increasingly desperate, the curse having crept up to his knees leaving him unable to move, Mingol described the nature of his condition to the Plague Priest Anthraxus Pox. Fascinated by the curse and its potential to nullify even the most potent strains of his diseases the Pontifex offered Mingol a deal. He would find a way to reverse the malady of stone in exchange for Mingol�?Ts help in acquiring the technology of the ancient Empire of Cathay and the slaves required to utilize it, for the secrets of the East reputedly contain new and powerful ways to improve his contageons and the slaves they aquired would make excellent test subjects. Mingol could even share in the spoils, for his agents in Clan Eshin assured him that Cathay stood on the brink of collapse and that an incursion of sufficient strength was likely to succeed. Mingol had little choice and the unholy alliance between the Chaos Dwarves and the Skaven was made.

It is seldom that an alliance between two such devious and untrustworthy races occurs and more seldom still that it actually endures. There can be little doubt that Mingol and Anthraxus stand on thin ice, each doubtless seeking a way to undo their ally, when the time is right, but for now their goals are entwined and they prepare to fall upon an unsuspecting Cathay.

GM�?Ts Note

As a player in the Dark Pact you are one of the Skaven or Chaos Dwarf war masters, commanding legions of your troops in the field. Your task, as befits your nature and your alliance, is more devious and convoluted than the brutal destruction sought by The Annointed. You know that with the unstable nature of your alliance, the Dark Pact will never manage to snatch Cathay from the hands of five invading armies and humanities largest Military force. Instead your approach is more opportunistic. You aim to strike into Cathay, weakening the Empire of the Dragon and creating sufficient opportunity to acquire its arcane secrets, contained in ancient scrolls stored in its Temples and Colleges of Magic, so that you can apply them to the creation of new and more destructive forms of weaponry. Of course, you will need a workforce capable of dedicating themselves tirelessly to the pursuit of your goal and fortunately, with its people weakened by hunger and vastly under defended, Cathay also contains a bountiful concentration of potential slaves ready to assist in the creation and testing of your discoveries.

You will be targeted as an enemy by Cathay and her allies, and you must choose whether to strike hard and awaken the dragon or to seek to divert its attention onto other targets, leaving you free to pursue your own goals. Alliances are particularly useful fin this regard! Within Cathay itself there are many individuals who can be persuaded to help you, if the message is delivered correctly, but some will truly have access to the information you seek while others will simply pretend. You must choose wisely and never let loyalty to an ally come before the goals of your faction. The Cathayans are not prepared for the multiple strikes assailing their borders and your forces moving in from the West have a chance to take a lot of frontier territory before the Imperials can react.

Still questions surround this faction like no othermarching on Cathay. Can the alliance last without one side seeking to betray the other? What has Mingol told his armies of his motives and his deal with the Skaven? Does Anthraxus really intend to hand over half of what is found and reverse Mingol’s condition? All will become clear in time, but for now the fat rich lands of Cathay stand before you. Make sure your harvest is plentiful�?�

Groznit Goregut:

The game mechanics have been posted. Is anyone here interested in this web campaign? I know a number of people seemed interested before. Chaos Dwarfs are half of a big faction!

Groznit Goregut:

No one responding to this? Is anyone from this site getting involved? They went out of their way to get Chaos Dwarfs involved. Anyone from here going into Animosity 4?


I think it’s a good job we’re forming an alliance with skaven, we would not be a strong faction by ourselves.

Everyone who wants to take part in this needs to head over to the animosity forum, go to the roster section and reply in the Dark Pact thread.

I will make contact over at the underempire so we can sort of coordinate a bit.


No one responding to this?  Is anyone from this site getting involved?  They went out of their way to get Chaos Dwarfs involved.  Anyone from here going into Animosity 4?

Groznit Goregut
I'm signed up, although over there, my name is grarrzag. :hat off


I’m signed up also! Same username.


Ok, i’m interested in playing. But with my work schedule i may only be able to get 2 games a month in… Is that going to be ok…?