[Archive] Another classic GW move


They should reward loyalty and help FLGS but these rules are made to destroy your business and the proverbial middleman so GW gets the sales not you.

They are actually competing against you and stacking the deck.

However, I doubt that my business will colapse souly based on GW. I still have great sales with Magic : The Gathering, plastic model kits, model trains, halloween costumes, WW2 mini's, and so on. I stock a lot of things that carry me through that GW can't regulate.

Tarrakk Blackhand
Im happy for you but i bet there's many stores that will end up laying off or closing down for good. My FLGS already closed down due to GW stunts like these and i know of many other online that simply can't make ends meet with such a small order from GW.

This will not help GW this just helps the Pirates in Russia and China, GW lose sales you lose sale and someone making models out of dangerous resin becomes super rich.

Just like to say well done to GW they sure know how to surprise us and drive gamers into the hands of Ebay and other auction sites.